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Thread: Agent Orange 'used to clear Canadian roads until 1980s'

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    Default Agent Orange 'used to clear Canadian roads until 1980s'

    Quote Provincial Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne promised an inquiry after the Toronto Star revealed use of the Vietnam War-era defoliant.

    The chemical was used by the US military to strip Vietnam's jungles.

    Vietnam says Agent Orange is responsible for massively high instances of genetic defects in areas that were sprayed.

    Based on archived documents, the Toronto Star's investigation revealed that beginning in the 1950s, forestry workers were exposed to the toxic chemical as it was dumped from World War II-era planes onto birch and maple trees and shrubs.

    "I don't have the specific information on how much of it was used by the ministry of transportation but the independent panel will look at that and we'll work closely with them," Ms Wynne told reporters.

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    Default Re: Agent Orange 'used to clear Canadian roads until 1980s'

    Well, this just answered a lot of questions I have been asking myself. Now I am FURIOUS! All around me, my loved ones are fighting cancer, young and old and the cancer specialists dealing with everyone have stated that is has to be environmental as there seems to be a huge flux of certain type of cancers here in Ontario.
    There are running out of room in all the cancer treatment centers, there are not enough beds to let even the little ones sleep in while they are getting treatment.

    Seems I have some deep digging to do in our records at city hall, and more on this agent orange and the side effects. i had Better calm down, get a grip and get to work on this!
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    Default Re: Agent Orange 'used to clear Canadian roads until 1980s'


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    Default Re: Agent Orange 'used to clear Canadian roads until 1980s'

    Imagine what we DON'T KNOW!

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