Its in regards to Assange, and the other character, Anonymous,
and to all others who claim to be holding information, yet they with-hold
it saying its not the appropiate time, (they made the decision for the rest of
society if and when it should be heard)

My confusing question is, If all of the people that say they have incriminating proof and info about anything and everything that is discussed and debated as is here on Avalon, then why don't they
release it and share it with the world? Is it really just to draw it out, make a buck, sell the books, draw more attention, bigger crowds at all of the conferences, hmmm, would you have an
opinion, why its not just "spilled" and let the so called cow-chips fall where they may.?

What could possibly be in this instance for Assange anyway, be the possible one main factor for the continued secrecy, well, how about his Mother, someone more important to him than maybe even himself, ok, let's see what everyone else thinks,