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Thread: So Much For "Independence": The USA Downgrade From Colonies To "Plantation"

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    Default So Much For "Independence": The USA Downgrade From Colonies To "Plantation"

    Greg Hallett - Debt Slaves, American Plantation, The Truth beyond the Illusion (2007)

    Greg Hallett Archives

    Way back in 2007 greg did a radio show with Lenny Bloom and discussed some of the content of one of his early books "A Right Royal Con". Hear him discuss what he had found in his research at the time 13 years ago.

    The very roots of why this civilization is an illusion and a total mess... plantation USA... pedophilia... etc...
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    Default Re: So Much For "Independence": The USA Downgrade From Colonies To "Plantation"

    Here follows a speech to text giggle transcript of the above video that's accurate enough to follow while listening:

    00:00 got more experience at it i've got the least experience here in canada why don't you start it off

    00:06 well 2000 2007 is another year of frauds perpetrated from the public and uh like you say we're here to scrape the bull**** off the truth so i thought i'd talk about um the formation of america and um america's tax structure and how the american people are paying their tax to the united kingdom and the british monarchy

    00:31 good stuff this is a great topic
    00:34 yep that's a mark of a nation's sovereignty

    00:38 it's two two things in particular it's the right to do the criminal prosecution which is essentially in private hands of plutocrats in america and the right of taxation that was always one of the privileges of the government and so

    01:00 you're saying and you have specific information apparently that america is not exercising that right but the colonial mother country the united kingdom is exercising that that's exciting that has not been discussed before as far as i know

    01:21 america is not a sovereign nation america is a bankrupt nation and it is owned by the uh united kingdom

    01:30 is, it is it a nation or a colony?

    01:35 it is a plantation

    01:38 hey that's a good one
    oh oh that that's a sub colony i guess

    yeah yeah america is a sub colony of britain and um it is also being a plantation of the pope and a colony of israel israel is about the only country that's now colonizing or that is still colonizing

    02:04 so america was bankrupted for the first time on the 1st of january 1788 as the united states this came about through the various wars in america for independence from great britain and slavery which was a construct as slavery was about to be made redundant by the combined harvester

    02:23 the combine harvester was first patented 17 years before the civil war in 1834 by heron moore the same year cirrus mccormick patented the mechanical reaper this made slaves too expensive to feed and by the time of the civil war 1861 many of the slaves themselves and all of the slaves in the north were already free

    02:48 the british purpose of these wars the civil war in the war of independence was not to win them but to continue them so that you the united states would be bound to great britain by debt this debt has more rule than a colony, is more hidden than a colony and lasts longer than a colony

    03:08 this debt to britain still rules america to this day these british created wars including the war of independence 1776-83 aka the revolutionary war and the american civil war of 1861-65 in which president abraham lincoln was a british agent battling to end slavery instead lincoln enslaved all americans

    03:34 it is suspicious whether lincoln was shot or a body body double was shot with no photographs of lincoln on the balcony or of him dead

    great britain as the united kingdom collects taxes off america as the united states to this day the american inland revenue service is not an agency of the united states but an agency of the united kingdom

    03:58 is our work all taxpayers have an individual master file which is in code the irs publication 6209 over 400 pages has a blocking series and almost all taxpayers fall into the 300 300-399 blocking series irs publication business master file 6209 shortened to bms6209 this is a res that this is reserved for the us uk tax claims it was this way until 1991. this meant that taxpayers were considered a business deal in the treaty claims between the us and the uk with their tax paid to the uk the form used for this was the 8288 and 8288a of the foreign investment real property tax account which is part of chapter 3 of the law enforcement manual of the irs this was further hidden in the office of management budget in the department of treasury under the list of active information collections in the approved under paperwork reduction act under number omb 1545 hyphen 0902

    this is a withholding tax return for dispositions by foreign persons which uses the form 8288 and 8288a of the foreign investment real property tax account

    in 1991 the codes were changed to imf 300 to 309 bard assessment cp55 generated valid for nft 30 which uses the 1040 form as payment of tax to the uk the inf nine reads the 3102399 as above

    05:54 so the imf 300 or three nine nine it's the same as the bmf three hundred three nine nine so nothing has changed in 1991 just the codes were drifted and re-hidden as the imf 300-399

    american tax is a debt collection payable to the uk under inf 300 399 on the 1040 form for the 1776 to 83 war of independence just as war is a bank draft and not a government draft tax pays for war debt and preference to internal progress americans who look to the us constitution to find if they're liable income tax is not there taxes a debt collection through a private contract between the constitution of the united states article 6 section 1 and various agreements many with the united kingdom

    under these agreements u.s citizens are being farmed on a plantation it's quote plantation by the british monarchy and only meant to have enough money left for food clothing shelter and reproduction

    tax is supposed to take everything else

    07:02 it was the american civil war that removed black slavery and replaced it with tax slavery for all great britain is the owner of the american farm and sea simple and they refer to it and contract as the plantation

