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Thread: Cycles - Is it time to move on?

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    Default Cycles - Is it time to move on?

    Cycles - Is it time to move on?
    As we venture forth with our questions and answers, we grow...this is the cycle of life.
    As we confront our fears, and seek out answers we find that “one” that fulfills the
    question for us. We may debate it for a short time, or we may abate it for a long time,
    but we still grow while doing so.

    But, with growth, comes a larger space, more answers that may not be available to us
    in our current state of being. If you are finding yourself frustrated, and stuck in a
    mindset that is not going anywhere for you, this may be the time to ask yourself the
    ultimate question... is it time to move forward and onward. Is the same cycle repeating
    itself over and over?

    Life is a lesson it itself, but knowing when to graduate to the next class is crucial.
    It can get a bit too comfortable staying with the same class, as it seems safe & secure.
    Project Avalon has it’s purpose for all here, but knowing when it is time to let go and
    move on can make a big difference in your own personal state of being.

    We are all strong able people, wanting the best for all, let us not stagnate to the point
    of turning into stubborn beings with fixed thoughts. For us old timers that have been
    here for a while, it may be time to sit back while the “new” seekers ask their questions,
    for the answers may be part of the puzzle that was forgotten in ours. I feel there must
    be a balance of new and old here, but ever changing to reflect the never ending changes
    that we are now and will experience here on this planet.

    Is it time to move on? Only when it “feels right” would be my guess. With no regrets,
    but only with gratitude and thanks to all who have helped in our own personal quests.
    For the ones who are still angry, or feeling lost, look deep within your heart for the
    answer, and you will not be disappointed.

    Is it time for myself to move on? Only when it feels right.
    in love & light
    The states of awareness we currently perceive are only a thiny fraction of the whole.
    The continuum extends deep into nonphysical areas of the universe far beyond our current physical comprehension ~ William Buhlman

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    Default Re: Cycles - Is it time to move on?

    Hi Rosie, I get what you're saying here. This could probably be extrapolated far beyond Avalon, but for the sake of brevity I'll share my only other forum experience.

    After attending a Matrix Energetics seminar 2 1/2 years ago, which was mind blowing, I joined their forum. Had some great interactions for quite a while, but eventually, like you say, the well ran dry so to speak. It was time to say goodbye to an old friend and move on. Quite coincidedentally, (yeah right) The new PA came back on line at about the same time and a whole new world opened up. Back to being a little fish in a big pond, which is exactly what I wanted.

    I never could have imagined being so priviledged to be able to have discussions with such a wide variety of intelligent, spiritual people. It is truly amazing to listen, learn, ask, and share here with ya'll. I sincerely hope you "old timers' don't fall too far back into the shadows, people like me love to talk to people like you with much experience.

    Just real quick, I like your attitute of desiring a mix of new and not so new. This may be a bit off subject, but about 4 years ago the 17 year old kid next door got me very frustrated in a conversation one day talking about things like 9/11 truth and searching for the true history of mankind. At the time the only truth I knew came from Rush Limbaugh and Fox news. Later I was to learn that he had become privy to people like Zecharia Sitchens and David Icke, although I didn't know it. The conversation bothered me off and on for a couple of years, thinking what a dumb kid he was, when suddenly I became aware that what was happening in the world was NOT making any rational sense. Next thing you know I found myself pulling one of those kooky David Icke books off the shelf at the book store, and things would never be the same again.

    As a matter of fact I saw the "dumb kid" for the first time in a good while recently, and used the chance to give him the thank you that he well deserved. He had not forgotten that conversation either.


    Fred S.

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