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Thread: 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

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    Default 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

    Hi all,

    I found this article on my travels today and thought it might be a good idea to share it - especially given the fact that there seems to be a number of nuclear plants in various countries that are not in good shape at the moment.

    The following article provides some useful information and tips for treating radiation exposure with commonly found and/or easily accessible chemicals/products/foods etc.

    I hope none of you here ever find yourself in a situation where you need to these alternative treatments. But, I guess it's better to have the information and to be able to deal with a situation like that than to be unprepared, freaking out and not knowing how to protect yourselves and your families...

    13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

    Harmful Effects of Radiation Exposure

    There are multiple harmful effects of radiation, and sadly many of them go unnoticed in the body for some time.

    Low level exposure, overtime, can lead to major digestive imbalance, blood alteration and even the destruction of many cellular structures in the body’s key organ and tissue systems. Common signs of low level radiation exposure include symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, scalp tenderness, scalp discoloration and dry/itchy skin. In extreme cases, lower doses of radiation may also cause brain damage, memory problems, mood changes and reduced listening capacities, psychomotor abilities and information processing times. All good reasons to consider protecting oueselves from this type of exposure.

    Large amounts of radiation exposure can have devastating consequences such as bloody vomit, hair loss, nerve damage, blood vessel destruction, seizures and, with prolonged strong exposure, can even lead to death.

    Our circulatory system is also vulnerable to radiation. Even very low levels reduces lymphocytes in the blood. When lymphocytes are lowered, we are more likely to get infections, and what is known as mild radiation sickness. Symptoms are flu-like and may increase the likelihood of developing leukaemia and lymphoma in the future. The reproductive system is also vulnerable to exposure. Long-term radiation exposure can even lead to sterility, birth defects and still-births.

    Reducing Radiation Exposure with Natural Remedies...

    1. Nascent Atomic Iodine
    Radiation has a direct effect on the thyroid gland, prohibiting its ability to create iodine, an imperative player in healthy DNA integrity, immune function, metabolic and endocrine balance, as well as cardiovascular health. Supplementing with nascent atomic iodine helps counteract the effects of radioactive Iodine. It is one of the single most bio-available forms of iodine, and may be effective in aiding individuals exposed to radiation by lowering accumulated and stored radioactive toxins in the thyroid. Detoxadine® is Global Healing Center’s brand of standardized nano-colloidal nascent atomic iodine manufactured with a unique transformative bio-elemental matrix using a revolutionary process. This means that it will be gentler on your digestive system than other iodine supplements.

    2. Potassium Orotate
    In addition to radioactive iodine, the body may also be exposed to a radioactive isotope of caesium known as Cesium-137. This is formed as bi-product of nuclear fission. Potassium orotates can prevent the accumulation of Cesium-137. In fact, getting enough potassium from food such as bananas is a good first step at preventing radioactive cesium 137 retention. That said, potassium in the diet may not be enough. According to the CDC, potassium can play a major role in protecting the body and thyroid gland after an internal contamination, as in the example of the Japanese nuclear reactor explosion. Potassium Orotate is the best form of potassium to use for radiation exposure.

    3. Calcium and Magnesium
    Each of these essential minerals can decontaminate a form of nuclear waste known as Strontium 90. Dr. Linus Pauling recommends calcium supplementation, as it can lower Strontium absorption by up to 90 percent. I recommend using calcium and magnesium orotate found in the product IntraCal.

    4. Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
    Dimethylsulfoxide is an antioxidant sulphur compound. Studies show that DMSO actively detoxifies and protects the body from the effects of harmful radiation. One study from Japan found that even small amounts of DMSO offered radio-protective benefits on human DNA and overall cellular structures. It also neutralizes exposure from radio-isotopes. Studies show that the X-irradiation that can damage the body’s Kupffer and serous cells can be prevented with the use of DMSO.. Animal studies also show that rats exposed to x-ray radiation could be protected from the negative effects of the exposure via the intake of DMSO. This chemical could at least partially protect the rats by halting the typical toxicant reactions associated with radiation. Another study from the School of Medicine at the Yokohama City University in Japan found that DMSO offered protective effects for cell destruction, as well as DNA aberrations, in mice exposed to radioactive substances.

    5. Zeolites
    Nuclear waste is typically “cleaned” or “stored” in the environment by mixing it with Zeolite clay and packing it underground. Zeolites can attach themselves to and remove nuclear waste from the cellular level. In fact, one European study found that Zeolite clay was an effective decontaminate for animals affected by the nuclear waste disaster in Chemobyl. Zeolite clay can also be taken internally for detoxing radiation. Perhaps the best evidence proving that Zeolite helps detoxification of radiation was its widespread usage in the nuclear meltdowns at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and the British Nuclear Fuels (BNF), where it was used to absorb radioactive strontium and cesium – 137 from walls and floors. Similarly, the United States’ nuclear weapons facilities use Zeolite clay to line walls and floors to prevent toxicity.