    i want to jump over to more modern times now to land lease and land lease went from 1941 to supposedly to end on the 31st of december 2006 which is exactly a week ago

    during the land lease 1941-45 50.1 billion worth of supplies was shipped from the us to the uk ussr china and other allied nations

    reverse land lease included 7.8 billion of rent on air bases most of which was paid to the uk 6.8 billion only 10 billion of the 50 billion land lease was ever repaid and this included the air base rentals the uk government borrowed 31.4 billion us for use in world war ii uh a war that britain had created

    after the sudden and unexpected termination of land lease on the 2nd of september 1945 supplies were sold to the uk for 25 percent of the value with those in transit sold at ten percent the interest rate was two percent annually which could be stretched over fifty years

    since britain could get six percent interest on the two percent money they delayed payment well past the due date of 1995 and they delayed it until last week and it's not concerned yet whether britain has paid the u.s back for it's been leased the regional loan was further reduced to 1.5 billion us of which 341 million was outstanding on the 31st of march 2001 and 346 million which is 5 million more was outstanding in december 2006 last month

    09:06 on the final due date of the 31st of december 2006 this was further reduced to 45 million us it would appear that the uk's lend lease payments to the us was reduced from 30.1 billion u.s to 0.045 billion i 45 million this is some 30 billion short and is accounted for in part by temporary reduction in the united states tax payments to the british so you you get that yeah yeah

    yeah yeah got it man that's specific

    complicated it's kind of got to be specific so i've kind of got to read it

    well they're trying to hide it in all these codes and regulations

    09:57 oh the um the code train is huge and then they changed it in 1991. so um so some history on how this came about

    um king george ii was the arch treasurer and prince elector of the holy roman empire france and the united states that's the 1738 treaty of peace at u.s statutes at large as were his successes

    king george iii and king george iv as an agent for the pope great britain was and still is in charge of the united states plantation

    10:32 it didn't matter that the british monarchy were anglican honoring the queen instead of the pope or high anglican so close to catholic he couldn't tell the difference

    10:40 the british monarchy served the pope as one of the pope's representative princess some of america's founding fathers were comprised of pedophiles like benjamin franklin of the hellfire club the founding fathers worked hand-in-hand with the king george's to create slavery in america create wars in america create war debt in america and then create a central government to pay back that war debt

    11:08 for this these respected gentlemen were honored by embedded historians and the media as radical american founding fathers prepared to act and treason and risk death by being hung drawn and courted

    11:20 in reality and in exchange though never had any risk from the british and the pedophilia was never exposed during their lifetime

    11:28 the united states is a corporation that existed before the war of independence 1776-83 uh it's republica versus swears one dallas 43 28 uh usc 15.

    11:42 the king of england was also the king of france treaty of peace usa statute large page 80. on the 22nd of january 1783

    11:51 congress ratified a contract to repay 21 loans the united states had already received from the 28th of february 1778 to the 5th of july 1782.

    12:03 this was due to be paid back to king george by france by the 1st of january 1788 since the french were supporting the americans during the british occupation of america

    12:15 king george was funding both sides of the 1776-83 war of independence there were two reasons for this the war held america into debt to great britain britain which the germans had taken over in 1714 and king george the third was held in the state of madness

    12:34 it was the german protestant mafia german freemasons of the holy roman empire neither roman holy nor an empire that controlled the british empire while king george was poisoned with arsenic medical sulfonamide and mercury from 1765

    12:51 1820 so what happened was the germans had taken over britain in a 25-year chute tactical exercise without troops between 1689-1714 and then when king george the third came along they poisoned him for 55 years from 1765 to 1820 and then took over america however they wanted america to be created without the inference of the king you get that

    13:22 yeah yep we got it we're listening this is fascinating

    13:25 yeah okay yeah so this was an extension of the 25-year german troop that had taken over great britain and the monarchy from 1689 to 1714.

    13:36 on the 1st of march 1781 articles of confederation article 12 declared enforce all bills of credit admitted monies borrowed and debts contracted by or under the authority of congress before the assembling of the united states and pursuance of the present confederation shall be deemed and considered a charge against the united states for payment and satisfaction whereof the said united states and the public faith are hereby solemnly pledged

    14:07 so that meant that if the u.s changed its day the debts were carried over even though the british lost the war and said they left but retained army troops in america they were not done yet

    14:17 on the 21st of february 1787 congress approved for the articles of confederation to be discussed and revised in philadelphia on the 14th of may 1787 the founding fathers were in a panic because the united states was about to renege on a debt and go bankrupt on the 17th of september 1787

    14:41 12 state delegates approve of the constitution and the states became constitutionals that is the individual states were responsible for another's debt

    14:53 civil law blacks law dictionary 6th edition

    14:56 the individual states were now responsible for the debt to king george via france u.s citizens were not responsible for this debt because they were never asked to vote on the constitution

    15:09 the united states of america did not pay his 21 loans back and the united states was a bankrupt nation from the 1st of january 1788.

