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Thread: Dan Dicks of Press For Truth BANNED from YouTube!

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    Angry Dan Dicks of Press For Truth BANNED from YouTube!


    Press For Truth

    The Press For Truth YouTube channel has been terminated. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth has been producing videos and documentary films for over 14 years on YouTube, with over 270k subscribers, over 35M video views and 5 documentary films but in the blink of an eye all that is gone now because YouTube decided that Dan should no longer have a popular voice. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why he thinks the channel was deleted but more importantly what everyone needs to do now in order to stay up to date with PFT moving forward.


    BITCHUTE ➜ https://www.bitchute.com/pressfortruth/
    LBRY ➜ https://lbry.tv/@PressForTruth
    FLOTE ➜ https://flote.app/DanDicksPFT
    DLIVE ➜ https://dlive.tv/PressForTruth



    WayFair Gate

    ps. I met Dan Dicks personally in Dresden Germany Bilderberg Conference Protest 2016 and did an interview with him (also deleted by YouTube)

    John Kuhles
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    Default Re: Dan Dicks of Press For Truth BANNED from YouTube!

    I didnít/donít really know what those other venues are but I checked out the bitshute one and other then i canít watch it on my tv like I can YT, why donít all the people just go there, what am I missing here?

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    Default Re: Dan Dicks of Press For Truth BANNED from YouTube!

    I've long ago projected an end for those sites like yt and fb for being completely unethical, immoral and dishonest internet platforms that have been intentionally misrepresenting their products to the users and presenters of their service contracts.

    This has been proven by their operating against any doctrine of fairness and engaging in monopolistic practices, restricting the free expression of opinions that present valid counterpoints to the narratives of their political and corporate sponsors.

    An obvious solution, from here at least, is to own your own internet platform. Project Avalon has covered so many aspects of so many issues I would guess that it has been mentioned before but,

    How could all of those who put out such honest and engaging content not have seen this all coming? That's always been a great disconnect from common sense to me, knowing full well who owns fb, yt, and their twitting sh*ts and giggles sites. Dumb F'n names.

    Face..., You...., then Be a Twit, look up information with the help of a google eyed search engine, a Mr.Magoo'd engine...knowingly named after the worst vision impaired cartoon character, finding facts? And none of us made the F.U. connection from those who own the sites? Really Now? Are so many still that ignorant?

    The names alone told me what they were about from the beginning. How do people not know the in your face manipulations of those sites from the start? I know, we all can explain away the disconnect, but that is no excuse.

    I would have never thought that any income, any monetization of my expressed viewpoints on the criminals and their methods would ever be a permanent, or certainly not a reliable, income source. How can smart people with so much to offer be so blind to the obvious? Yes, we can explain that away too. Still, no excuse. Time to get on with what should have been started from the beginning.

    I certainly appreciate the details of these truths, posted by so many people on their now banned channels, truths that as a matter of course would put their incomes in danger, but why would anyone bitch about the obvious end of their creative endeavors when those who own the outlets are the criminals they would talk about. You sell your good wares in a den of thieves and snakes, and your wares will be stolen while you are left dealing with the poison in your blood.

    I do get that just posting on those sites was in some way a challenge to the open source assumption you'd think they put the sites out to be.
    Kudos for doing that. You've shown the immensely ignorant people out there the truth of most media outlets' criminal cores. However, it's been long since, way before now, to look into creating open source sites to protect content, something that's already happening and, to me, long, long overdue.

    It's like news stations telling the viewers that they are honest news sources. When they tell their viewers they are honest they seem to be blind to the fact that saying they're honest makes even the sleepiest, most distracted viewers subconsciously suspect them of being dishonest. And even as dishonest, incomplete, manipulative and one sided as almost all news outlets are now, much more than all of the damnable lies they're guilty of selling for decades past, their dishonesty is showing in ways they can no longer cover.

    There is a core truth that gets exposed during times of great deception, but it only gets recognized when lives and incomes and frivolities are threatened.
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    Default Re: Dan Dicks of Press For Truth BANNED from YouTube!

    Commie-tube strikes again! What was the sensitive topic he touched? WayFair no? BiII Geightz yeah? 2 topics that are untouchable on Commie-tube.

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    Default Re: Dan Dicks of Press For Truth BANNED from YouTube!

    .................................................. my first language is TYPO..............................................

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