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Thread: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

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    Default Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    This list by Mary Southerland from her book "Search for Shamballa", is a pretty good starting place for possible subterranean culture entranaces (I went in and numbered them for ease of reference).
    Ideally it would be nice if someone could go through the list, pick something out and extoll upon it in a post. If half a dozen people or so can contribute, this can be pretty interesting.
    Maybe we could make a connection to the critters and or beings and then corrolate them with a specific site. I'll number the places in the list, and if anybody wants to pick a number and then elaborate on it with first hand experiences found on the web, I think we could make this an awesome thread.

    .. .. .. .. .. ..

    1. Agharta (Argarti) is said to be the mysterious under ground kingdom located in Asia and linked to the other continents of the
    world by a gigantic network of underground tunnels.
    Although some have been destroyed due to world cataclysms, many are still left today and are in use. The following are thought
    to be some of these entrances and tunnels.


    According to British explorer T. Wilkins, the Mongolian tribes of Inner Mongolia believe that there are entrances to a great tunnel
    system that leads to a subterranean world of Antediluvian descent somewhere in a recess of Afghanistan

    3.Manhattan, New York

    An entrance to the inner earth tunnels is thought to be reached through an abandoned elevator shaft in Manhattan, New York.
    Only a few know where the exact location is and I am not one of them.


    Another entrance is found in the Nahanni Valley but many of those that have dared to enter this area have been found
    decapitated, thus giving the region its name ‘The Valley of the Headless Men’. The Nahanni Valley in Canada is the land of
    the Ojibways, the Slave, Dogribs, Stoney, the Beavers and the Chipweyans. It covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the
    Mackenzie Mountains of Canada and lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest
    Canada. Hot springs and sulfur geysers keep the valley warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year-round. This
    land of perpetual mist is viewed by the Indians as ’taboo’ and avoided.


    In northern Arkansas, a 12-man speleological team broke into an ancient tunnel system, encountering inhabitants of the inner-
    Just north of Batesville, explorers found a tunnel illuminated by a greenish phosphorescence where they met a race of beings who
    stood 7 to 8 feet tall and had bluish skin. The beings, who have advanced technology, told the explorers they are the direct
    descendents of Noah. The Cherokee Indians also tell of this same race of blue men . According to the Cherokee they inhabited the
    areas of Kentucky as well. When the Cherokee came into that area, they killed these blue skinned men off. Apparently the
    Cherokee were wrong in their assumptions.


    Southwestern California holds the legend of Crystal Cave , a large cavern that links to Kokoweek Peak. It was reportedly found
    by Earl Dorr, a miner and prospector who followed clues given to him by Indians. Dorr entered Crystal Cave in the thirties and
    followed a passage down into Kokoweef Mountain for about a mile. Here he entered a large cavern that he explored for a distance
    of eight miles. Flowing at the base of the cavern was a river and its banks were rich with deposits of gold. For reasons only
    known to Dorr, he dynamited the entrance. The exact location of this sealed entrance is unknown today

    7.The Liyobaa Cave

    The Livobba Cave is located in the province of Zapoteca, somewhere near the ancient village of Mictlan (the village of the
    Underworld). The village of Liyobba ,translated, means ‘The Cavern of Death’.
    The Cavern of Death was located in the last chamber of an eight chamber building or temple. This temple had four rooms above
    the ground and four more important chambers built below the surface of the Earth. This building was located in Theozapotlan and
    the tunnel entrance leads beneath the mountain.
    Catholic priests in an earlier period of time descended into the caves with lit torches. They discovered what seemed to be an
    endless passageway with bones strewn before them from others that had come before them. As they advanced into the mountain,
    they were assailed with the smell of putrid air and snakes. As they continued forth, a strong cold wind blew their torches out,
    leaving them in the dark and causing them to take flight hurriedly back out of the cave. In retreating from the cave, the priest
    claimed they heard ghastly noises coming from within. When they managed to finally exit, the priest declared the cave ‘home of
    devils’ and ordered the entrance be forever sealed.

    8.The Maltese Cave.

    This entrance, known as Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti, is located on the island of Malta, near the village of Casal Paula, which
    overlooks the town of Malta.
    In 1902, workmen digging a well in Casal Paula reportedly fell into a subterranean cavern which connected to an entire complex
    of caves and tunnels.
    This discovery led to be a complex of cave, three of which were a series of chambers excavated out of solid rock on three even
    lower levels for each chamber. This series of underground rooms. When first explored, they found over 30,000 skeletons of men,
    woman and children inside.
    The tunnels under the Hypogeum were later sealed off after 30 students entered the caves on a field trip and disappeared without
    a trace. The numerous efforts of search parties looking for the children and guide were in vain.

    9.The Staffordshire, England

    Somewhere in Staffordshire, England a field exists where a man, while digging a trench, discovered a large iron plate beneath the
    dirt. The "hatch" was large and oval, with an iron ring mounted on it. This hatch covered an entrance leading into underground
    tunnels. The only clue we have to its location is that the field is in a valley surrounded by woods and that a report of its
    discovery can be found in "A History of Staffordshire" by Dr. Plot, who wrote the book in the late 1700s.

    10.The Dulce, New Mexico Base

    An underground Military Base/Laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico connects with the underground network of tunnels which
    honeycombs our planet, and the lower levels of this base are allegedly under the control of Inner Earth beings or Aliens. This base
    is connected to Los Alamos research facilities via an underground "tube-shuttle
    Beginning in 1947, a road was built near the Dulce Base, under the cover of a lumber company. The odd things is , according to
    sources, no lumber was ever hauled, and the road was later destroyed. Navajo Dam is the Dulce Base's main source of power,
    though a second source is in El Vado, which is also another entrance. This information should help you locate the underground
    complex, if of course you feel brave enough to venture onto the Dulce properties.
    Most of the lakes near Dulce were made via government grants "for" the Indians. The September, 1983 issue of Omni (Pg. 80) has
    a color drawing of 'The Subterrene,' the Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows through the rock, deep
    underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, which cools after the Subterrene has moved on. The result
    is a tunnel with a smooth, glazing lining.) *Although evidence has been found of this machine, there is no signs of molten rock and
    the concept ceased being used after 1983
    There are over 100 Secret Exits near and around Dulce. Many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the source around Dulce Lake
    and even as far east as Lindrich. Deep sections of the Complex connect into natural Cavern Systems. (Note: The elevators, lights,
    and doors at Dulce Base are all magnetically controlled.)

    The area around Dulce has had a high number of reported Animal Mutilations." The researchers at Dulce Base have also abducted
    several people from Dulce's civilian population and implanted devices of various types in their heads and bodies. (Note:
    Livermore Berkeley Labs began producing blood for the Dulce Base in the mid 1980s, and human and animal have now slowed
    *If interested, it may be worthwhile to check-out Livermore Berkeley Labs.
    DELTA group, from the National Recon Group, is responsible for security of all Alien-connected projects. The DELTA symbol
    is a Black Triangle on a Red Background. Dulce Base's symbol is a Delta (triangle) with the Greek Letter "Tau" (t) within it, and
    then the entire symbol is inverted, so the triangle points down, and the "Tau" is also inverted.
    A very active UFO base exists beneath Mt. Ranier. There are also said to be underground "vaults" containing records of the
    ancient Lemurians. The ice cap of Mt. Ranier contains a maze of corridors and caves.
    In August of 1970, scientists climbed to the top of Mt. Ranier, and entered these caverns and tunnels. Evidence was found
    indicating that a small lake exists deep beneath the ice cap. *It is possible that one could find a way to get beneath Mt. Ranier
    through these tunnels.

    11.The Mt. Lassen

    Mt. Lassen , Tehama County, California is an entrance leading to a large underground city. Near the foot of Mt. Lassen is a town
    called Manten. Ralph Fields , Manten, found this entrance and claims that it is in the side of the mountain, a little over 7,000 feet
    above sea level, and is near a rock outcropping.