    15:20 on the 4th of august 1790 and at the quote an act was passed making provision for the payment of the united states debt this act abolished the states and created federal districts each assigned a portion of the debt one new statute large page on 38 to 178

    15:40 because the original constitutions were never submitted to the public for voting they were submitted to the public after the 1790 enact as soon as the people had voted on it they became citizens of the federal district and their state which was part of the united states and they'd bound themselves to the war of independence debt to great britain this was a con and it is a con that still has effect to this day

    16:09 that's something else eh that's interesting it's just a huge con

    16:17 yeah yeah i've i've always wondered why they don't have a problem

    16:20 a con i've always wondered why they don't have a parliament but a “con”gress

    16:29 [Laughter]

    16:33 federal district states and the united states are all corporations and corporations are artificial entities which are a fiction and law in law a corporation is a person commonwealth of pennsylvania is a person word person does not include state

    16:52 americans were also stripped of their individual rights by the constitution

    16:56 the constitution reads as though it represents the people but it actually only represents the federal areas the individual states and the united states who are fictional corporation entities that are treated as a person in law but indeed no private person has a right to complain by suiting court on the ground of a breach of the constitution the constitution it is true is a compact but he is not party to it

    17:25 powerful fan company versus the mayor and alderman of city savannah 14 georgia pages 438 and 520

    17:33 when you make an allegiance to the united states it is to a fictional entity with legal status as a person

    17:39 as a war debtor with no physical body other than a temporarily assigned representative which is a shorter life expectancy than your own article 6 section 1 kept the loans from king george valid through any name corporation or constitutional changes in america as the united states quote all debts contractors and engagements entered into before the adoption of this constitution shall be valid against the united states under this constitution as under the confederation end quote

    18:08 this was no obey when it came to the smaller creditors smaller than a king or an international bank who had their loans written into the constitution shortly after the war of independence finished the body that had fought the war against the british used the title continental but this has been this had already been excluded in favor of the united states of america

    18:28 this move destroyed a myriad of creditors who had leaked funds to the continental congress money lenders often fall for the cons of history twice and many money-landing jews were staying again in the civil war britain and france were supposed to guarantee the confederation but failed to carry this out

    18:45 as a result many patriotic family fortunes stopped there recent rights through the united states courts have failed to bring results on either con

    18:58 congress has the power to borrow money on the credit of the united states article 1 section 8 clause 2. this was needed so the united states could borrow money to trade out of bankruptcy because the individual states were a party to the constitution they are also liable for the war of independence loans in any other loans

    19:17 in 1791 the united states bank was created with a private bank twenty five thousand shares were issued of which eighteen thousand seventy two percent were held in england

    19:30 the united states bank loaned money to the united states which was great britain loaning money to america in exchange for securities in the united states when king george called for interest to be paid alexander hamilton came up with the bright idea of taxing alcohol

    19:47 americans rebelled george washington sent out the militia there was a whiskey rebellion and the militia collected the taxes at the time americans were not party to the constitution but they paid anyway when people are faced with tax plus the army against them they are slaves as slaves americans paid the alcohol tax it is the americans military role to this day to ensure taxes are collected quote it is the malicious job to execute the laws of the union article one section eight polls five and

    20:18 quote

    20:19 congress has the power to provide for organizing arming and disciplining the militia and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the united states

    20:28 end quote

    20:32 america has been set up as a military state with the military's primary role governing americans since the military's primary role is to attack wherever and whenever congress wants it it would appear that 911 was constitutional

    20:48 this resulted in further protections from the united states which included the home security bill the patriotic act the terrorist bill and the model states emergency health powers act

    20:59 how's that that is i can see why they've covered this up
    21:07 isn't it you can see how pale i am i

    21:12 [Laughter]

    21:14 guess

    21:16 talking absolutely shocking

    21:19 so basically the money is going right into the bank of england uh going to her queen through the queen's bank account where is it going

    21:27 the court's bank account you mean

    21:30 yeah coots bank

    21:33 you'd have to follow the um imf 300 or 399 tax code on the once 40 code back into the uk to see how it's being divided up and it'll be going to the um the british monarchy and it'll be going to the pope it'll be going to israel and it'll be going to hollow the black ops

    21:56 so americans are paying the taxes to fund their own demise and the queen israel or the pope can order a 911 attack whenever they want and it's constitutional because america is just a plantation occupied by tax slaves

    22:22 it used to be black slaves now it's tax slaves

    22:24 so america and everybody you're saying what's that and you're saying not only the the so-called african ethnics the black people but everybody

    22:40 yeah well the same the same thing happens in new zealand um

    22:44 uh new zealand uh was paying great britain for funding during the marry wars in the 1800s

    22:51 and we uh got wins that and squashed that very recently good

    23:00 so um basically everywhere there's been a civil war that britain has funded that country has a similar scenario happening so america was great britain's plantation and it still is it could have easily been the queen of england who ordered 911 and the american congress would have to act accordingly

    23:19 so for the pope in the united states constitution was set up as a military government to guard the british monarch's assets in america at u.s statutes large pages 116-132

    23:33 12 years after the war of independence on the 19th and november 1794 the treaty of admiralty commerce and navigation was signed

    23:41 article 2 states that the king's troops were still occupying the united states and were only due to return to england on the 1st of june 1796.

