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Thread: walkin' the talk...

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    Default walkin' the talk...

    I have been accepted into an off-grid intentional community. we already have chickens, and some of the garden planned out, and we will be bringing in goats, pigs, bees, fixing the pond dam for fish, as well as digging a spring-water well, putting in solar and wind generation systems, water systems for house/barn and garden, etc.

    I will be moving during the month of june and will be off-grid until we get the farm going, house and barn built, etc.

    I would like some suggestions for keeping up the efforts to awaken people while I am off-grid…

    and I want to thank all of you for posting all the information that inspired me to take action…

    I will try to keep adding to my website http://www.thetruthpuzzle.net, but will have to take a sabatical while we get the farmstead set up (starting in July). Until then, I still have 1 month to put up more vidoes and links on my site…

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    Default Re: walkin' the talk...

    i found that just being off grid and aiming for self sufficiency and clearly having a wonderful time.... was advert enough. enjoy your time.

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    Default Re: walkin' the talk...

    Well done xbusymom.

    As regards waking people up, I don't know if you subscribe to the views of Ra in The Law Of One but "free will" is a major part of the information in those books. Ra wouldn't give out any information if it violated a person's free will and in the same way it could be said that waking people up without their permission is a violation of their free will. I know it's difficult because we all want to share the things we know but maybe trying to find a way round this problem is a challenge we're all meant to face? Just a thought.

    But well done again

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    Default Re: walkin' the talk...

    Since it appears that we are all conected through a morphogenetic field, the best way to assist others without infringing their free will is by healing ourselves and raising our frequency. One does not need to force one's energies on others but we can make it available silently and if it suits the purposes of the higher aspects of the person the spirit will chose to take whatever we are giving

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