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Thread: Unprecendented Censorship Bill Passes in UK & ACTA

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    Angry Unprecendented Censorship Bill Passes in UK & ACTA

    Have you seen this? Those sons of b****s passed this under the radar.


    "The broad attack on the free internet is not only restricted to the UK, New Zealand and Australia. The European Union, Finland, Denmark, Germany and other countries in Europe have all proposed blocking or limiting access to the internet and using filters like those used in Iran, Syria, China, and other repressive regimes."


    Educate yourself about ACTA. They are also trying to pass this under the radar as a world-wide global law. This article is important reading.


    If you have the kind of website which is against the nwo, move it. Where is Project Camelot and Avalon hosted? In the US? You better move them pronto!

    Somewhere on this forum, Forums in Slow Motion, someone posted the following -
    "i have only just re-connected...wonder why so many glitches..
    not a very pleasent coincidence yesterday evening - at the same time of avalon going down, my broaband connection went down too..so i phoned up and a recorded message said they are sorry but that the nw2 is experiencing no internet connection....of all the country, all of london - my specific area is off !!!! ... the engineers are working around the clock to fix the problem the message went on..they haven't fixed it yet..i am now using my external 3G device....what can go wrong for so long? i am on cable, which is meant to be more resistent to glitches..beats me ."

    I do not believe this is a coincidence. My gut tells me TPTB are using the current cme events as an excuse or not, to install blockers/filters or whatever to slow down or block our internet connections in preparation for the implementation of ACTA and the above UK bill.

    The people of this world need to raise a stink against this. This forum and other sites like Camelot won't be around for long if we keep quiet and do nothing. So for goodness sakes, get off your arse and your apathy, and be pro-active.

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    Default Re: Unprecendented Censorship Bill Passes in UK & ACTA

    I agree Project Camelot and Avalon should not be hosted in the US
    Swanny is the waskly wabbit. :blink:
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    Default Re: Unprecendented Censorship Bill Passes in UK & ACTA

    Don't worry..... be happy....

    In truth, it doesn't really matter where (what country) you host the site, when things get that bad, filtering the site away will happen at the receiving end as well as the host country.

    China shuts Google on and off, at will. Yahoo even helped China out by turning in people!
    Suddenly NOW they're unhappy about what they helped create ? Ha!

    Yahoo and Google can kiss my

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