    23:53 the german protestant mafia who ran mad king george iii retained british troops in america just in case they were required to start another war to create to recreate any debt denied or and to ensure that the existing war debt was passed on to every american citizen

    24:15 not only was the war debt passed on to every american citizen but when each gained a birth certificate the name was written in capital letters which signified each person was the property of the corporation of the united states owned by the uk by a war debt and were collateral for the united states war debts which included sending them into the war of their generation

    24:40 the war draft as a foreign bank draft not a government draft

    24:49 well you know this is uh something that uh sherman scolneck my co-host has always was always uh uh talking about the same stuff you're bringing out uh greg and uh certainly within the constitution it was always made clear that the tobacco tariffs cotton tariffs were all going to be paid after the after the so-called war of independence and that there really was no financial break and certainly the real question it all leads is who's the viceroy who's the mountbaten of america?

    25:27 um do we know do we know good question well because there definitely is a viceroy right

    25:35 yeah you know the viceroy you'll have three viceroys in america you'll have the uh united kingdom's viceroy in america you'll have the vatican's viceroy in america and you'll have israel's viceroy in america

    25:50 israel's viceroy in america is henry kissinger as for um britain um you'd be getting into this shadow world government and you'd look there

    26:19 so um i've got to talk about bruce law and poke now which we've kind of lead on to that the british plantation united states is held as a farm in a lodim by the pope a lodim is land held from no lord it is free ownership

    26:35 the role of religion is to keep people in a state of passive obedience for this the vatican uses their princes both the princes of the various monarchies and the princes of the church

    26:45 now prince philip prince charles who control mi6 and mi5 respectively and the various reverends and cardinals all designed to engender passive obedience with their riches propping them up more than anything

    26:57 without their riches no one would even consider them a prince ditto for rome without the vatican riches no one would ever consider the pope a spiritual figure

    27:06 these high contracting parties princes reverence and cardinals do the utmost to support each other in this illusion which is entirely based on the common person goyim accepting the illusion and paying to be milked sent to war and taxed and then taxed for war and peace time through ideological cons and social policy many of them cons at goyim

    27:29 a person quote person quote is a non-jew and goyim is a non-jew to be milked as though cattle on a farm goyim also means cattle and cattle to be milked and cattle person also means anyone subject to the bar association which is almost everywhere the american bar association has colonized the world and anywhere there is a bar association any non-jew who turns up to court is known as a person which is goyim which is cattle to be milked which is fined and paid tax paid for the international bankers war debts

    28:09 there are various laws through history that have established the papal rule throughout the world and these include the 1822 treaty of verona article 3 quote if the sovereign pontiff should nevertheless insist on his law being observed he must be obeyed
    end quote

    28:27 pontifical laws are obligatory without being accepted or concerned by secular rulers there are exceptional ecclesiastical laws in the united states as well as federal laws which may be abolished at any time by the sovereign pontus elements of ecclesiastical law volume 1 pages 53-54

    28:47 this is all backed up by the treaty of 1213 the papal bull of 1455 and the papal bill of 1492.

    28:56 all slavery and freedom originates in the mind we subjugate ourselves

    29:02 yeah we subjugate ourselves um

    29:08 [Music]

    29:09 to the vatican um i've missed it sorry i've jumped a bit um so i'm gonna have to miss out a link

    29:17 um corporations are fictional entities who have created real debt these include war debts war as a bank draft war as human collateral and tax debts war debts law debts and the world's most ridiculous social policies that does everything it can to harm society and provide children to the pedophiles

    29:38 run society governments and war humans are run by pedophiles pedophiles are controlled by shame and shame ensures the agenda is carried out without question

    29:48 so when we look at our greatest historical figures we can find that say uh pedophiles like lord kitchener was the most decorated man in britain and he was a rampant homosexual pedophile so much so that he kept peacock to peck if any woman got too close

    30:08 now the primary control and custody of infant is with the government tillman versus roberts 108 so 62.

    30:16 marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties the husband the wife and the state ban koton versus van coten 154 ne-146 this means that the state has one-third rights to a child and dominant rights as long as it can prove one of the parents is either absent or inadequate

    30:36 the state further owns a child as collateral to pay off its war debt either through taxation or sending them into the next war on the bank draft

    30:44 now interesting thing there is if the um in a divorce situation if that either the state or one of the parents can prove that one of the uh parents is absent then the state has dominant rights to the child so what the laws are set up so that one parent usually the mother grabs the child and virtually kidnaps them then the father gets in new zealand is called a protection order against him which stops him seeing his child for an average of four months

    31:15 no uh letters phone email texts or physical contacts and then that father is proved to be absent or inadequate the state then has dominant rights over the child and funds the mother to rear the child and the primary requirement of a pedophile is that the biological father is absent

