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Thread: The things that go off the edge, your NWO Magicians.

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    Default The things that go off the edge, your NWO Magicians.

    Leaving this here as a taste on what lurks beneath the surface if one wants to go into some lots of wasted time research.
    It's just too much work to do a proper analysis about their spell casting.

    Need to know symbols, words meanings and whatnot on top the effort to analyse the message.

    Reverse speech being a topic. I know this was a topic years back around here and dismissed back then but seems these guys used it.
    Your NWO magicians at work. The new generation just slurped it all into their work and utilized the potential from reverse speech to cast spells & send messages to each other.
    Have fun.

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    Default Re: The things that go off the edge, your NWO Magicians.

    Hmm, pretty creepy youtube pollution. Message sending, groupie behaviour and perhaps favour currying I can believe, sad though this stuff is. Effective spell casting would be a little more sophisticated and subtle I think.

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