    12.Death Valley, CA.
    This entrance is supported by the local Indian Legend which speaks of a tunnel that runs beneath Death Valley Desert and the
    people that used to live in the Panamint‘s caverns. The entrance is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the
    range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an old abandoned shaft.
    These tunnels connect with the surface also through arched windows in the side of the mountain that look down on Death Valley.
    During ancient times, these windows were accessible by boat. The "windows" in the Death Valley side of the Panamint
    Mountains are about 4,500-5,000 feet above the bottom of Death Valley, and are across from Furnace Creek Ranch. From these
    openings you can see the green of the ranch below you and Furnace Creek Wash across the valley. (So, with high-powered
    binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to see the openings from the Furnace Creek Ranch, or Wash.) You can drive down
    Emigrant Canyon towards Death Valley. You can then park beside the road between Furnace Creek Ranch and the Salt Bed.
    (From here, the windows should be visible through binoculars.)

    13.The Brown Mountain Entrance
    Brown Mountain is in North Carolina near Morganton. Morganton is "about 15 miles north of an actual highway marker which
    has been posted by the state providing any visitor the best view" of Brown Mountain.
    Brown Mountain is an area in which many strange lights have been seen.

    14.Canadian UFO Bases and the Great Lakes Triangle

    Entrances at Lake Ontario may lead to underwater cities. The Toronto Tunnels lead to a subterranean city and Lake Ontario
    "Lights" Orange-colored spheres have been seen coming out of and diving into Lake Ontario.The area of highest activity is
    between Oakville and Toronto. There may be a connection to the Lakeview Hydro-electric plant, as many of these UFOs have
    been seen heading in that direction.
    Toronto Entrance: There is a small opening to the underground tunnels off Parliament Street in downtown Toronto. The entrance
    is between two apartment buildings, and leads to the tunnels via the sewers. The underground city beneath Toronto has its center
    beneath Gerrard Street and Church Street. Above this area, strange magnetic effects have been observed. It has been noted that
    this corner of Gerrard & Church streets seems to have a higher accident rate than anywhere else in Toronto. It is also believed
    that underground equipment utilizing powerful magnetic fields are responsible for the bizarre equipment failures that often are
    the cause of these accidents.
    These tunnels are known by the local Indians and can be found in their legends.
    After an iron mine, in Newfoundland Province, had been dug deeper than any other, strange things began occurring and the mine
    had to be shut down. It is now condemned and off-limits which the police strictly enforce.
    The mining town is located near the Newfoundland-Quebec Border. Sneaking in late at night seems to be the only way to gain


    You can find one tunnel in Brazil near Ponte Grosse in the state of Parana. Another entrance is near Rincon, also in the state of
    In the state of Santa Catarina, near the city of Joinville . Is a mountain that has an entrance to the tunnels. The Santa Catarina is
    an area alive with noises coming from underground. There are reports that in Santa Catarina subterranean fruit orchards can be
    found. There is also another entrance found in the state of Sao Paulo near Concepiao. The local legend is that the states of Santa
    Catarina and Parana are honeycombed by a net of Atlantean tunnels that lead to subterranean cities.

    16.Kentucky Mommoth Cave, in South-Central Kentucky

    17.Mount Shasta, California, USA

    The Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain.
    Hopi legends say that this mountain is one of the thirteen homes of the Lizard People, Reptoids.
    Native American Indian tribes of California claim that Mount Shasta is the inner-mountain dwelling place of an invisible race of
    Still more accounts describe the mountain as an inlet to the ancient Lemurian world and that the Lemurian survivors still live
    today in the tunnels of dead volcanoes.
    Some suggest that it is a meeting place for the Lothinian Brotherhood, who use a stange force , vis mortuus, to carve caverns out
    of solid rock, which sounds very similar to the equipment used at Dulce, New Mexico.
    In 1904, J.C. Brown, an explorer for a British mining company, reported that he had discovered a caved in hollow in the side of
    the mountain complete with one skeleton and hieroglyphic writings on the walls. Brown later quit his job and settled in Stockton,
    where he lived out his life selling gold trinkets that he claimed to have in the Mt. Shasta cave.
    In 1934, Abraham Mansfield said he encountered a tribe of Lemurians, who had dug tunnels connecting Mount Shasta and the
    Bluff Creek area.
    A man from San Jose, while hiking on the southern slope, in 1972, came across what he described as "a reptilian humanoid."
    Other visitors to the mountain have
    reported seeing various sub-human cultures including dwarfs, big-foot or yeti type creatures and giants dressed in white robes.
    On August 16, 1987, believing the mountain to be one of the seven major planetary chakras of spiriutual “tuning forks�,
    thousands came together as part of an international "Harmonic Convergence," designed to bring peace to the whole world.

    18.White Sands Missile Base

    Rumored to have an underground complex and tunnels is in the area around the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. This
    area is reported to have been the secret headquarters of the great Apache Chief Victorio and is named after him, Victoria Peak.
    From what I understand, the army bulldozed the peak out and placed a steel door over the entrance to the mountain passageways.
    I don’t know if this was to keep people from going inside or if it was to keep someone or something inside from coming out.
    Maybe it was a little of both.
    Hard Scrabble and Geronimo Peak are also honeycombed with tunnels, caves and secret entrances.
    The Hard Scrabble entrance leads down a flight of steps to an underground river.

    19.Manaus, Brazil.

    20.Mato Grosso, Brazil

    Beneath its plain lies the city of Posid.

    21. (this was gabled don't know what it is but let's include it in our list anyway, {darkomarco})Iguaçú Falls, Border or Brazil and Argentina.

    22.Mount Epomeo, Italy.

    23.Himalayan Mountains, Tibet

    The entrance to the underground City of Shonshe is guarded by the Hindu monks.

    The underground City of Shingwa exists beneath the bordesr of Mongolia and China.

    25.Rama, India
    Beneath this surface city lies Rama, a long lost subterranean city.

    26.Benares, India
    While the entrance to Bhogavati is somewhere in the Himalayas, it has been asserted that Patala can be entered through the Well
    of Sheshna in Benares, India. According to herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton, as stated in his book Venomous
    Reptiles, this entrance is very real, with forty steps which descend into a circular depression, to terminate at a closed stone door
    which is covered in bas-relief cobras.

    There is a major mystical shrine also called 'Patala. Hidden under the shrine is an ancient cavern and tunnel system, which reaches
    throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond.

    28.Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

    29.King Solomon's Mines.

    30.Dero Caves

    31.Superstition Mountains, Arizona

    Another area to be investigated is the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. Geronimo would be seen walking into the face of the
    Mountain, disappearing and then reappearing in New Mexico. The soldiers which were hell bent on capturing the illusive Apache
    Chief were mystified as to how he was able to escape the human net surrounding him and his band.
    The tunnel systems of the Superstitions are dangerous though and are rumored to be inhabited by Reptilian-type Creatures and
    supernatural forces. Those that claim to have penetrated the tunnel tell of the remains of ancient structures and a spiral staircase
    that leads forever down into the bowels of earth. The main entrance to the Superstition tunnel system links to numerous tunnel
    passageways which spider web out as far as Central America.

    32.Four Corners in Southwestern USA

    33.North and South Poles.

    34.Glastonbury, Britain

    Known for centuries as Avalon, Glastonbury is legended to have an entrance to Annwn, the British/Welsh name for the


    In Turkey the discovery of a massive underground city at Derinkuyu revealed a stunning complexity of deep passage ways
    constructed on at least ten separate levels. Some estimates believe there was adequate living space for at least 20,000 people.
    Precisely what purpose this city served or when it was constructed is hard to determine.

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    I'll start off with #8 THE MALTESE CAVE
    By: Seth Haniel
    In an article which appeared in the August, 1940 issue of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine. The article stated the following concerning several people who disappeared in these catacombs without a trace:

    The story goes much "deeper" however, than the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article indicates. Other sources say that ABOUT 30 CHILDREN vanished in these catacombs on the study tour, and that when the "Hypogeum" was first discovered nearly 30,000 human skeletons of men, women and children (victims of ancient sacrifice to the "underworld gods", performed by an old neolithic race) were discovered as well.