    31:37 so the whole family court custody social policy is set up to serve pedophiles

    31:44 now the queen of england still changes social policy the meanings of legal words and social security policy within the united states as late as 1997. on the 22nd of july 1997 queen elizabeth ii changed the u.s social security as follows si 1997 number 1778

    32:06 or sorry 71778 the social security united states america order 1997 made 22 july 1997 coming into 4th 5th september 1997 at the court of buckingham palace on the 22nd day of july 1997 now therefore her majesty and pursuance of section 179 1 a and two of the social security administration act of 1992 and all other powers and aiming her and that behalf is pleased by and with advice of her privy council to order and it is thereby ordered as follows this order may be cited as the social security united states audit 1997 and shall come into force on the first september 1997.

    32:49 the order goes on to redefine words in the social security act and makes changes to some of the united states laws to quote the united states federal judge william wayne justice in court

    33:01 i take my orders from england

    33:06 so the queen so there's a lot of hidden agendas going on behind the scenes that the media is not reporting basically the media doesn't report anything of any value and you'll find that the headline copy and the body copy uh mutually exclusive and that there is often nothing to be garnered of any value from any media article

    33:37 we live in a um we live in a counterintelligence world so if you can imagine um a flat screen tv we live in the pixel in the bottom left corner and going from the halfway up on the left side of the screen to the middle of the screen and then coming down to the middle of the screen at the bottom is the counter intelligence line and everything in that lower 25% of the screen there's counter intelligence and anything in the top quarter of the screen is intelligence

    34:20 and it’s counter intelligence role to ensure that we do not get any information of any value and counter intelligence is run by the media

    34:32 they must be pretty good in their dirty job i mean they must be pretty good in their dirty job i mean nothing really gets out to the masses

    34:43 but they're professionals you know you get degrees in media marketing but what is it master of con arts

    34:52 [Applause]
    34:53 [Laughter]

    34:56 it doesn't matter i'm sarcastic tonight

    35:00 well um yeah history is just a collection of cons and we've never lived in history we've only ever lived in the con

    35:09 now i want to talk about um jewish law and pedophile law and basically we live under a pedophile's law right through from 1066 on

    35:23 one of the things that um wars do is they kill fathers

    35:27 and then the orphaned children and up until um 1910 the word orphan actually meant fatherless

    35:34 and when a child was orphaned i.e with a mother but without a father they um were then sent to the church and the you know catholic churches and even the anglican church and other churches they just have a massive history of pedophilia like it's been going on for centuries hidden for centuries

    35:53 and if the church has controlled our land it's also controlled the children and the deaths of fathers through war so it's been a massive cycle that we're only just now realizing

    36:09 so jewish law pitiful many western and arabic citizens also blame the jews for everything this also has a point of two or points or two of merit

    36:18 the jews believe they own everything but are in turn owned by great britain according to menachem elon deputy president supreme court of israel

    36:29 quote everything in the babylon talmud is binding on all israel

    36:34 every town and country must follow all customs give effect to the decrees and carry out the enactments of the talmudic sages because the entire jewish people accept everything contained in the talmud

    36:48 the sages also adopted the enactment and decrees instituted the practices engendered the decisions and derived the laws constituted

    36:59 all or most of the stages of israel it is they who received the tradition of the fundamentals of the entire torah in unbroken succession going back to moses our teacher end quote

    37:10 but moses only made 10 points through another 10 hours too hard

    37:15 the talmud is an exhaustive series of books written by rabbis many of whom were pedophiles the best of the talmud has been condensed into one shorter book the most respected and most quoted

    37:26 rabbis were also the biggest pedophiles and they advocated in the talmud that it is fine to marry a girl of less than three years and one day old the most quoted rabbi in the talmud was married to a two-year-old girl sex included

    37:43 rabbi simeon ben yohai fourth century endorsed pedophilia and his mekita rabbi simeon his work was popularly circulated in the 11th 14th century and became popular again from the 19th century on

    and the georgetown law journal quote a law of the jews becomes the law of the land volume 71 pages 1179 to 1200.

    38:10 this means all law is derived from pedophiles this is also called the shetar's effect on english law

    38:19 the bible calls this law the law of mammon and mammon is defined as civil law and procedure which is the uniform commercial code we follow to this day

    38:28 our civil law derives from jewish pedophiles descendants of babylon who settled 70 kilometers east of lostop on dawn northeast of the black sea in russia as khazar jews then settled the rest of europe

    38:41 in the georgetown law journal a law of the jews becomes the law of the land and the sheikah's effect on english law clearly states that jews are the property of the norman and anglo-saxon kings and are also owned by great britain

    38:58 as a trade for this the jews are in charge of the british banking system and the talmud is the law of the land

    39:05 the talmud law is now known as the universal commercial code which is the basis of the american bar association which in turn has colonised the world

    39:14 the jewish sheta is a lien on all property realty with a written credit agreement that is now known as a mortgage

    39:22 gentiles non-jews are now living under the babylonian talmud so you get that so the american bar association is colonized all the western world um and it's uniform commercial code which is all land and financial transactions

    39:40 when you go and use your credit card etc. all that that has made gentiles non-jews living under the talmud which is the law of babylon which goes back to like zero a d and the jews brought their law into england in 1066.