    6. Other clays
    There are many types of clays that bond to nuclear waste from the body. Others include Kaolin, Red Clay, Bentonite, Fuller’s Earth, Montmorillonite. French Green Clay is another absorptive clay shown to possess the ability to rid radiation, toxic metals and chemical residues from the human body. This should come as no surprise, as clay has often been used by engineers, and by the environment itself, to remove toxins from the body or ground. Again, it was also used at Chernobyl in 1986. In fact, the former Soviet government added this type of clay to chocolate bars that were then given to citizens to help them remove radioactive waste from the system.

    7. Activated Charcoal
    Another wonderful substance heralded for its absorption properties. Studies show that charcoal possesses the unique ability to neutralize radiation, and that 10 grams of charcoal can neutralize up to 7 grams of toxic material.

    8. Papain
    Papain is a cysteine hydrolase extracted from papaya fruit known for its ability to reduce toxicants. In one laboratory study on rats, it was found that half of rats supplementing with papain could survive a lethal amount of radiation, whereas control rats did not survive.

    9. Bee Pollen
    Initial evidence suggests that bee pollen may significantly lower the negative side effects of radiation exposure, in particular that of radium, x-rays and cobalt-60 radiotherapy. Because exposure to radiation lowers many of your body’s natural vital substances like white and red blood cells and antibodies, bee pollen is a natural way of boosting these vital functions.

    10. Beets
    Upon radiation exposure, the body’s blood haemoglobin can be broken down. Studies show that beets can help aid the body in rebuilding this damaged haemoglobin. In fact, animal lab studies have shown that rats eating a diet heavy in beet pulp were able to more effectively reduce the effects of radioactive cesium-137 than rats who did not eat beets. In fact, the beet-eating rats absorbed and detoxified up to 100 percent more effectively than the control group animals.

    11. Cold-pressed Organic Vegetable Oils
    Oils such as sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil also help pull radiation out. Sources recommend drinking 4 ounces of oil if you have been exposed. Not only do the lipids in the oils bind the toxins, they also offer a protective layer on cellular membranes. Studies done on mice exposed to lethal doses of x-rays have found that the mice can survive if they are given oil. Another study on mice found that olive oil could protect the mice against high doses of x-rays ranging from 300 to 2,400 roentgens.

    12. Organic Brewers Yeast
    Sources recommend using organic Brewers use for prevention against radiation exposure. In terms dosage, 5 mg. to 15 mg. should be given to children, and 25 mg. to 50 mg. can be given to adults. For cases of direct exposure, these amounts can be doubled, or tripled. Brewer’s yeast may aid the body in both repair after exposure, as well as protection.

    13. Organic Germanium-132
    An oxygen-rich, free-radical scavenging organic compound. When we are exposed to radiation, the rays from this exposure release harmful electrons the kill blood cells (haemoglobin). Organic geranium has been shown to snatch up these radioactive rays, allowing them to move freely inside the nuclear structure of the Germanium, instead of entering the human cells and bloodstream. This is related to geranium’s ability to protect the amino acid cysteine, in the human body. Other studies showed promising results involving the use of germanium-132 and a strong reduction in cell death in those cells exposed to cesium-137 and gamma rays. Currently, the Japanese are recommending 100 mg. per day.
    Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/767/5..._Exposure.html

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    Default Re: 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

    Some of the things I have incorporated more into my diet with protection from radiation in mind (most of which I learned about through David Avocado Wolfe, author of Sunfood Diet Success System, Superfoods, The Longevity Now Program and Amazing Grace) are:

    Chlorella - 5,000 to 10,000 mg/daily is great
    Zeolites (NCD liquid or Zeoforce brand powdered)
    Iodine (I am using illumidine made available by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, but other types I understand are also good are Nascent iodone, electridine and a few others that are not coming to the top of my head right now); I take 10-15 drops 2-3 times a day. According to both Wolfe and Cousens, it actually takes months to ramp up the iodine in our systems. (NOTE: Some -- though more rare -- people are allergic to iodine, so start off slow if you are not sure.) Something on the order of 80% or more Americans are DEFICIENT in iodine, and anyone deficient to iodine, once exposed to radioactive iodine, will end up with the radioactive kind in their thyroids and have a problem to deal with there in a big way. However if you are NOT deficient in iodine, then should you become exposed to radioactive iodine, that radioactive kind will NOT fill the receptors because they are already filled with the good stuff...! Iodine is NOT good to get from table salt (which actually is more like a poison). 13-15 mg/day is considered a good amount to take by some naturopaths (which is 100 times the RDA);
    Celtic Sea Salt also helps with radiation protection, as well as:

