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Thread: Sisters of Tartaria tablets found at Vadu Rau

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    Default Sisters of Tartaria tablets found at Vadu Rau

    During the month of May 2009, a flood of the river Bistrita, produced in the Farcasa Neamt town, would very likely to reveal a Neolithic workshop manufacturing of tablets inscribed with very similar celebrele tablite de la Tartaria. famous tablets of Tartarus. They were joined by other artifacts that were discovered by Prof. inimosul Dumitru Ionita history, in the section called Vadu Rau, the city left out above, since the 80s of last century, which was spoken.

    The discovery is very important because, alas, it proves that the famous Tartaria plates, dated as being "younger" over a millennium than the Sumerian Djemdet Nasr and Uruk Kis, commonly considered the oldest form of writing the world is not an isolated case, incidentally, but an organized activity as possible, held by the inhabitants of those times of the present territory of our country


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