    39:58 ever since the talmud has been forced by popes kings and christian churches the talmud is the basis of the tavistock mind control that rules the world

    40:06 this mind control includes acknowledging corporations as higher entities when they are primarily debt collectors for british created civil wars and are in charge of our natural resources the corporations are treated as a person in the courts

    40:20 the jews have become punished for everything the british royal family which is a subset of the jewish lost child family law arms war drugs pedophilia prostitution family court social control and murder

    40:34 the jews run impact money pedophilia arms and drugs and mpad rules the world

    40:41 jews also control the freemasons and freemasons specialise in misery and providing cover for pedophiles many of them within their ranks

    40:48 freemasons will do anything a pedophile asks them to do

    40:52 freemason misery includes not charging jews with murder as such every government in the world now employs israelis to carry out their murders

    41:01 general yelon offered this service to prime minister helen clark in late november 2006 the jewish murders cite anti-semitism as the freemasonry police stand back trying the utmost not to get involved

    41:16 freemasons specialised misery of enormous proportions as such they are the middle managers in war and run the police and judiciary handing out fines to anybody they deem threat

    41:29 by comparison politics is a toy story that specializes in intellectual confusion shouting headlines that always distract from the truth and really approximate the body copy

    41:39 the jewish babylonian prostitutes and pedophiles uniform commercial code is unconstitutional but you are not part of the united states constitution nor are you a citizen of your own country all citizenship has been misappropriated

    41:55 new zealanders have not had any legal government entities since the 10th of january 1920

    42:01 quote the u.s constitution no private person has a right to complain by certain court on the ground of a breach of the constitution

    42:08 he is not party to it paddle for fave

    42:11 and company versus the mayor of alderman again great britain and the united states

    42:17 great britain the united states and the states are parties to the u.s constitution you are not article 6 section 1.

    42:25 when a common person tries to use the constitution the common person is committing the crime of criminal trespass as the common person is infringing on private contracts they are not party to whether or not the common person owns a property freehold they are a debt slave who has no rights and owns no property

    42:42 common person rents their money from jews who own all the banks of great britain hence the jews are party to the us uk tax treaty claims gentiles are not jews are treated differently in court they are treated as living souls quote

    42:57 living souls that's what they're referred to as and not cattle to be milked such non-jews are often accused and charged for the crimes of jews and jews really appear in court and that's backed up by the whole cover-up of the israelis and jews being involved 9 11 and none of them being charged

    43:17 the island of great britain is quite amazing

    43:20 [Music]

    43:21 it's wild isn't it yeah the island of great britain seems to be everyone's master except the pope and the jews who hide in the island of the vatican and the island of israel

    43:32 the island of the vatican was given official status as a separate sovereign entity in 1929 the island of israel was given status as a separate southern entity in 1947 somewhere between 46 and 48

    43:49 depending on the official status the ultimate ownership of all property is in the state individual so-called ownership is only by virtue of government i.e. law amounting to mere user and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the state which means that england can request america and american congress to declare war on its own people and confiscate the americans land that's such a mess while the american citizens who had their land confiscated have to pay tax to the uk

    44:26 the money you think you own you are just renting the property you think you own is just being held in your name you're a slave to the cons of history you're worse off than a slave because you're also a debtor and have to find your own food and shelter after you've been taxed

    44:41 quote the right of transmission of property is an absolute inalienable right is one which has never existed since governments were instituted and never can exist under government weinhammer versus the people 13 ny rep pages 3 7 8 and 481

    great britain to this day collects taxes off the american people it is not the only country she collects taxes off any other country where britain had a civil war is also in debt to britain

    45:09 until recently new zealand was paying great britain for funding both sides of the maryland wars and australia was funding great britain for supplying the continent with founding father conflicts who believe kangaroos would eat them the united states

    things were incredibly naive 200 years ago the commoners were the united states is desperate to repeat this con the united states wants to declare democracy in iraq so that it can charge iraq for creating democracy and then take 35 percent of the oil for 99 years of payment

    45:41 to achieve this con the united states relies on its media with huge support from fox news and its owner the counter intelligence agent rupert murdoch who kidnaps his own staff in order to create distraction news

    in wartime we provide the truth with the bodyguard of lies because it is so precious quoting adolf hitler british agent died 19th february 1950 spain

    46:08 adolf hitler was the grandson of lionel nathan rothschild who was the first jew in british parliament

    46:22 perhaps the american people start by stopping tax payments to the uk british crown for the war of independence which was no independence of all at all

    46:31 the american war of independence 1776-83 was a war of dependence and the american civil war 1861-65 was an uncivil war to enslave all