    One article written by a Miss Lois Jessup, at the time an employee of the British embassy and later secretary for the New York Saucer Information Bureau (better known as NYSIB), appeared in an old issue of Riley Crabb's BORDERLAND SCIENCE magazine, published by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (B.S.R.F.) and was later reprinted in full in Dr. Allen's book ENIGMA FANTASTIQUE.

    Miss Jessup claimed that she visited Malta and the Hypogeum also, once before the tragic disappearance of the children, and shortly thereafter. She described how on her first visit to the catacombs she finally convinced the guide to allow her to investigate one of the so-called "burial chambers" near the floor of the last chamber in the third sub-basement, the supposed "end" of the Hypogeum tour. He seemed to know something she didn't, but finally consented and told her that she could enter at "her own risk". As she did so, candle in hand and her loosed sash being used as a guide rope for her friends who followed behind, she crawled through the small passage and eventually emerged into a large cavern, where she found herself on a ledge overlooking a very deep, seemingly bottomless chasm. Below and on the other side of the chasm was another ledge which appeared to lead to a doorway or tunnel in the far wall. We realize that what happened next might sound unbelievable to many who read this, but we would ask them to make their own determination of it's validity. Miss Jessup swears that what follows really happened.

    Out of this lower tunnel on the far side of the chasm, she claims, emerged in single file several very large creatures of humanoid form but completely covered with hair from head to foot. Noticing her, they raised their arms in her direction, palms out, at which point a violent "wind" began to blow through the cavern, snuffing out her candle. Then, some "thing" wet and slippery (apparently a creature of a different sort) brushed past her. This all happened just as the person behind her was beginning to emerge from the passage and into the cavern. They could not understand her panicked attempts to get back to the "Hypogeum" room, but they consented after she insisted. When they found themselves back in the Hypogeum chamber, the guide saw her expression and gave her a "knowing" look. About a week afterwards the disappearance of the children and their teacher(s) took place, and on her second visit she saw an entirely new guide who denied that the other guide had ever worked there, although she knew that this new guide was hiding something.

    She learned from more cooperative sources however, that THIS was the tunnel that the children and their teacher(s) and possibly the old guide, had entered. She also learned that after the last child had made it through, the walls of the small tunnel just "happened" to collapse or cave-in. Although the official version stated that the walls caved-in on the students, search parties were never able to locate any trace of the teacher(s) or the children, although the rope that they had used to fasten themselves to the lower Hypogeum chamber was found to have been CLEAN CUT as if by something sharp (not falling rock). It was asserted that for weeks afterwards the wailing and screaming of children was heard underground in different parts of the island, but no one could locate the sources of the cries.
    As for the Catacombs beneath Malta itself, there are some ancient accounts which say that deep caverns beneath the island continue underground BEYOND the shores, and according to one source [i.e. the ever elusive "Commander-X"], part of this labyrinth stretches hundreds of miles northwards and intersects with catacombs beneath Rome (the hill Vaticanus?) or at least did so in ancient times...
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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Tunnels direct to the Vatican most likely

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Motueka cave 'world's deepest' of its kind

    The source of the Pearse River near Motueka is the deepest known cold-water cave in the world, says a dive team who set a world depth record in it.

    In January, six Australian divers followed the river back to its source in Kahurangi National Park where it emerges out of a mountain, beneath a cliff.

    They swam into the hole and down the submerged cave, with diver Craig Challen making it to a depth of 194m, without reaching the end.

    His descent is the deepest cold-water dive on record.

    The expedition took five tonnes of equipment.

    One diver at a time swam, in pitch blackness, against the current of the 6-degree water.

    They placed four "habitats" along the passage where they could sit in trapped bubbles of air, eat and drink and wait out the decompression needed because of the extreme depths.

    Challen said they took down containers usually used for bulk liquids, upturned them and filled them with air.

    For the nine-hour dive he was actually only swimming for 25 minutes - the rest of the time was spent sitting in the habitats.

    The cold water required electrically-heated dive suits.

    Challen said it was not known how much deeper the cave went but the team was coming back next January to find out.

    The Pearse Resurgence, as the cave is known, was first explored in the 1970s.

    Diver Dave Weaver died exploring the cave in 1995.

    Challen said it was his second expedition with leader Richard Harris.

    Asked why he would willing swim hundreds of metres down pitch black caves, Challen said: "We have a saying 'If you have to ask the question you don't understand the answer'."

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    12. i know that charles manson was looking for the entrance to the underworld in Death Valley.... He sort to sit out "helter skelter" there...

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Interesting that the Cherokee also talked of 'Blue Men'.
    I was listening to an interview the other night and the guest (cant remember his name) said that a race of Blue skinned Aliens came to the Earth and lived amongst the people for hundreds of years.
    He claimed these people are whom the Hindus worship as gods (remember the Hindu Gods are blue skinned)

    Cheers for this very interesting thread OP
    The Universe at its heart is a Phantom.
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    concerning the white sands missle base, I stayed there in 1989 aug the entire month. my unit was part of a hawk missle test we were sleeping at night on the ground, pitch black our flashlights the only light for miles. one of the guys yelled out somethings here, we kept finding mutant looking animals running around us, one was a black n red spider-ant looking creature the size of a turtle. we slept the rest of the tour on TOP OF THE TRUCKS with someone always on guard. that dersert looking area is very hush hush, it's like a complete other world out there. very erie vibes. the only good thing is you can see EVERY STAR IN THE UNIVERSE there, it was a spiritual awakening for me. I cried every night and GOD would comfort me and get me through the next days agenda. hope this shed's light for someone. this is the only place I've told this event. just for the record my friends that know me I NEVER LIE .
    Raiding the Matrix One Mind at a Time ...

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    Yep definitely blue skin..

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    What an interesting post! Thank you all...

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    This is what I found out so far about Glastonbury, at least the Anwyn part of it:

    Cŵn Annwn

    In Welsh mythology and folklore, Cŵn Annwn ( /ˌkuːn ˈnʊn/, "hounds of Annwn") were the spectral hounds of Annwn, the otherworld of Welsh myth. They were associated with a form of the Wild Hunt, presided over by Gwynn ap Nudd (rather than Arawn, king of Annwn in the First Branch of the Mabinogi). Christians came to dub these mythical creatures as "The Hounds of Hell" or "Dogs of Hell" and theorised they were therefore owned by Satan.[1][2] However, the Annwn of medieval Welsh tradition is an otherworldly paradise and not a hell or abode of dead souls.

    In Wales, they were associated with migrating geese, supposedly because their honking in the night is reminiscent of barking dogs. They are supposed to hunt on specific nights (the eves of St. John, St. Martin, Saint Michael the Archangel, All Saints, Christmas, New Year, Saint Agnes, Saint David, and Good Friday), or just in the autumn and winter. Some say Arawn only hunts from Christmas to Twelfth Night.[citation needed] The Cŵn Annwn also came to be regarded as the escorts of souls on their journey to the Otherworld.

    The hounds are sometimes accompanied by a fearsome hag called Mallt-y-Nos, "Matilda of the Night". An alternative name in Welsh folklore is Cŵn Mamau ("Hounds of the Mothers").

    In other traditions similar spectral hounds are found, e.g. Gabriel Hounds (England), Ratchets (England), Yell Hounds (Isle of Man), related to Herne the Hunter's hounds, which form part of the Wild Hunt. Similar hounds occur in Devon - particularly on Dartmoor and Cornwall but it is not clear whether they stem from Brythonic or Saxon origins.[3][4]

    Hunting grounds for the Cŵn Annwn are said to include the mountain of Cadair Idris, where it is believed "the howling of these huge dogs foretold death to anyone who heard them".[citation needed]

    According to Welsh folklore, their growling is loudest when they are at a distance, and as they draw nearer, it grows softer and softer. Their coming is generally seen as a death portent.

    Diana Wynne Jones' children's novel Dogsbody includes both Cŵn Annwn and hybrids of Cŵn Annwn and Labrador retrievers.
    In Michael Scott's The Sorceress: Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel the Wild Hunt is a dominant antagonist to Nicholas Flamel and Josh and Sophie Newman.

    In Nethack, a character who is reduced to less than 1/10 of his hit points may receive the message, "You hear the howling of the CwnAnnwn..."




