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Thread: Lars Drudgaard speaks of his experiences as a TI(Targeted Individual)

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    Default Lars Drudgaard speaks of his experiences as a TI(Targeted Individual)

    No doubt in my mind this guy isn't making any of this up. They have done a lot of the same tactics on me, as they have this guy. Most TI's have experienced much of the same. Character assassination in a major way. Attempts to drug, and hospitalize. Make you think family members or others are "in on it" so you accuse them and blatantly discredit yourself. Etc. Classic TI case here(and mine).

    One thing this offered me, was I have experienced the same thing as Lars in one of his claims. For the last month or so I've had a thing on the back of my neck much like what he speaks of finding. I've been picking at it for weeks, can't really break it down. They even put the thought of the matrix in my mind when I was messing with it(like they may have done to him, as he mentioned it).

    I have found it numerous times(the thing on the back of my neck). It goes away, and it comes back. It's not an insect bite. It's pretty much exactly where they insert the needle in the matrix. It's definitely not a bite. A spider bite for example if you pick at it, you can break the surface area and/or pick the scab. I pick at mine and it doesn't do anything. lol. It's quite secure.

    Another rampant thing amongst TIs, is illusions. I believe they have used what I coined as "illusory exemplification" on him. In other words it is faking you have certain limits to your capabilities(often used with mind control), in effect making people believe certain things beat it, or that they are in control, when the opposite is the case.

    For example, him saying when he moved his head, the voices or whatever would fade out, or not work anymore. I'm fairly certain this was a illusion done to him, to make him think their capabilities were lesser. I have been on a plane going hundreds of miles an hour, and spoken to them crystal clear. I have also been far underneath the earth, and had them control my body walking down stairs, and also control my mind, as well as speak to me telepathically.

    Another case of illusory exemplification that is possible in his case, is his methods of beating mind control. For example tensing up a finger, to break the hypnotic trance they put you in. Perhaps they are using lesser mind control on him(possibly no implant), or perhaps I am just more an easy target for mind control(although I am not an easily influenced person mentally other than empathetically) but in my experiences they are able to negate the ability to think for solutions to what they do. Even if tensing up your finger worked to break the hypnotic trance they put people in, getting the thought to do it, is something they can negate.

    Anyway, with mind control victims, expect illusion within their reality. I am no exception.

    Here is the vid

    Source: Watch on Vimeo

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