    46:50 same shenanigans happening in europe in the 16th and 1700s were happening in the 1800s and today unless we're fully briefed we haven't got a clue as to what is going on

    47:00 unless we're fully brief we do not know what what cons are upon us all of history is a collection of cons and all we lack is a method to address those cons

    47:10 stopping illegal tax payments for corrupt wars would be a start

    47:17 how's the time going i've lost track of

    47:20 it keep going this is just so good we're just going to keep going past the hour

    47:26 well that's it okay

    47:29 that's it unless i unless like unless i start branching into uh you know more recent topics like um how it's affected

    47:36 um hey wait wait a minute i i have a i am i'm sort of intelligent but i have a limit of how much i can take take in one sitting that's um that's a pretty good helping you dished out there tonight greg

    47:54 yeah i like it i think we'll let people digest that that was awesome

    47:59 yeah i think you got to listen to it three or four times you know i had to write it down before i could sort of get to grips with it

    48:06 yeah so it's stunning

    48:10 america i don't have much to say about it i mean it's um it's an expansion of this this analysis that hitler was a british agent in your great book and this takes it all for the last 250 years

    48:30 yeah hitler was a british agent you know so was abraham lincoln and so was um uh benjamin franklin

    48:38 yeah you know and we've still got double agents right through governments today and a lot of the members of parliament and senators and congressmen are there because they're essentially sexually compromised

    48:55 when they talk to the public they talk an ideology but ideology has nothing at all to do with politics politics is run on an agenda and that agenda is fulfilled by having politicians who are sexually compromised and who will drop their ideologies in order to maintain their cover

    49:16 the sexual scandals that we get um coming across from parliament through to the news are about one percent of the sexual scandals that are actually occurring

    the sexual scandals uh uh that we get in the news a sacrificial one and uh usually timed for a distraction

    49:46 well that happens that was a full dish there yeah so it was a full meal

    49:55 so america is controlled by britain the vatican and israel so when you vote for your individual democrat or republican politician in america it has such little effect and what we need to do is go through all the

    50:16 yeah it has mainly the effect of creating a smokescreen illusion with the people who believe oh i voted and now we made a decision that's an artificial reality right there

    50:30 yeah if you look at the you know the various governments coming in like say in america it's um it's republican and democrat and republican democrat so everyone thinks they're you know getting their full four-year slot but the agenda carries on throughout and the viceroy for israel henry kissinger is always there and he's always running the government and the us government is run by black ops operations and by shadow world government and the government we get on the news is a toy story

    51:11 america needs to change well the united states needs to change its contracts with the united kingdom with the british monarchy with israel and with the vatican because it is just running their agenda and american taxpayers are funding their own demise

    51:27 and 911 was part of that demise and now we've got 50% of americans believing that president george w bush did the 9 11 bombings you know so america has woken up for the first time half of america has woken up for the first time and said hey we've got a double agent president a puppet you know lyndon b johnson was a zionist and george herbert bush was a zionist and george w bush is a zionist he will do absolutely anything that israel asked him to do and you have all these uh referendums and voting goes on in america but then henry kissinger comes up to george w bush has a word in his ear and that's what george w bush does so what you usually get as a president is the most compromised person and that's what america has now is a completely compromised government and it's trying to create democracy in iraq and iraq is further from democracy than any other country in the world

    52:53 well they created saddam hussein

    52:57 yep yeah he was um george herbert bush's effort george herbert bush used to run saddam hussein in iraq on rollerskates when he was a teenager and saddam is saying to place frog bombs also known as turtle bombs on the petrol tanks of diplomatic and peace vehicles and then skate away and then 10 seconds later he turned the handle and then 10 seconds later a shot of flame would shoot into the petrol tank and blow the car up

    53:31 yeah another stage this mock trial where a double appeared and they they didn't yeah and the the hanging wasn't filmed all the way like there was no proof at all in the hanging the hanging was showing with the noose around the neck and then later on the uh body was showing with a twisted neck may on may not have been dead and uh you know could have been photoshopped it was very unconvincing but it keeps them out of the news and then as soon as um saddam hussein is supposedly killed the bin laden issue arises again um whether bin laden is alive or dead

    54:33 when the last film footage of them was and when the last audio tape of them was and the film footage of um of uh osama bin laden is very deviously shown it's always a summer bin laden walking down a rocky slope and never aging and then when they show a still photo of osama bin laden they split the screen and show other people moving give the effect that osama bin laden is moving osama bin laden is a cia and his code name is tim osman yeah yeah

    55:14 is he dead is that right

    55:18 osama yeah he's either dead or living in a flat at the back of langley

    55:25 oh how about the u.s embassy in uruguay

    55:32 really oh i'm sure he's gone to a super plastic surgeon and has had his face changed he's got too much money he's a multi-billionaire

    55:44 yeah yeah he was he was a a stooge he was a patsy that didn't die you know like the bushes have so much money financially linked with the bin laden family that um osama was the lazy in between guy who was filmed several times and made a few recordings to create the whole oil and heroin trade look real

