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Thread: Who or what left the devil's foot prints in Devon?

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    Default Who or what left the devil's foot prints in Devon?

    In Devon, England, on the 8th February, 1855 "someone" or "something" left over 40 miles of "footprints" in the snow.

    Many local residents for over 150 years believe that the devil visited Devon on that fateful night. Local residents on both sides of the Exe river woke up to see a large trail of cloven footprints - thought to have been left by the devil.

    Inexplicably, the trail and the tracks left were said to have gone through walls, farm properties, haystacks and on rooftops and crossing the river Exe.

    Was it the tracks left by a weather balloon?
    A horse?
    A donkey?
    A kangaroo?

    Like a horse or donkey hoof, many thought they must have been left by the Devil himself.

    What do you reckon...?


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