    Myths & Legends

    The Abbots


    In the beginning, when the legends of mystical Avalon began, Glastonbury, a small town in Somerset, cradled in a cluster of hills in the south of England, was thought to have been a site for pre-Christian worship.

    A powerful natural phenomenon, visible from many miles away yet imperceptible from nearby, and the highest of these hills, the 500-foot Glastonbury Tor, rising shear from the Somerset levels has inspired spiritual speculation.

    Was the Tor a centre for fertility rites based on legends of the great Mother Earth Goddess? Was Avalon a centre for ley-lines - routes of spiritual energy? Around the sides of the Tor is a strange system of terracing. Much weathered and eroded, but still well-defined, it has been interpreted as a maze following an ancient magical pattern. If the maze on the Tor is real, human labour formed it four or five thousand years ago, during the period of the vast ritual works that created Stonehenge.

    Two thousand years ago, the sea washed right to the foot of the Tor, nearly encircling the cluster of hills. The sea was gradually succeeded by a vast lake. An old name for it is Ynys-witrin, the Island of Glass; "island" because, from most angles of approach, it would have looked like one, but it is from Celtic legend that the name Avalon has its true origin - named after the demi-god Avalloc or Avallach, who ruled the underworld. In Celtic lore Avalon was an isle of enchantment.

    It is not insignificant that the Church on the top of the Tor is named after the arch-angel Michael, the warrior Saint who is remembered for defeating the powers of darkness.

    Ancient myth has it that Avalon, where the sea met the land, was the meeting place of the dead; the point where they passed to another level of existence, and the Tor was the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the Underworld, and a place where the fairy folk lived.

    Then 2000 years ago Joseph of Arimathea (Christs uncle) is supposed to have brought the young Jesus here. On Joseph's second visit, after Christs death, he built the first Christian church, at Glastonbury Abbey, appointing twelve Christian hermits to look after it. St Patrick and St David are said to have come here too and later still King Arthur; who is reputedly buried here.

    Joseph of Arimathea

    Stories of a sacred vessel dear to the Celts became entwined with the story of Christ's Last Supper and the Christian Holy Grail which inspired quests and crusades across England, Europe and the Far East.

    The Glastonbury and Somerset legends involve the boy Jesus together with his Great-Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea building Glastonbury's first wattle and daub church. These legends gave rise to the continuing cult of the Virgin on the site of the present Lady Chapel and inspired the title 'Our Lady St. Mary of Glastonbury', which is still used today.

    After the crucifixion of Jesus lore has it that Joseph of Arimathea (who according to the Bible donated his own tomb for Christ's interment after the Crucifixion) came to Britain, bearing the Holy Grail - the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper and later by Joseph to catch his blood at the crucifixion.

    When Joseph landed on the island of Avalon, he set foot on Wearyall Hill - just below the Tor. Exhausted, he thrust his staff into the ground, and rested. By morning, his staff had taken root - leaving a strange oriental thorn bush - the sacred Glastonbury Thorn.

    For safe keeping, Joseph is said to have buried the Holy Grail just below the Tor at the entrance to the Underworld. Shortly after he had done this, a spring, now known as Chalice Well, flowed forth and the water that emerged brought eternal youth to whosoever would drink it.

    Intertwining the myths and legends of Glastonbury Abbey's history, it is widely believed that finding The Holy Grail Joseph is said to have hidden was years later the purpose behind the quests of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

    King Arthur & Avalon

    Glastonbury, in addition to many other places, like Caerleon and Tintagel, has been linked to King Arthur. This link though, at Glastonbury, is in death rather than life. The connection of the Isle of Apples or Avalloc, to Avalon was thought to have been first made in about the 12th century and then reported by William of Malmesbury the interpolator, in his De antiquitae Glatoniensis ecclesie and Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia regum Britanniae.

    Arthur was the legendary English King - 'Arthur of the Britons', before Saxon times. He was born out of wedlock and raised by wizard Merlin. When only a boy, after many men had tried and failed, Arthur gained the throne by withdrawing the magic sword Excalibur from a stone. The nearby Cadbury Castle, at North Cadbury supposedly became his 'Camelot'.

    After his many exploits and stories concerning his Knights, the Round Table and the Holy Grail, he was wounded by Mordred at the battle of Camlan. This was around the year 542 and he was then taken across the water to the Isle of Avalon for his wounds to be healed. Glastonbury would indeed still have been an island at that time, so it was quite possible for a boat to bring him to the only place where any medical attention was available, which would have been at a monastery - Glastonbury Abbey. Arthur was mortally wounded however and it is said he was buried in the cemetery on the south side of the Lady Chapel, at Glastonbury Abbey. He was buried between two stone pyramids and at great depth.

    Centuries later (in 1191) prompted by hints and rumours, the monks excavated this same spot in the cemetery and they dug down sixteen feet, to find an oaken coffin. At a depth of seven feet they found a stone beneath which was a leaden cross with an inscription His iacet inclitus Arturius in insula Avalonia - variously interpreted to read 'Here lies King Arthur buried in Avalon'! The coffin contained two bodies - a great man and a woman, whose golden hair was still intact, until touched, when it crumbled away. The bodies were explained as Arthurs and Guineveres.

    A century later in 1278 the bones were placed in caskets and transferred during a state visit by King Edward 1, to a black marble tomb before the High Altar in the great Abbey Church. There they remained until the Abbey was vandalised after the dissolution in 1539. No one has seen, or heard anything of them since.

    Legend proclaims that after Arthur's death, a powerful spirit haunted the ruins of the Abbey, appearing as a black-armoured knight with red glowing eyes and a burning desire to eradicate all records of the ancient Arthurian legends, which is why, it is said, that those seeking to discover the truth, find so few facts available.

    Today a notice board marks the spot of Arthur's final resting place. Occasionally people lay flowers there to honour this mighty King whose life and death gave birth to so many myths and legends. These mystical tales that still envelope Glastonbury Abbey in a cloak of mystery add to its profoundly rich and timeless history.

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    Glastonbury: Maker of Myths by Frances Howard-Gordon

    Chapter One

    THE MYTHS associated with Glastonbury Tor are extraordinary. It has been called a magic mountain, a faeries' glass hill, a spiral castle, a Grail castle, the Land of the Dead, Hades, a Druid initiation centre, an Arthurian hill-fort, a magnetic power-point, a crossroads of leys, a place of Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations, a converging point for UFOs.

    These myths are still very much alive today, although they are constantly being built upon and undergoing change. This is not surprising, given that this 500-foot high conical hill is a most striking and inspiring landmark - visible at vast distances and yet invisible at certain angles close-by.

    If you climb the Tor on a clear day, you will be astonished by the extent of the views: to the north you will see the Mendip Hills together with the city of Wells and its cathedral; to the west the island of Steep Holm in the Bristol Channel; Brent Knoll to the northwest; the Polden and Quantock Hills to the southwest, and the Black mountains of Wales in the far distance; the Hood Monument and Dorset to the south; to the east Cadbury Hill, Alfred's Tower on the borders of Wiltshire, and Cley Hill- a hill famous for UFO sightings.

    On a misty day you can experience for yourself what it must have been like when Glastonbury was an island - the Isle of Glass. From the summit of the Tor you will see only the swirling mists of Avalon with patches of green in between. What is now the flatness of the Somerset Moors and Levels has become watery marshes once again.

    The mythology of the Tor reaches so far back into ancient times that it is impossible to give it a beginning. But if we try to look beyond Christianity and beyond the Celtic Druids, we may discover some answers concerning its origins and purpose. All kinds of information and interpretations are shedding new light on what was previously dismissed as the old religion. As each new cult or religion supersedes another, so it tries to blot out or deny what came before. Such is the nature of conversion. This is what could have happened in the case of Goddess worship, a way of life which may have existed all over the world until around the fifth millennium BC.

    The emphasis on the divine female is largely based on the larger number of female carvings and figurines found in the old European culture compared to a relative lack of male forms which appeared later when males were the hunters in hunter-gatherer societies and the Goddess was combined with the worship of male Gods in the pagan polytheistic religions of the Greeks, Romans and Celts. Later still, with the invasion of Europe by the Indo-Europeans from the East, the Goddess religion was suppressed and male dominance became the norm.

