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Thread: MDNA vaccines to change our "software"

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    Default MDNA vaccines to change our "software"

    This video explains how "vaccines" will be used to alter our DNA.

    Later on they talk about how the elite have monetized population compliance, creating derivatives that pay off depending on how compliant you are with societal directives such as mask wearing.

    This is way out stuff, but it fits in with what Greg Hallett said regarding wars, where the winner has to pay the cost to the loser.

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    Default Re: MDNA vaccines to change our "software"

    At the end Sofia says she's making labels to put on the masks she's giving away that say "useless placebo" I tried this on a face mask I wrote NO SIRVE (useless) and went to the store wearing it , people looked but pretended to no see what I wrote, they don't want to see, they are busy just going about their day. It's frustrating.

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    Default Re: MDNA vaccines to change our "software"

    Coronavirus PCR test primer sequence found in ALL human DNA?

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