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Thread: Breatharianism - The only cure?

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    Default Breatharianism - The only cure?

    Pralad Jani
    Buddha Boy
    Jericho Sunfire
    Camilla Castillos
    Joachim Werdin
    Elitom Ben Yisrael
    Henri Monfort
    Wiley Brooks

    With the growth of the internet, and the spread of consciousness, something that is recently gaining popularity worldwide is "breatharianism" or the supposed human ability to survive without food or water. While some breatharians warn it should not be taught, others have been hiding their lifestyle until this point, and still others would like to argue the hunger strike/starvation mentality (shows how they think actually) vs. the mentality of routine exercise or spiritual practice. In other words: A lot of karma is about to get resolved in this world, quickly, so be prepared.

    As much of a cultural/emotional shock this would be if it were true, is too much for one person to deal with which is why I would never talk about this openly. If one does decide to inquire into the subject, I would suggest youtubing and researching those listed names above ESPECIALLY Jericho Sunfire he has done a LOT of work at explaining his journey to the non-eating state to save one the abuse of choosing such a path. For some, this may have been what they've been looking for but might have not known it. That is all, and no I dont need your thanks or abuse, just passing along the message for those who WANT to know. Whether it is true, whether Im a breatharian, whether or not its true the body needs food even though all over the world people seem to eat all different types of things leading towards the notion it may be purely mental including starvation/war/religion down to thousands of years ago.... It is a very personal thing, this breatharianism, so read up, think it over, and if anything, Id suggest those TRULY interested to develop a routine of muscle building exercises while experimenting with different diets (donuts one week, fruit one week, all meat one week, etc) to test their own wits.

    Im no guru, Im no leader, and I take NO responsibility if some people take the message, lay around, wait to die, and go on an IV drip because they choose not to exercise the body daily. That is ultimately what causes damage to the whole, whether the person realizes it or not, in fact having a close family member who used anorexia to harm the family, it is impossible to speak of this subject now even to those who might have wanted to hear it. Thats how important it is to really look at ALL these people listed above and draw your OWN conclusions. That is all, good luck in these strange times.

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    Default Re: Breatharianism - The only cure?

    It will clearly work if you are breathing in steak and broccoli.

    Is this akin to sungazing? Or does the person get their energy from the air and not the sun?

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