    The Goddess would have taken many forms and would have been represented in a variety of different aspects, but believers would have seen her essential nature in the harmony and balance of the natural order, the ebb and flow, growth and decay of life itself. Evoked and celebrated on hills and mountains, these would have been her seats or thrones on earth. It is interesting to note that many early images of goddesses have spirals on their breasts, symbolising the coiled serpent or dragon, both regarded as sacred in the old religion. The dragon or serpent represented the natural energies of the earth and sky - energies to be co-operated with and revered. In the Shakti cults of southeast Asia and China, dragons and serpents were associated with clouds and rain, and the Sumerian goddess Tiamat was a sea-serpent and Great Waters goddess. The dragon was also regarded as a manifestation of the psyche in which the real and the imaginary are blurred and are, as in nature, only different aspects of life.

    The labyrinth pattern on Glastonbury Tor, similar to Cretan labyrinths, would have been created for ritual purposes long before the Druids are said to have used it in their rites and initiation ceremonies. Labyrinths are deeply symbolic, their most usual interpretation being that of the soul's journey through life, death and rebirth. The seven-circuit Tor labyrinth would probably have been made and threaded during the time of the goddess religion.

    Although the archaeologist Philip Rahtz, who excavated the summit of the Tor from 1964 to 1966, has not committed himself on the existence of a human-made labyrinth, he has said that if it is there, its probable date would have been around the second or third millennium BC. Archaeologists are interested but cautious, and presumably they will remain so until it is excavated. However, in the summer of 1979 Geoffrey Ashe made a long study of the Tor and concluded that it did indeed exist. His booklet The Glastonbury Tor Maze gives the evidence he found and shows the labyrinth to be one of the great ritual works of early Britain.

    Many of us who live in Glastonbury have walked the labyrinth at one time or another and found it to be a useful tool for journeying into the unconscious and much more besides.

    To find out everything you need to know about labyrinths, read Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses by Sig Lonegren.

    Around the third century BC, the Celts founded two lake villages at Glastonbury and Meare. Their burial ground was called Ynis Witrin, an old British name meaning Isle of Glass. Also in Celtic legend the name Avalon occurs, derived it seems from Avalloc or Avallach - a Celtic demigod who ruled the Underworld. However, Avalon also signifies apple orchard or Isle of Apples, very apt for the cider-making county of Somerset. Apples were associated with goddesses in many mythologies and with a western paradise where the sacred apple tree is guarded by a serpent or dragon. Some names for this paradise garden derive from an ancient root word meaning apple.

    According to pagan British as well as Celtic lore, Avalon was the meeting-place of the Dead - the point where they passed on to another level of existence. Not only was Avalon a hill surrounded by water, but it was also linked with Caer Sidi - the Faeries' Glass Mountain or Spiral Castle where the natural energies of the earth met with the supernatural power of death. In ancient times Caer Sidi was described as the abode of Cerridwen, the enchantress who possessed the Cauldron of Wisdom, a goddess with powers of prophecy and magic.

    The remnants of stones scattered around the lower slopes of the Tor point to yet another possible use of this hill. Could it have been used as a moon observatory in conjunction with the threading of the labyrinth as there is a good deal of evidence connecting megalithic stones with Druid initiation ceremonies?

    A recently discovered vantage point for viewing the winter solstice sunrise as it rolls up the steep side of the north east end of the Tor is the mound on Glastonbury's Windmill Hill (the very top of St Edmund's Hill). The Sun is clearly seen from there obliterating the tower as it hits the summit. This is well-worth experiencing though in prehistory the Sun would not have rolled up it in the same way due to the changes in the Earth's axial tilt angle. For more information see The Star Temple of Avalon by Nick Mann and Philippa Glasson.

    To many, the key document on the whole question of Glastonbury is the Life of St Collen by a Welsh saint of 650 AD. The manuscript tells the story of a Christian hermit living in a cell on the Tor who is visited by two emissaries of the Faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd. They persuade him to visit their king on the summit of the Tor. Because the hermit believes faeries to be demons, he takes holy water with him. He enters the other world of the king's castle, refuses the lavish hospitality, splashes holy water every-where and causes the castle and faeries to disappear.

    During the sixth and seventh centuries, a number of Celtic Sagas appeared concerning the heroes of Britain. These sagas linked the Faery King Gwyn with the Glass Island, and also with Annwn - the Celtic land of Faery, King Arthur, and the Cauldron of Plenty. However, the earliest reference to Glastonbury Tor is in the Charter of St Patrick compiled around the middle of the thirteenth century. Two lay brothers are mentioned, a fact which suggests the beginning of a monastic settlement on the Tor. More evidence that the Tor was a monastic site occurs in the thirteenth century in a Charter of Henry III of 1234 AD, giving permission for the holding of a fair "at the monastery of St Michael on the Tor".

    Faery fairs turn up in folklore time after time and they always appear to have been held near labyrinths, mounds, standing-stones, hill-forts or earthworks. There is still an annual Tor Fair in Glastonbury but it is no longer held on the Tor, and is a very far cry from what one may like to imagine it once was. It is now a simple fairground as found everywhere these days.

    The oldest story connecting King Arthur with Glastonbury is told by a monk of Llancarfan called Caradoc in his Life of Gildas. Queen Guinevere was kidnapped by Melwas, King of Summer Land (Somerset?) who kept her at Glastonbury. Arthur arrived to rescue her with soldiers from Devon and Cornwall, but was hampered by the watery country. A treaty was arranged between the two so that Arthur and Melwas ended their quarrel in the church of St Mary - the Old Church - and Guinevere was handed back to Arthur. Glastonbury Tor would have been an obvious place for Melwas to have a fort, and excavations on the summit point to a hill-fort of that period.

    In a pre-Christian version of The Quest of the Holy Grail, namely the Welsh poem 'Spoils of Annwn' in the Book of Taliesin, King Arthur and his company enter Annwn, the realm of Gwyn Ap Nudd, to bring back a miraculous cauldron of inspiration and plenty. The Tor is featured as the Corbenic Castle (Grail Castle) where the procession to the heavily-guarded grail or cauldron takes place. As the cauldron was associated in those times with fertility and prophecy, it is very possible that an ancient ritual was performed there, traces of which survive in the later legends of the Holy Grail.

    In Arthurian legend Avalon was also the home of Morgan le Fay, a Celtic goddess or Faerie Queen, but she became more commonly regarded as Arthur's sister. Her name occurs in Celtic Europe as Fata Morgana in Italy and as Morgain La Fee in France. As Fata Morgana, she lived beneath the waters of a lake, leading one to suppose that the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian mythology and Morgan le Fay could have been at one time the same.

    Excavations on the Tor between 1964 and 1966 give us a chronological outline which, although open to varying interpretations, gives us something to go on with regard to dating the uses of the Tor through the centuries. Remains of graves on the summit dating back to the fifth and sixth centuries (known as the Dark Ages) suggest a pagan religious site. It could also have been a small Celtic Christian monastic site as the type of pottery found is common to other early Christian sites, although the large quantity of meat bones suggests that these were not Christian ascetics. A sixth century bronze head with a Celtic face points to metal-working on the Tor and the site may also have been used as a stronghold or hill-fort. The Celtic Christian culture probably derived from the late Roman way of life and predates any settled Saxon administration.

    The discovery of a wheel-headed cross confirms a Christian basis in the eleventh century (late Saxon, early medieval) and the preponderance of fish, bird bones and eggshell among the animal remains definitely supports the theory that a Christian settlement, with a hermitage, existed on the Tor at this time.

    The first church on the Tor was probably of the late twelfth or early thirteenth century and was dedicated to St Michael - a dedication characteristic of such a hilltop site. St Michael, apart from being the ruler of archangels according to Christian tradition, was also the dragon-slayer and the personal adversary of Satan. Early Christianity believed the gods of the old religion to be fallen angels or demons. The Christian church seems to have had a policy of building churches dedicated to St Michael on the old religious sites and sacred mounds. Since the Tor and its spiral labyrinth represented the dragon, symbol of the Earth Spirit or Goddess in pagan times, the building of a church dedicated to the dragon-slayer was meant to act as a powerful deterrent to any kind of pagan celebration.

