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Thread: "The Battle of Los Angeles" Feb 24-5, 1942

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    Default "The Battle of Los Angeles" Feb 24-5, 1942



    Consider a very rare radio broadcast.

    Called The Battle Of Los Angles on February 24-25, 1942.

    Before Kenneth Arnold saucers and Roswell in 1947.

    1400 rounds fired —6 people killed during the response.

    (I believe that the casualties were due to falling Shrapnel and Road Traffic Accidents.)

    TicTac-like objects moved from Los Angles to San Diego undamaged.

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    Default Re: "The Battle of Los Angeles" Feb 24-5, 1942

    From that thread above, I saw this thread posted






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    Default Re: "The Battle of Los Angeles" Feb 24-5, 1942

    I've made an audio file of the twitter video audio in the OP.

    Download from here:

    I also found a youtube playlist someone has assembled of 38 videos about that pacific war time. Many of them are about the battle of LA:

    .................................................. my first language is TYPO..............................................

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    Default Re: "The Battle of Los Angeles" Feb 24-5, 1942

    This is a compelling UFO sighting, I have done some research and written about it on several occasions. Here is a bit of detail to fill in the blanks.

    It is very rare that among the annals of Ufology there should appear a UFO case which involved military, yet it is accompanied with actual photographic proof. Such is the case of an event which took place over the Los Angeles area on February 25, 1942. A giant UFO would actually hover over the city, and be witnessed by hundreds of observers.

    Pearl Harbor Scare:
    As America was gathering its senses after the shocking attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, there was a heightened feeling of insecurity and anxiousness. The skies were being watched as never before as a giant UFO moved through California, alerting the military and civilian watchers as well. This case is known as the "Battle of Los Angeles," and is one of the most important cases in Ufology.

    Surreal Sight:
    It would be early morning on February 24, 1942 when the incoming craft sirens were first heard in the Los Angeles area. Many Americans were expecting another wave of Japanese fighter planes, and thought this is what they would see as they left their homes, and ventured outside. How wrong they were! The first sightings of a large UFO would be made in Culver City, and Santa Monica.

    A Total Blackout:
    Air Raid Wardens were ready to go at the first hint of an invasion. But, this invasion would be something other than Japanese planes. The giant hovering object was soon lit up by the gigantic spotlights of the Army's 37th Coast Artillery Brigade. Everyone who looked up was shocked by the sight of the giant UFO sitting above their city. Military aircraft were sent to confront the object.

    UFO Takes Direct Hits:
    Because of a well-organized alert system, the whole California southern section was searching the night skies in a matter of minutes. What they saw were beaming searchlights illuminating the night sky, all of them converging on one thing-a UFO. A similar scene would be repeated later during The Norwood Searchlight Incident albeit, on a smaller scale. The beams of light would soon be accompanied by tracer fire from anti-aircraft artillery, all of the rounds aiming at the invading craft. The giant UFO would take direct hit after hit, yet without damage.

    Hanging Magic Lantern:
    The 37th Brigade was relentless in its attempt to bring down the large object, but found no success. The barrage of spent shells would fall over the entire area-no place was safe this night. Many were injured, and there were even reports of death from the falling shells. According to newspaper reports, eyewitnesses described the sight of the UFO-like a "surreal, hanging, magic lantern."

    Classic Photograph Taken:
    As the large UFO moved into more lighted areas, view of the object became better. It moved directly over the MGM studios in Culver City. Fortunately, an extremely good quality photograph was taken of the object-beams attached, tracer fire visible. This photograph has become a classic UFO photograph. The UFO would soon move over Long Beach before disappearing altogether.

    Woman Air Raid Warden Gives Testimony:
    "It was huge! It was just enormous! And it was practically right over my house. I had never seen anything like it in my life!" she said.

    "It was just hovering there in the sky and hardly moving at all. It was a lovely pale orange and about the most beautiful thing, you've ever seen. I could see it perfectly because it was very close. It was big!"

    More Eyewitness Testimony:
    "They sent fighter planes up and I watched them in groups approach it and then turn away. There were shooting at it but it didn't seem to matter."

    "It was like the Fourth of July but much louder. They were firing like crazy but they couldn't touch it."

    "I'll never forget what a magnificent sight it was. Just marvellous. And what a gorgeous color!" she said

    The Guns Fall Silent:
    The giant invading airship was now gone, and the citizenry of the southern California area began to resume normal activities. This was an extremely important event-one that will not be forgotten.

    Only the news of the war kept this from becoming a major news event. This case must have been in the mind of President Ronald Reagan when he warned us of an "alien threat, from outside of our world."

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