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Thread: Oak Island Money Pit

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    Default Oak Island Money Pit

    The Money Pit on Oak Island was discover in 1795 when 16-year-old Daniel Vandruff saw blue lights coming from Oak Island. He went to the Island the next day and discovered a circular depression in a clearing on the southeastern end of the island with an adjacent tree which had a tackle block on one of its overhanging branches.

    Vandruff, with the help of friends John Smith (in early accounts, Samuel Ball) and Anthony Vaughan, excavated the depression and discovered a layer of flagstones a few feet below. On the pit walls there were visible markings from a pick. As they dug down they discovered layers of logs at about every 10 feet (3.0 m). They abandoned the excavation at 30 feet (9.1 m).

    Since then, many people have tried to find out whats in the Money Pit, including FDR.

    What is remarkable about the money pit is what the began to find. Every 10 feet there was a layer of flagstones and Oak logs. They also found a mat of coconut fiber, obviously not native to Canada.

    There was also 2 stones with inscriptions on it.

    This is the first one that was found at 90 feet.

    The markings were recorded and translated by a Halifax University language professor around 1866. Unfortunately the stone itself has since disappeared. There is some debate about whether the translations are correct but the professor believed they say:

    Forty feet below two million pounds are buried

    There was also another stone fragment found in 1936

    This one hasn't been translated.

    The biggest mystery is what is at the bottom of the Money Pit and who build this?

    No one has been able to get to the bottom of the Money Pit because of the flood shafts that the creator of this pit built.

    There are many theories about who built this pit and what is at the bottom.

    What do you think is at the bottom and who do you think built it?

    One thing is clear to me. Who ever built this had a very good understanding of engineering and hydraulics. To design something this complex takes a great mind. What ever it is hiding is very important to someone.

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    Default Re: Oak Island Money Pit

    Its ingenious to say the least something out of Indiana Jones. Its reminds me in some way of the ancient qanāts, some shafts are 200m deep but with more features
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    Default Re: Oak Island Money Pit

    I think the Cassiopeans in Laura Knight-Jadcyzyk's channelings said that it was a TransDimensional Atomic Remolecularizor.

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    Default Re: Oak Island Money Pit

    I remote viewed this once.
    There were some dead people and also hints of technology.
    The secret/sacred encoded texts were spread all about the place.
    This was done blind but assigned by a person and done by a group.
    There is always a possibility of telepathic overlay & time loops as in maybe
    looking at the picture after you turn in your report circles back in time and that is where you got the magority of info from. Either way it is a solid psychic probe for details. But there was a heavy weapons vibe here; maybe just because it resembles a missile silo.
    Done as MeglaZoid@Ten Thousand Road

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