    In 1275 there was an earthquake and the church of St Michael crashed to the ground, hopelessly ruined. Another church was built and the tower or chapel, which is all that remains, dates to the fourteenth century, with some later alterations and embellishments. The carvings on the south-west face of St Michael's tower show Michael holding the scales and St Bridget milking a cow. One of the signs of Imbolc (February 1st) is that the ewe's milk starts running in preparation for feeding the lambs. Also at Imbolc, looking through that door to the north-east, you will see the Imbolc sunrise towards Pilton. St Bridget was originally the Celtic goddess Brighde or Bride who, at her festival of Imbolc in February, presided over the lactation of domestic animals, sheep in particular. She was also the goddess of fire, of the sun, of poetic inspiration, childbirth and metalworking; later, she became the Christian St Bridget of Ireland.

    There are many stories, both real and imaginary, about a series of tunnels beneath the Tor. Jazz sessions used to take place in one such tunnel entrance in the early 1960s, but since then they have all been blocked up. The most famous tale is about a tunnel from the Abbey to the Tor. At one time some thirty monks are rumoured to have entered the Tor via this tunnel, but only three came out again - two insane and one struck dumb. Wherever these entrances begin and end, a point worth noting is that experienced dowsers are convinced of the Tor's hollowness and the existence of a variety of underground springs (possibly seven) forming a vast network of hidden subterranean waterways.

    There is no mistaking the powerful elemental quality on the Tor. Some would describe it as a whirlwind, a vortex or meeting-point of energies in their purest and wildest form; others would describe a primordial dragon twisting, turning, and roaring to be let out. Please note this dragon can be calm and serene too.

    Many visitors to the Tor have had strange psychic experiences there including suddenly leaping into the air, feelings of weightlessness and disorientation, or disappearing into subterranean passages. In 1969 a group of night-shift workers saw a saucer-shaped object hover over the Tor, and later a big fiery-red ball appeared over the hill and then moved rapidly over Glastonbury. In 1970 a police officer saw eight egg-shaped objects in formation over the Tor. These cases were reported in the local paper. Sightings continue to occur.

    Glastonbury Tor also plays a significant part in the alignment of sacred prehistoric sites known as the St Michael line. According to the renowned author and thinker John Michell in his book New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury,

    Geographically it is the longest line across land that can be drawn over southern England, extending from a point near Land's End in the far west to the eastern extremity of East Anglia. On or near its straight course lie major St Michael sanctuaries of western England: Glastonbury Tor, Burrowbridge Mump, Brentor, Roche Rock, St Michael's Mount, Carn Brea.

    Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller, authors of The Sun and the Serpent, used dowsing to track for 300 miles the course of this enigmatic line on the landscape with fascinating results for Glastonbury and its environs. They called it the Michael line and found a Mary line too which encompassed 23 churches dedicated to St Mary compared to 10 churches dedicated to St Michael or St George on the Michael line.

    People who live in Glastonbury speak of the way they are sometimes impelled to go up the slopes of the Tor, while on other days they would find themselves unable to approach it. The Tor has meaning in people's lives as something always seems to happen when you go up there. When you need to answer a question, resolve an issue, or simply blow away the cobwebs in your life, the Tor is the place to head for. The Tor labyrinth is walked with the intention of solving seemingly impossible problems as its disorientating effect can lift the veil between dimensions. For some this leads to a new perspective on life. A day or so before childbirth some expectant mothers have felt a strong urge to climb the Tor and this has heralded the onset of labour.

    However one perceives Glastonbury Tor - as an energy centre, a cosmic power-point, an ancient oracle or a fairytale castle - all the evidence indicates the existence of a prehistoric culture deeply involved with the forces of the earth and sky, forces which were depended upon, utilised, celebrated and understood in ways which we have yet to fully rediscover.

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    #31 The Superstition Mountains In Arizona
    Terran Reptilians


    " Question: Have you a special symbol or something like that with which we can identify your kind?
    Answer: We have two major symbols representing our species. One (the more ancient) symbol is a blue serpent with four white wings on a black background (the colors have religious meanings for us). This symbol was used from certain parts of my society, but it is today very seldomyou humans have copied it very often in your old writings. The other symbol is a mystic being you would call a "Dragon" in the shape of a circle with seven white stars in the middle. This symbol is much more common today. If you see one of that symbols on a cylindrical craft I've described in my previous answer or on some underground installation, this thing or place belongs definetely to us (and I would advise you to go away from there as soon as possible)
    Question: The seven stars in the second symbol you've mentioneddo they mean the Pleiades?
    Answer: Pleiades? No. Actually, the seven stars are planets and moons and they are a symbol for our former seven colonies in the solar system. The stars are shown in front of a blue background and the dragon-circle means the shape of Earth. The seven white stars mean Moon, Mars, Venus and 4 moons of Jupiter and Saturn, we had colonized in the past. Two colonies are no longer in use and abandoned, so 5 stars would be more correct. "

    " Question: Where can we find such a surface-near entry to your world?
    Answer: Do you really think I will tell you their exact location? If you want to find such an entry, you have to search it by yourself (but I would advise you not to do that). When I came to the surface four days ago, I used an entry approximately 300 of your kilometres north from here near to a large lake, but I doubt that you would be able to find it (there are only a few entries in this part of the worldmore are far more north and east).
    As a little advice: if you are in a narrow cave or in a tunnel or even in something that looks to you like an artificial mine shaft and as deeper you walk as smoother appear the walls and if you feel unusual warm air streaming from the depth or if you hear the rushing sound of streaming air in a ventilation or elevator shaft, then look for a special kind of artificial and smooth wall somewhere in the cave with a door made of gray metal. If you would be able to open that door (but I doubt this) you would be in a usually round technical room with ventilation systems and elevators to the depth. This is probably an entry to our world (See more information on these tunnels in the "Branton Files"..
    If you have reached this point, you should know that we are now definetely aware of your presence. You are already in big trouble if you have entered the round room, but you should look for one of the two reptilian symbols on the walls. If there are no symbols or other symbols, you are maybe in bigger trouble as you think, because not every underground installation belongs to our kind. Some new tunnel systems are operated from alien races (including hostile races). My general advice if you find yourself in a for you strange underground installation: run away as fast as you can."



    " She discovered she was in an oval room about fifteen feet across. The low ceiling was domes with deep ribs of a soft pale purple. From those arched robs a while light shone. The light was bright, but not harsh. On her left, lights of amber and blue flashed on the wall. "

    " Two aliens wore either a grey scarf or a wide ribbon draped over their shoulder. Under the soft looking ribbons they wore a white jump suit with insignia that showed a curved dragon with a seven point star in the middle of it. The other 'reptile-men' wore black uniforms with the same insignia. The tall WHITE SKINNED lizard man [note: these "White Dracos" have also been seen in the Dulce - Los Alamos - Kirtland AFB mega-base] wore a burnt orange jump suit with three insignia on the left side. There was a black inverted triangle, the round dragon with star, and an oval with moving stars on it. She felt fascinated by that one. It was like watching a 3d movie in miniature. On the right side of his uniform were three black bars on a silver disk. On the left cuff of his sleeve he wore a row of inverted triangles with three lines cutting through it. "


    Also worth mentioning from the Lacerta interview is when asked about the types of flying craft the terran (earth) reptilians fly Lacerta stated that they flew the cigar shaped cylindrical crafts.

    On a personal note,,,,I interviewed three people individually who attended an out door "rave" party in the superstitions back in the fall of 1996. All three people reported the same incident, and one was pretty shook up about it.
    They stated that a large cylindrical cigar shaped craft hovered extremely close to the group of young dancing people, and that it was trying to obscure itself in a large dust cloud that was the result of six thousand kids dancing in the desert.

    On another personal note, I have a friend who took a picture in the superstitions of a cigar shaped flying craft, but, she never saw the craft when she took the picture it just happend to be in the back ground.

