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Thread: Ascension 2012

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    Default Ascension 2012

    I took these two e-books here form another thread, I thought it deserved to be on its own!! ...

    Excellent read...

    Exerpt here>>>>
    Quote Ascension is the Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff
    The last several decades in the history of mankind are marked by a severe battle in the 4th, 5th
    and higher dimensions between the dark forces, The Powers That be, the so called “Unholy
    six” (Greys, Reptilians, zeta reticuli, etc.), the actual controllers of earth, on the one hand,
    and the Forces of Light (Galactic Federation, White Brotherhood, etc.) on the other.
    While this battle has huge repercussions in the third dimension on earth, the vast majority of
    human entities are not even aware of it. The sleeping majority of human beings are involuntary
    slaves of the Powers That Be, who execute this perennial enslavement through their proxies.
    The latter have the hidden agenda to create the New World Order, as one of their main
    speakers, Kissinger, recently loudly proclaimed on television.
    To this end they have corrupted in the last several decades the financial system worldwide by
    transforming it into a huge Ponzi scheme that is exclusively based on creating new debt and
    money out of thin air. The chief culprits are the FED and the private American and Anglo-
    Saxon banks that own this central bank, followed by ECB and other central banks. Many of
    the CEOs of these financial corporations are human clones that are created by genetic engineering
    by the Unholy Six, in the first place, by the Greys. This knowledge will become a
    central piece of information in the revelations and tribulations that will take place in the
    course of this year.
    Therefore, the only people that know exactly what will occur in the End Times are the
    proxies of the Dark forces, also known as Illuminati, the hidden Government, the Powers of
    the New World Order, the 13 families, etc., and the super-secret services that have been
    engaged in clandestine joint ventures, mainly underground, with the Unholy six. They have
    created many new technologies, including UFOs and other vehicles, while at the same time
    they have systematically suppressed the implementation of numerous patents and new
    technologies for the sake of the broad population.
    For instance, the clean technology to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water as a fuel for
    all kinds of motors of combustion is available for several decades, but it has been deliberately
    suppressed by the oil corporations which are in the hands of the dark forces.
    The ultimate goal of such nefarious practices is the enslavement of mankind. However, this is
    not the plan for humanity at this time, as the Forces of Light will also have a say on this
    There are some light workers that are also informed about what is happening behind the
    scene. However, the vast majority of star seeds are either completely ignorant on the role of
    the dark forces in the shaping of humanity or prefer to close their eyes, as these facts can be
    indeed very scary, and fears do not help the light body process and Ascension. Nevertheless,
    some of these facts must be made public very soon. Information is Light, and where Light is,
    - 41 -
    there is no Evil. The activities of the dark forces must be completely blocked this year, so that
    they can no longer exert their deplorable influence on mankind prior to Ascension.
    ASCENSION 2012 BOOK (Parts I & II):

    “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.
    Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!" Part I


    PDF: http://bit.ly/mLluUt

    VOL II - The Commentaries

    Download VOL. II - The Cosmic Laws-Commentaries

    PDF: http://bit.ly/iYBCoS

    You decide...your thoughts..your actions..your reality.
    Choose well.

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    Default Re: Ascension 2012

    Lots of interesting tid bits in the e-books...

    exerpt here...

    Quote 1) The crash will take place within a very short period of time and will wipe out the
    power of the dark forces in the financial sector, which has always been their stronghold.
    This event will be so sweeping that the expropriated financial Elite will not be
    able to exert any opposition or to undermine the subsequent reforms, as they have
    always done in the past.
    2) The postponing of the crash at a later date will shorten the period of tribulations during
    the End Times. The hardship of humanity will be thus shortened in the time
    dimension. The lack of any opposition on the part of the dark forces will allow for the
    immediate implementation of simple, just systems of food and commodities exchange
    as to meet the needs of the population after the crash. In many places simple barter
    systems will be implemented that will be directly controlled by the people. No misuse
    or corruption by some greedy entities will be allowed during the End Times.
    3) The time point of the financial crash will coincide with the time of revelations, when
    all criminal acts of the dark ones will be exposed in the mass media.
    This strategy has, however, some disadvantages. The time of revelations and spiritual evolution
    is much shorter than previously envisaged by the Forces of Light. The dramatics and the
    - 87 -
    intensity of the upcoming events will, on the other hand, create a favourable situation, where
    the rug will be very effectively pulled away from under the feet of the political, financial, and
    economic Elite, so that they will no longer have the possibility to meddle in the shaping of
    the new destiny of mankind.
    The full power will be given to the people. They will be guided by some ascended masters
    and enlightened light workers, who will work in close cooperation with the Forces of Light.
    The latter will show themselves this year, after they have postponed their “first contact” with
    humanity for the last three years. The reason for this delay was that the dark forces were
    deeply entrenched in human society and had no intent to give up their power without creating
    mayhem on earth and eradicating many human beings.
    This danger has now been effectively averted and the probability of first contact has become
    a certainty. The build-up of favourable energies of Christ consciousness has exponentially
    grown since the opening of the star gate on 10.10.10 and will most probably erupt around
    Equinox this year, when the last wave of Christ consciousness will be released. Parallel to
    this phenomenon, there are myriads of other energetic events and processes that build the
    conditions of constructive interference for earth and humanity to merge with the high frequency
    energies of the 5th dimension in preparation for the final Ascension.
    full read here

    You decide...your thoughts..your actions..your reality.
    Choose well.

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