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Thread: Will People wake now?

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    Lightbulb Re: Will People wake now?

    How many extremely talented & gifted people (with great following) on ANY level (even super intelligent comedians) were "neutral" but MAY go towards our side, after plandemic hysteria & mass deceptions last 4 months?

    Lets say some 100s ... that alone will make a huge ripple effect!
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    Default Re: Will People wake now?

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Mustard Seed Carpenters

    Here's Dr Bill Deagle's graphic answer from a number of years ago. I have to say, I love it.
    "Your worst enemy is your unprepared neighbor. You need to distribute these DVDs to your neighbors. Your neighbors may spit in your face now, but when things start to happen they'll be begging you to tell them more.

    Remember, you're what I call mustard seed carpenters. You have a carpenter's wedge, a bag of mustard seeds, and a hammer: And in the little cracks of their stupid skull you're gonna drive in these mustard seeds of common sense and when the water of disaster comes upon their heads the seeds are gonna grow whether they want them to or not and the roots are gonna start splitting their very, very thick skulls."
    I would put Dr. Deagle in the same line with Arthur Neumann and Peter Paget.It's one of my first favorites on the short list and is almost on top of that list.

    Dr Deagle at The Granada Forum 2006 Recommended by Trishaly Banack
    (4:08:04 hrs.)
    "Your planet is forbidden for an open visit - extremely aggressive social environment,despite almost perfect climatic conditions.Almost 4 billion violent deaths for the last 5000 years and about 15000 major military conflicts in the same period."

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