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Thread: Greatest Black Swan in History

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    Default Greatest Black Swan in History

    Here are the essential elements for a ET CONTACT event

    The ‘Recognition Event’

    Greatest Black Swan in History

    A black swan for example synced perfectly with the global financial crisis of 2007.
    First, it is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility.

    Second, it carries an extreme 'impact.'

    Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it explainable and predictable.

    Similarly, an ET ‘CONTACT’ event that is in our backyard provides the same level of significance as a ‘black swan’ event. The present pandemic may not be in the same class as yet, but is still evolving. An interstellar contact event has little affect on society but for the discovery by scientists and would not be a black swan event.

    MSM Developments:

    The recent developments of frequent announcements by MSM in the last 3 years of the UAP status and now classified by Pentagon and MSM as a UFO status suggests different agendas by the US government.

    1. A possible lead up to a Disclosure in the future.

    2. A controlled disinformation agenda that upgrades the same historical narrative.

    3. The ‘threat’ scenario to leverage funds for the military.

    Its not just the recent announcements by the MSM, as if this is a new feature to contemplate on for its viewers, but the unannounced vacuum of huge amount of UFO evidence over the last 75 years. The dichotomy that once was the norm for the last 75 years has reduced the giggle factor to serious questioning the authenticity of the subject by the MSM. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by major organisations who have a vested interest of truly knowing what is truly going on. Not just the kneejerk reactions of media history and the clever conditioning of the public of how 'whacky' the subject is.

    However, other organisations have a different agenda to governments/military/industrial complexes that is normally incorporated into their strategies that we don’t hear about.

    In particular, the major corporations in the financial world. Interest has been taking place in other countries in recent years as regards future economic outlooks where there may be significant changes to the world economy due to post ‘CONTACT’. For example, in 2015, a conference was held in Saudi Arabia on this particular matter, what happens with an ET Contact event in our backyard and its ramifications for the world economy.

    I am recently aware of one major financial global institution that has encompassed the UFO situation seriously and the realisation that extraterrestrial intelligence is in our presence. This means new possible initiatives of strategic policies for one financial institution. If this is implemented, then other financial institutions may follow.

    I understand that the likes of the SETI fraternity has now been circumvented and that the old policies of SETI have become redundant. In particular, in relation to serious organisations that have more important policies to address on a global scale, than the academic projects like SETI. In other words one financial institution did not consult with SETI. For the first time this tells the real story of a need to know.

    Here are the following reasons:

    1. Radio communications with advanced ET is not the mode of transmission. Other modalities of transmission are not being entertained by SETI for biased reasoning and lack of knowledge.

    2. The SETI agenda is blind to the evidence at hand of the ET presence for the last 75 years. i.e. no SETI scientist at the SETI organisation has ever studied the UFO subject. This also applies to every other science departments worldwide.

    3. SETI has deluded itself with keeping the show going, supplemented by greed and enticing financial intakes from donors that have the same delusional aspirations, sustaining careers and pensions; e.g. Breakthrough Listen ($100M)

    CONTACT event:

    In this following scenario ‘CONTACT’ may be about to happen and that the anticipation of an event may take place. In light of the seriousness of the subject now shown by one major financial institution may be the trigger for other possibilities. For one financial institution to accept this reality may be the game changer for the future.

    I would expect the information about the recent MSM UFO news has now been taken seriously by others that have a vested interest in there financial portfolios of the future. Some major universities around the world with departments dealing with ‘Future of humanity’ and ‘futurology’, etc have encompassed this subject like Oxford University. The future is taken seriously by some insurance companies as regards for example major report on future CME emissions from the Sun by Lloyds Insurance. Likewise major financial institutions also interface with key universities as regards for example Climate Change predictions.

    Global Financial Institutions:

    Establishment Wall Street (sell side) and Fund Management (buyside) have never taken the reality of extra-terrestrial intelligence into consideration. This may change in that ‘Contact’ is upon us.

    What might this mean to the world when public sentiment turns on the idea that the existing power structures are supported by economics that will be replaced?
    In addition to getting government recognition (finally) what about recognition from investment banks?

    What about the funding and investment possibilities?
    Bypass bureaucratic roadblocks and have private sector (of massive scale) participation to make contact.

    Implications of new technologies?

    • warp drive
    • folding space
    • manipulation of extra dimensions
    • hypersonic velocity
    • dark energy

    Implications for existing military/industrial complex?
    Traditional energy, materials, transportation industry?
    The price of hard assets like gold?
    This changes everything!

    I believe the nature of a ‘CONTACT’ event by the ET presence around the earth may take place in light of the seriousness now contemplated on by one global financial institution. It is a testimony to them that this matter is taken seriously which if implemented as policy may provide the other realities like CME from the Sun or asteroid impacts. I wouldn’t be surprised that an ET CONTACT report in the future for its clients will spell out the ramifications and guidance as to future investments around the world.

    What are your thoughts on this possible scenario?

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