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Thread: Nice collection of HAARP data

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    Default Nice collection of HAARP data

    Everything one could ever want to know about HAARP (and then some).

    From James Gilliland mail group:

    Listened intently for the Sound of One Hand Clapping ... only to hear the sound of the other hand Whacking me Upside the Head!

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    Default Re: Nice collection of HAARP data

    Thank Calz=Averetard good data ,Haarp is obviously a multi function tool, I don't think you saw the vid by Dr.Brooke Agnew and other scientists called ( Heaven has Holes)....It was on page three of the.. 'Seacret weather weapons can kill millions warns top Russian polition' . thread..

    That was a mouthfull.LOL...it was made in 1997 and is very informative about Haarp in the early days,,,,A must watch imho...unless you have already seen it,,,,( I don't know how to link ) Its funny how the two main Haarp officials the facility project manager plays 'Dumb' and says nothing is happening basically.....Incontrast to the facility public relations officer ,who basically says the opposite and that they were developing Space plasma weapons satalite with neat graphics ....'TRUE'.....

    very interesting when you think this was made before 9/11......Cheers Steve
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    Default Re: Nice collection of HAARP data

    Thanks C-Av for posting!

    Haarp technology is as dangerous as anything yet perpetrated on this planet. Like this past weekend when the Full Moom was magnified as they used it to test out their new mind control tehnology to dull the senses to any feelings of revulsion to what they're doing.

    Doesn't get enough press even here IMHO.

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    Default Re: Nice collection of HAARP data

    What I find ultimately interesting about HAARP and those organizations that control and maintain HAARP, is that, WE the taxpayers have purchased this heinous monstrous machine and WE continue to fund each and every aspect of it. WE are paying for the upkeep of a monster that reigns havoc and destruction to every corner of our globe. WE do this mindlessly. WE don't think about it or demand that it be shut down and removed. WE just pay for it and pay for it and pay for it.

    Is there not something wrong with this picture?

    P.S. Calz, this subject should not be posted in the Conspiracy section. This is not a conspiracy.....or is it? Hmmmmmmm
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    Default Re: Nice collection of HAARP data

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