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Thread: Are Satellites Tracking UFOs?

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    Default Are Satellites Tracking UFOs?

    Quote Are Satellites Tracking UFOs? Silva Record
    The length of Danny Silva's article is a dead giveaway that the answer to his headline question is a strong "Yes." Heavily-referencing with many links to print and video sources, Danny ties together the basics of what is known and what is suspected about U.S. tracking capabilities. The article makes clear that massive amounts of information largely gained for other purposes are available to try to solve the UFO conundrum. With Danny, one can "only hope that some of this data will be shared with the world at large without compromising ways and means of military operations." We do know that The Japanese Military Is Now Officially Tracking UFOs. And Popular Mechanics is also taking the subject seriously, per this straightforward and knowledgeable Kyle Mizokami article, mentioning newly "unveiled guidelines for Japanese defense personnel that experience UFO sightings." (WM)
    This is an extremely long and in-depth article about the military tracking UFOs from satellites. I have only copied the first and last paragraphs. it is a lot to read and a lot to think about. This story reminds me of the Men in Black movie where aliens are going through customs upon arrival.

    UFOs being tracked by satellites and other instruments have been a long time focus of UFO lore and stories. Satellites and instruments tracking UFOs are an obvious go to due to their link with space. This topic reminds me of UFO crash lore. Not only has it hung around the rumor mill basically as long as the word UFO has appeared in the public psyche, but now there is a modern day reemergence of the subject lending credibility to it. Without unclassified hard proof in my hands, all I can do is listen to experts and sources whom I think highly of.

    Although UAPs generally seem to lack exhaust plumes or strong heat signatures, there are numerous reports in the open source literature claiming that the SBIRs or Space Base Infrared System has recorded unidentified objects that entered earth’s atmosphere but, unlike meteors, then maneuvered or changed direction.

    Technology is obviously available to track almost anything in our skies and space around the earth, and with so many people seemingly buying into the idea that these technologies are tracking unidentified objects, we can only hope that some of this data will be shared with the world at large without compromising ways and means of military operations. These closely guarded secrets concerning what is in our skies and atmosphere should not be kept solely by the military industrial complex. This information belongs to the public who deserve to know the nature of the planet where they live.

    To Read The Full Story: https://silvarecord.com/2020/09/20/a...tracking-ufos/

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