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Thread: What3words - 3 words for every 3m square of land

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    Default What3words - 3 words for every 3m square of land

    Prompted by the second video below being used in a TV advert tonight.
    Also went to the website and typed in my postcode. Interesting piece of kit...

    Imagine having only 5 seconds of battery life left on your phone and you're in a remote area having just had an accident - and you're able to give 3 words to give your exact location so emergency services can find you.

    Well it's now possible and a very useful piece of technology...

    What3words.com and their app has given every 3m square a unique combination of three words. People are using the free app to help 999 know exactly where to find incidents.

    When Miller and his Nanny got hit by a tractor in their car, Miller told 999 exactly where they needed help.

    When he got in trouble on a remote loch in Scotland, Jason used what3words to tell mountain rescue where to find him.

    MORE HERE: https://what3words.com/

    Useful? Interesting? Essential? Life saver? What do you think?
    Can you think of any other uses or applications for tech like this?

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