    56:17 now the americans have taken over the um poppy farming and heroin trade from afghanistan and 98% of the heroin that gets into britain comes from afghanistan and you can't do that without um american collusion so now we've got agents like general yolong offering afghan heroin of which was an oversupply to various governments around the world and part of the roles of governments now is to destroy their citizens and one of the ways to do that is to supply them with drugs

    56:54 so we had 10 kilograms of afghan heroin come into new zealand at the same time as the secretary general of nato came into new zealand jeff uh uh jeff hoop schaefer he came in and the heroine came in on the 31st of march 2005 and it was released to the gangs on the 30th of november 1st of december 2005. virtually for free in order to find markets for it

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    Default Re: So Much For "Independence": The USA Downgrade From Colonies To "Plantation"

    Cont'd from above:

    so we've got this bizarre situation now where anything we get on the news is produced by counter intelligence and everything we get on the news is a lie or some form of a lie if it's not a lie it's a distraction and we now have governments who are acting against their own citizens and those are the governments that we vote in and those are the politicians that are compromised either through diverse sexual practices drug use or double agent training and new zealand the new zealand prime minister helen clark is now well acknowledged even by the higher ranks of the legal fraternity as a kgb agent alan clark is a double agent prime minister which makes it all the more easier for uh american representatives bringing heroin into new zealand with complicity and with cover and the heroin that came into new zealand came in via diplomatic pouch did not come via any of the major importing methods either by ship or by plane it came in on a diplomatic pouch well that's the safest way isn't it

    58:56 yeah so yeah the um the diplomatic corps is now the sodomy olympics and they are sodomizing each other and giving away secrets as fast and as quickly as possible and the diplomatics are now acting the diplomats are now acting against their own nations

    59:18 [Music]

    59:20 when will that house start burning down

    59:24 wind will start burning down yeah

    59:28 um i'll be all right what's that because i'm mad man

    59:36 yeah it's it's it's total madness but i've spoken uh to some highly conservative and quite old and quite established people recently and you know i told them about the stuff and they go yeah we've got no uh no problem believing that like when i say that um you know the police and the um fraud squad were manufacturing and introducing methamphetamines into new zealand and that the person who headed the organization is now one of auckland's mayors they go we have no problem believing that

    60:15 so the um the belief structure in people has changed from being let's idolize a religion to understanding politics and then understanding the corruption behind politics and understanding that all of history is a con and we've never lived in history we've only ever lived in a con and we're just living in new cons to this day that are built on old cons and what i've just read out today is a small history of some old cons

    60:56 that's a fascinating perspective greg

    61:00 yeah well you know you thought they were mean

    61:05 [Laughter]

    61:07 and if i weren't trying to say i think it sounds like you might have more there

    61:12 [Music]

    61:14 for another time what do you think

    61:25 anytime you want to come back greg you're welcome back

    61:29 i think what we should do is digest the show i want to listen to it a couple more times and then uh what we should do is uh uh bring greg back and uh ask him some more questions and explore those interesting areas that we after we've digest them i have an information overflow right now

    61:50 yeah yeah i thought that might happen

    61:52 and um so it'll take two or three listens um yeah it's just shocking stuff it's just shocking that america is still a plantation

    62:18 yeah and the whole war of independence and the civil war were both fabrications locations to put the american people into debt so that any americans who left england and europe and went to america were paying their tax to britain and europe and in europe they were paying it to the vatican the vatican was part of italy part of rome until 1929 when it got its independence as a sovereign nation

    well the vatican is an old sovereign state say they governed central italy for many centuries then they got cut down by this research mentor and other movements so they're open open domination of territories that has shrunk down to this little tiny so-called vatican city a small area inside rome a few blocks large only

    63:25 but but i think the sovereignty of that as a state that's rather old as far as i know

    63:33 yeah it was a was officially uh officially recognized in 1929 and at the same time italy paid better for the vatican city and a multi-million dollar deal as compensation for the papal states that was stolen in the 1800s

    63:58 so those are your centers of power it's um british monarchy vatican city and israel and they are all controlling and the bank of england wasn't it a rothschild who said something to the effect of i don't care which puppet sits on the throne of england as long as the central bank has the right to create money something like that?

    64:27 yeah yeah yeah i don't care um who controls um great britain as long as i um and whoever controls the money supply controls great britain and at the same with america and america is um 67 trillion dollars in debt how about what america is doing now they

    64:48 say that number again greg how much i didn't hear that

    64:54 america is 67 trillion dollars in debt the only way many ship loads of $100 bills

    65:05 so the only way that america can trade out of that debt is by loaning money outside of america so the federal reserve is frantically loaning money all around the world and that's where you get your best money deals at the moment go straight to the american federal reserve

    65:32 i think we'll leave it there everybody thanks for joining us at cloak and dagger stay on the line greg

    65:38 we'll sign off here it's been a pleasure having you here bringing your treasury of wisdom and knowledge

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