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Thread: The sensitivity of language and people when describing race-related issues

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    Default Re: The sensitivity of language and people when describing race-related issues

    As far as blaming humans for the world's problems. The earth has been around a few billion years at least and has survived FAR MORE worse catastrophes than us. Keep in mind the the NWO and the other dimensional entities that influence them, have been PROVEN by the truth movement time and time again are the real ones behind this destruction... These few controlling the many are the real ones behind all this terrible stuff that humans do. I think the focus should be ridding the influence of these negative entities. dismantle the hidden controllers of mankind... and well. let mankind make a sober and informed choice and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES. It worries me when people say things like "humans do all these terrible things," or "this group does this, and that group did all this in history," You have to be very careful with these phrases because, this is exactly what the NWO want. is a bunch of people that don't care if billions of other humans die, and use the excuse that it's mankind's fault because of all the destruction. Mark my words: At a future date, you will see millions of humans being slaughtered by any excuse, like the excuse that WE are destructive, or the excuse that some humans aren't evolved enough spiritually and are holding humanity back. Are you guys forgetting that the two main mottos of the NWO are "divide and conquer" and "order out of chaos,". If you really want to take power away from the controllers of mankind, stop fighting amongst yourself. be very WARY of any Us VS Them Mentality: this includes high vibrational people vs low vibrational people.

    Bill, you can't say that you are all for bringing as many humans as possible into the "new paradigm," and then preach that it's so and so's fault that this happened, especially since you know yourself through your life's work that really. it wasn't mankind's fault, we were manipulated behind the scenes to do this. I'm not advocating the victim mentality here, I'm only saying that we should rid ourselves of the controllers influence and think very clearly just what kind of "new paradigm," we are heading for. If this is the kind of thing being taught within the truth movement, (which I see everywhere,) Then we are surely losing the battle against the NWO.

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