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Thread: Jim Altgen's photo of presidential limo and lead car

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    Default Jim Altgen's photo of presidential limo and lead car

    I came across this picture the other day of Clint Hill climbing on the back of the presidential limo. If you zoom in to 400% on the back window of the lead car, you'll see some interesting things. When googling this picture make sure you get a good image. Some images have the back window pixelated, some have the left edge cut off, or the contrast too dark. Jim Altgen's used high quality film.
    When the back window is enlarged 400% you'll see some interesting and strange things. The man facing the rear is Dallas County Sherriff Bill Decker. The most interesting thing about him is that he never testified to the Warren Commission (WC) about his ride in the lead car. Even though all other occupants of the lead car did testify, he did not testify to his ride in the lead car. He only testified about his stint with Oswald.
    The driver of the car was Police Chief Jesse Curry. He testified to the WC that he saw from his rear view mirror a commotion going on but didn't know what was happening until a police motorcylist, James Chaney, drove up and told them. The police motorcyclist driving up to the lead car has never been verified by any other photograph. Attorney Doug Weldon attempted to interview James Chaney but was legally stopped from doing so.
    Secret Service Agent Win Lawson did testify to his ride in the lead car. He sat in the front passenger seat. It is already known that Win Lawson lied to the WC. Allen Dulles (the man fired by Kennedy) asked Win Lawson point blank if the presidential limo ever passed the lead car. Win Lawson answered straight back that no, the limo never passed the lead car. I've inserted a link to Kennedy photo blogspot.
    If I could just show this picture I would but I can't. So you'll have to scroll down to the picture after the assassination. It's taken after the motorcade passess the overpass. The lead car has dropped back and the limo is pulling ahead.
    According to the record Forrest V. Sorrels sat in the rear seat passenger side. Forrest had lots of stories to tell. Forrest stated that he had leapt out of the lead car at the hospital and yelled to hospital workers to get stretchers out, he went with Abraham Zapruder to get the film developed, he found the witness Howard Brennan who saw Oswald stand and shoot, he talked to Jack Ruby and got Ruby to pour his heart out. All these stories are false. Since the lead car dropped back Forrest couldn't have arrived at the hospital first to tell them to get stretchers out. The Zapruder film is faked. It was physically impossible for Oswald to stand and shoot and Jack Ruby's story, well you be the judge.
    The most interesting thing about Forrest V. Sorrels is that he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after his Warren Commission testimony. The person who had so much involvement and then nothing! I even tried googling an image of Forrest and could find nothing.
    Now, what is going on in the middle of the back window! To me it appears the image has been manipulated.
    Researcher Doug Weldon has done excellent work on what happened to the windshield of the presidential limo.
    If a bullet went through the presidential windshield, where did it come from? Could the mafia have lent one of their cars? One designed for drive by hits from the rear window? Could one of the shooters been located in the rear seat of lead car?
    Jack White has been asked to analyze this photo. I'll know more after I hear from him.
    It appears my photo of Clint Hill did not attach. If you go to Kennedy blog spot the photo will be there.
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    Default Re: Jim Altgen's photo of presidential limo and lead car

    And...if you look at the images of the 'video' (stills and the like) of Hitler's personal box at the 1936 Olympics..you will see a prominent member of the Warren Commission.

    Fancy that.


    Some of the highlights:

    -Wall Street lawyer

    -president of the Chase Manhattan Bank

    -supervised construction of the new Pentagon

    -helped shield Klaus Barbie, the "butcher of Lyons," from the French.

    -Henry Kissinger - one of his proteges.

    -In 1949 --returns to Germany as American High Commissioner.

    -assistant secretary in the War Department (WWII)

    -legal representative of industrial Giant I.G/ Farben before WWII

    The list of insanity is much longer. He is only one of hundreds, if you go bother to look.

    Just an eye opener, for those who might not bother to investigate....

    One has to investigate for themselves. It is necessary, to dispel the desire to hold on to what one knows. Thinking you know it is nasty is one thing. Knowing it's shape and fundamentals is another thing altogether and it is a critical difference.

    One cannot make changes unless they face the issue squarely and work at it. Anything else is just fantasy and some unconscious form of intentional human frailness.

    My point of metioning this is that there is a consdierable mount of ink spilled on the whole Kennedy situation. An in depth look at all of what is out there is capable of giving people insight into who the real players in this game are and then this gives them the thing they desire, right now:


    It is only one doorway into an unfolding hydra of insanity that spreads everywhere. Pick a door, but please, dive in.

    This is the simple stuff. It only gets weird, from thereon in.
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