    It is also worth noting that the superstitions are reknowned for driving miners insane.
    Seasoned and grizzled outdoorsman from the nineteenth and early twentieth century talk about a strange forboding and a feeling of impending doom if they didn't leave the place.

    Many miners who ignored this warning, were found quite literally headless.
    This same thing happened quite often in the Nahilli Valley of Canada.
    It seems that if humans don't get the message in terms of leaving when spooked, they are made an example of in hopes that other prospecting miners will get the message.
    Miners with their heads cut off would certainly send a message.

    The superstitions get their name from the native americans having so many legends about them and being convinced that the gods of thunder lived on those mountains.
    Unexplained sudden loud thunder would always be heard in the superstitions, so much so that the indians refered to the gods who lived there as thunder gods.
    It was only later that the sound, which still occasionally occurs was found to synonomous to a sonic boom.
    I wonder what has been making those sonic booms for hundreds if not thousands of years?
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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    The picture of the Jinn in the Cave Hirah


    (...) While in Mina the sisters and I had a lot of time to chat. We heard stories about Hajj and about living in Saudi Arabia.
    The mother and daughter Afghani women that stayed with us in the tent in Mina went to Makkah and climbed the mountain to see Cave Hirah where the Prophet (SAW) first received revelation of the Quran.

    They were told a story regarding Cave Hirah. (WHERE THE PROPHET MOHAMED HAD IS REVELATION)

    A story about a woman that climbed up to see the cave while on her Hajj journey and took a picture of the cave. When the woman returned home and developed the film there was a BIG RED JINN in the picture standing in the cave, Subhana-Allah!!!

    I am told that this picture is online somewhere, Allahu Alim!

    Also, I was told about a woman who just had a baby. I forgot the country she was living in, but in this particular country there are tons of jinn and the evil eye is very common.

    This woman went to the park one day with her baby before her 40 days post partum was up. While in the park somehow the jinn had switched the woman's baby with their (the jinn's) baby.

    As the baby girl grew older she started eating curtains.
    The woman was told by scholars that if her daughter lived passed the age of seven then it was her daughter and if the daughter died at the age of seven then it was the daughter of the jinn.

    On the little girls seventh birth day she died. The woman has been devistated ever since that day and is still looking for her daughter. True story! (...)


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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Quote Posted by MariaDine (here)
    - - - -- - - -- - - - - --
    .-- - ..-. ?

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Quote Tunnels direct to the Vatican most likely
    All roads lead to Rome.

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Free Reading of the First Chapters of 'In Search of Shambhala'


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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    #5 Arkansas

