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Thread: Beautiful pictures inspired by the Ringing Cedars story

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    Default Beautiful pictures inspired by the Ringing Cedars story

    My friend Kumar Alzhanov, the artist, inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series, is offering his artworks for sale.
    Please enjoy the photos of his works: https://www.pinterest.ru/vestnikra/r...s-inspiration/ Some pictures are available here: https://ecominded.net/works-of-art
    The following options are open for pre-order:
    1. You may ask for an illistration of a certain RCoR book or chapter or request your own motif for a picture, for instance: your family in a Kins domain.
    2. You may order a copy of any artwork by Kumar Alzhanov, please select it here: https://www.pinterest.ru/vestnikra/r...rs-inspiration
    For details and to discuss a pre-order please contact Yury at radaryu@gmail.com

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