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Thread: The best of Brien Foerster

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    Default The best of Brien Foerster

    7 Hours of Bafflingly Advanced Ancient Stonework That Experts Are Still Struggling To Explain
    "In these strange ruins, advanced tool marks have been left behind; they show precision surfaces as if they were carved and shaped using modern machinery. Also, the vast distances that these monuments, some weighing several hundred tons, were moved from the quarries is a mystery. How could they efficiently shape hard stones like basalt, granite, and diorite? Ancient Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Petra, and even Easter Island contain enigmas and mysteries, especially in the stone, which most conventional scholarship can`t explain. Some of these places seem to have been constructed using what we would call high-level machine technology. So, could an unknown advanced civilization have existed before those that are known?"
    (6:50:26 hrs)
    "Your planet is forbidden for an open visit - extremely aggressive social environment,despite almost perfect climatic conditions.Almost 4 billion violent deaths for the last 5000 years and about 15000 major military conflicts in the same period."

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