    Excerpt from branton's THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE:
    During the latter part of the 1950's the exploration party had investigated some very interesting caverns, mainly within the area of Arkansas and the surrounding states. At on point they came across one particular cavern some miles north of Batesville, Arkansas. This was in an area where several caverns were located. Many of these caves (concentrated generally NW-West of the town of Cushman) have in fact been the subject of some very interesting accounts, suggesting that there might be more thanone route to the nether regions below other than the one discovered by David L. and his friends. There are accounts of several people who have entered some of these caves and were never seen again; or who encountered strange phenomena deep underground - such as electrical failure of flashlights, suggesting possible electromagnetic interference; accounts involving extremely deep caverns; gas pockets encountered at extreme depths; and an account concerning one of the caves west of Cushman which seemed to have ancient carvings over it depicting various figures; and there is even one account which came from an Oklahoma man who was told by a friend of his of being chased from a cavern west of Cushman by a large hairy humanoid who began throwing boulders at him as if annoyingly scaring him out of "his" territory!
    At one point David L's group came across one particular cavern near the town. Over a period of years, returning from time to time to this particular cavern, the explorers had crossed underground lakes, followed dead-end leads, explored "breakdown" areas, investigated numerous cracks and chasms, and steep inclines. One of their most fortunate discoveries was made in a large boulder-strewn break-down area about half-way between the entrance and an underground "lake". They noticed a crack in the path which they had found through the boulders and, following this crack into the thick of the breakdown they came across another area where the crevice widened enough to allow them entrance. Following this they descended for a very great distance for a very long while, down a sloping 45 degree incline, so steep in places that rope had to be used. This steep, sloping passage led them past a couple of horizontal "side passages" which they followed a few miles to dead ends, and continued deeper through at least one more crevice. Eventually they emerged into a large cavernous area hundreds of feet high and long, which they named "glass cave" because of it's features, and used it as a central "camp" in subsequent explorations. The remarkable thing about this cavern, however, was their claim that it was located almost 4 MILES beneath the surface of the earth, which would definitely make it deeper than any other "officially" recognized cavern.
    Time and again they explored the mazes and labyrinths deep in the earth using "glass cave" as their central camp. Two passages in the far wall of this chamber, opposite from the crevice through which they first entered glass cave, were each explored for 3 days continuously before they decided to turn back. According to David L., these passages still continued onward with no end in sight. Could these have led to the gloomy 'hadean' like caverns which they were to see later, and which they alleged contained 'gigantic serpents' or snakes capable of crushing a human being to death in a few seconds?
    After some experiments involving air flow within glass cave, the explorers were able to trace slight air movements to another as-yet- undiscovered crevice hidden within the wall, not far from the crevice which they had entered from above. This passage, through relatively small, continued still DEEPER into the earth. They explored the steep incline for what they approximated to be a mile, before reaching an area of "breakdown". This "seemed" to be the end of the line. Just as they were about to turn back in disappointment from this passage which had taken them deeper than they had ever been before, one of the members of the team noticed that the light of their carbide lamps seemed to have a faint amber tint to it. All of them were perplexed, wondering what would be causing the phenomena.
    It was decided that they would all turn off their lamps in order to see if the greenish luminescence remained. They did so, and a minute or so afterwards their eyes adjusted to the darkness and they could faintly distinguish a greenish luminescence which seemed to emanate from the lowest part of the passage in an area where heavy "breakdown" SEEMED to close off any further progress.
    George Wight was the first one to make his way to the spot in the breakdown area from which the faint light seemed to emanate and, after removing more rocks, they discovered that still another crack or crevice, barely wide enough for one man to enter at a time, descended vertically from beneath the breakdown.
    According to David L., Wight volunteered himself to be the first to explore the crevice, and soon afterwards he was on his way down. A few minutes passed before those above heard the sound of what they could only guess was George slipping and falling down the crevice.
    After a period of uncertainty those above, concerned for his safety, were relieved to hear the faint voice of George Wight rising up from apparently several dozen feet below. They were able to make out his excited words to the effect that he had fallen into a large tunnel, and encouraged the others to follow him.
    They did so, and when they were all in the 'tunnel' they stood in stunned silence. The passage which stretched out from them in BOTH directions was not like the common natural cavern passages which they had explored for the past few days. In fact, it seemed more artificial than natural. Approximately a dozen feet in height and about the same in width, the 'tunnel' was similar in shape to a subway tunnel, having a domed ceiling and a flat floor. What really caught their attention however, was the fact that the tunnel was illuminated by a greenish phosphorescence to the point that they did not need their carbide lamps to see their surroundings. The strange luminescence seemed to emanate from the walls of the tunnel itself, which were clear and glass-like yet at the same time extremely hard.
    In one direction the lighting effect faded out into blackness, while in the other direction the light seemed to increase. One of the members suggested that the light might be coming from the surface, and that they might be in one of the old mines which existed in the area of the cavern entrance, but others brought up the fact that, according to their calculations, they were at least five miles beneath the earth and therefore the light probably did not come from the surface.
    Subsequently, the explorers decided to investigate in the direction of the "light" since it would allow them to keep some carbide in reserve for their return trip. At one point the tunnel (which was apparently cut through solid rock much of the way and then glazed over with the hard, transparent substance) opened into a gigantic cavern. Actually, this occurred several times and at intervals, as if those who constructed the tunnel intentionally meant for them to intersect the various cavern systems. Did the ancient builders of this tunnel system possess a combination of gravitometers, x-rays and sounding radars to detect these cavities? Even as it passed through these large caverns, the tunnel still continued in the form of a transparent domed enclosure, still the same shape as before, yet this time the hard transparent substance was in the form of a 'wall' a foot or so thick that protected the group from the 'outside' or cavern environment. And fortunately so, for beyond the luminescent walls, were black expanses of gloomy darkness within which they could faintly make out huge moving and slithering figures of what seemed to be giant serpents and other grotesque reptilian creatures as well as other non-reptilian creatures, including giant insects.
    If not for the fact that these creatures were physical, tangible things, these dark caverns could have been likely candidates for the legendary 'Hades' of Greek and Hebrew tradition.
    The most shocking surprise of all, however, occurred on the third day after exploration of this tunnel began, a considerable distance from the crevice from which they entered the tunnel. They were walking along when all-of-the-sudden they turned around and found themselves face-to-face with a group of human-like beings who stood around 7 to 8 feet tall. 'Their' skin had a faint pale-bluish, almost clay-bluish tint to it and their eyes were relatively large and owl- like. But 'they' were definitely human, according to David L., who was on this particular expedition. The 'people' took out some type of electronic device, apparently some kind of parabolic communicator, and after a few attempts they succeeded in establishing a communication link using the electronic 'translator'.
    At this point their story becomes even more complex, and the exact series of events, in their chronological order, are rather undefined. First, the strange 'people' made it known that the tunnel led to a network that went all throughout the earth and to even greater depths. 'They' had certain types of instruments that could monitor from a distance the emotional field or make-up of a person and thus determine their intentions. It was only because 'the group' was found to possess an emotional makeup indicating relatively non-violent and non-selfish motivations that they were chosen to be contacted. 'They' made it known that the cavers could have traveled through the underground tunnels for weeks and would not have discovered their "city" if "they" did not wish them to, as the entrance to it was so well hidden. Here then, are some of the other incidents which allegedly occurred after the group encountered the strange people, or rather after these people CONTACTED the group (chronological sequence uncertain):
    1) The group learned that the tunnels continued for hundreds of miles, at least. After the initial contact, the topsiders were taken to a hidden "elevator" and were then taken through this to the "city" where these people resided. This community was apparently made out of a glass-like substance, somewhat like the makeup of the tunnels themselves.
    2) Their lifestyle, way of life, society, government, etc., was described as being radically different than that which existed on the surface. These people possessed a "Book of Laws" or a moral code by which they attempted to live. According to David L., if any of their society became violent or became a threat to the rest they were expelled into the tunnels, given sufficient provisions to make it on their own, and generally forced to seek out their destiny in other parts of the nether regions. This punishment for unrepentant "criminals" was apparently practiced only on very rare occasions.
    3) The technology used by this civilization was very complex, and is based largely on the technology of the lost races who lived before the flood and whose demise resulted in the abandonment of the subterranean system, along with all of the sophisticated technology which had been left there as well. The race encountered by David L. and his group allegedly were direct descendants of Noah, and were of a race of explorers who came to the Western Hemisphere some centuries following the deluge and discovered and took up residence within the ancient subsystem where they now resided. Some of the technology left by the "ancients" is still not understood by the people encountered by the speleologists. The group was also shown tremendous dark caverns miles beneath the city, where the subterraneans had found ancient ruins of this ancient lost race. Some of these buildings were sealed, apparently the desperate act of the vanished race who built them.
    4) Some of the caverns--especially the extremely deep one's in which the ancient cities were found--were miles in diameter. Some were pitch black and so still and silent that a whisper could seemingly be heard miles away. Some of the upper caverns through which the 'tunnel' penetrated contained not only serpent-like creatures but also huge, hairy 'humanoids', perhaps tied-in with the Sasquatch family. These however were particularly violent in nature, possibly due to their environment and constant proximity to the serpents. Apparently there was an ongoing conflict between the "hairy" humanoids and the reptilian creatures in the caverns. According to David L., these hairy giants had faces "only a mother could love". On one occasion, their subterranean friends demonstrated some type of hand-held beam weapon by pointing it at one of the large serpents which could be seen through the tunnel "walls". The beam melted through the transparent barrier and the serpent disappeared in a sizzling glow of fire.
    5) The group attempted to tell their story to friends of theirs on the surface. Apparently they made several trips after their first encounter with the blue-skinned race. However, their story was rejected and met with mockery and ridicule. They attempted to gather proof of their visit, and made a special trip "down under" just for that purpose, and succeeded in capturing a "giant cave moth" which roamed the deeper caverns. They placed it in a bag and upon returning topside they opened the bag and exposed the creature to the brilliant summer sun. For some reason, the sunlight had a disintegrating effect on the insect and before they could show it to anyone as proof it had dried up, become brittle and eventually crumbled to dust. After this, they gave up all attempts to get anyone to believe them, and resigned themselves to keep the secret among the twelve individuals who made up the exploration and support teams, that is, until David L. was given permission to reveal the story to the now late Charles A. Marcoux (Note: Marcoux incidentally died as a result of a 'heart attack', while exploring the surface areas around the Cushman caves. His wife described it as a sudden and irrational attack of fear resulting from a swarm of bees that Charles had encountered. One must realize that 'fear' is one of the most powerful weapons utilized by the 'infernals' who would attempt to blind mankind to conditions taking place in the inner world. However, by the grace of God Almighty, many have been able to defend themselves from the "body terror" utilized by the reptilians and which can often lead to paralysis, heart attacks, insanity or even suicide).
    Eventually George Wight decided to remain below with their subterranean friends, and on their second-to-the-last trip they said their goodbyes. They allegedly made one more trip afterwards during which they met with their friend, who was doing well, for the last time. The peculiar thing about this incident, according to David, was that shortly after Wight had joined this underground society all evidence and records of him ever existing began to mysteriously disappear from the surface. Birth certificates, school records, computer records, bank records, etc. all seemed to vanish, apparently the work of someone in a very influential position who was able to erase all evidence that Wight had ever lived. Some researchers still retain copies of George Wight's articles from the old UFO periodical, nevertheless. This would open up the possibility that this underground race closely monitors events on the surface, and even has "workers" in various influential positions who act as mediators in surface society. Everything points to the fact that this subterranean race prefers it's privacy and does not wish to become involved in the political conflict and chaos which has for untold centuries plagued the surface world by warring factions constantly fighting over territorial rights, etc.
    There is apparently much more to this account than we can relate here, however for various reasons, specific information other than that which we have just related will have to remain confidential. One can seemingly find "connections" between this account and others which have been related by other sources. For instance, John Lear has stated to some researchers that certain Apollo astronauts encountered another terran or earth-based race on the moon, a race that apparently made it there long before America did, and this 7 ft. tall, large-eyed race of humans seems to fit the same description as that given by David L. The people that Lear referred to allegedly have an alliance with the 'Blondes'. Is it possible that the underground people contacted by David know of and interact with the Telosians? Whether this small item has any connection with the people allegedly encountered by the speleologists is uncertain, but it was related by John Keel in his book 'THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES': "...The Cherokees have a tradition, according to Benjamin Smith Barton's 'NEW VIEWS OF THE ORIGINS OF THE TRIBES AND NATIONS OF AMERICA' (1798), that when they migrated to Tennessee they found the region inhabited by a weird race of white people who lived in houses and were apparently quite civilized. They had one problem: their eyes were very large and sensitive to light. They could only see at night..." Is it possible that these people may have later taken up a cave- dwelling lifestyle, if they had not done so previously, to allow themselves more comfortable living conditions?

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    Default Re: Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances

    Some interesting info here, including some areas mentioned in DNAs list at #1.

    - Introduction
    - US Underground Military Facilities
    - Underground Military Facilities outside the US
    - Underground Military Facilities Off Planet
    - Other USA suspected underground facilities
    - References Credits..

    .. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/of...fflimits_7.htm

    About the reptilian stuff, just an interesting thing happened to me. Last year I was lucky enough to visit Egypt and got to actually hold a crocodile (.. okay, it was only a baby one lol) but it was the strangest feeling. It's hard to put into words the feeling of connecting with something utterly alien, and totally Aware, yet at the same time I felt kind of connected, or privileged, even kind of mesmerised. Others in the group felt and reacted the same (and no I'm not a reptilian ... at least I don't think so

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