    Chaga mushroom (which I make most days in tea or in smoothies but it can also be obtained in capsule form)
    Boron (I get liquid boron from the LongevityWarehouse.com) - 4-10 mg/daily is good
    Medicinal mushrooms in general are great immune boosters
    Selenium -- most easily taken by me by eating 4-5 Brazil nuts daily
    American ginseng (for those who tend to be hot-blooded, i.e., easily over-heated people)
    Asian ginseng (better for those who tend toward being colder)
    Fulvic acid is great -- (I have yet to get hold of this)
    Vitamin C with rutin and bioflavanoids
    Asparagus root -- deals with gamma radiation exposure
    MegaHydrate -- drives off radioactive tritium (ideal is 6 capsules/day but not cheap)
    Astragalus -- a top herb in Chinese medicine
    Black Mica Extract -- neutralizer of radioactive debris (can put 2 tsp. in a gallon of water, and discard the stuff that goes to the bottom)

    Please do NOT be overwhelmed or distressed that there are so many things on this list (and a number of things I could have mentioned but did not - i.e., the list could be much longer). Instead, see it as a great thing that there are so many options and do what works well for you and what you can afford. At the same time, there would be nothing bad about doing as many of these as possible either.

    Sorry this is not very well written, but I just thought I should throw some of these tools up here. We are living in a time when radiation protection is a good thing to become aware of in our diets. Note: dairy products have 15 times more radiation than plant foods; and meat has 30 times more radiation than plant foods. Unfortunately even the best-treated cattle eating only wild grasses can and do collect radiation because it falls on the grasses which they eat. Our media and government are acting like radiation is a non-issue, but to me it is clear that is a mandate of the nuclear industry and not the truth.

    In addition, other things to be mindful of are not to eat foods that have been microwaved; to opt out of the body scanner at airports; to get as few X-rays as possible; and if you must have a cell phone, get a device specially made to keep the radiation factor down. Radiation is CUMULATIVE in the human body -- but you CAN detoxi radiation as well (especially by taking things such as chlorella, boron, zeolites, black mica, etc.)

    Wishing you all the best day EVER...!
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    Default Re: 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

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    Default Re: 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

    A great (audio) file by David Avocado Wolfe with some of his strategies:


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    Default Re: 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

    Thanks D-Day for starting the thread, and Avocadess and Arrowwind for posting your info.
    I'm giving it a bump up.
    I've read that eating red miso is known as a remedy for radiation poisoning. Mellow red miso is the best tasting if you are not accustomed to miso. Miso soup is delicious.
    You can add miso paste to other soups, after they are cooked (boiling destroys the enzymes). It can be added to sauces and gravies. It has a salty taste. It lasts a looong time in the fridge.
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    Default Re: 13 Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

    Here is a little more info;

    Nascent Iodine
    Nascent iodine, though more expensive, actually tastes and feels good while going down and is gentle enough to give to children, who do not seem to complain about its taste. My recommendation would be to use the Nascent Iodine in high dosages to both saturate the thyroid (which makes it less vulnerable to chemical and radioactive attack) while it will also knock out any contaminants already absorbed. Nascent iodine contains approximately 400 mcg per drop so 10 drops is 4 mg and 100 drops is only 40 so it’s safe to take much higher dosages than is suggested on the bottle. In fact one has to completely ignore the suggested dosages on the bottle and take some of the information below as ones guidance for dealing with threatening radiation dropping down out of the clouds that are moving along with the jet stream.
    One hundred drops a day is a strong dose, but when treating life threatening diseases it would not be unheard of to use upward of 200 drops a day in divided doses, but if you get your iodine on the day the news is sounding the radiation alarm I would jump right to 100 drops or 50 drops in divided dosages for children. It is my belief that the Nascent atomic form is much more efficient than the molecular form meaning you would need less but when confronted with a cloud of radiation one wants to work beyond the speculative. Again the government is recommending a onetime dosage, which makes sense if there is no time to address iodine deficiencies.
    It normal conditions it is important to remember that one should not shoot straight up to these dosage levels; rather, start at low dosages and monitor for detoxification reactions, which will be less if sodium bicarbonate and other substances are used in conjunction with it. But in emergencies involving radiation we have not the luxury of time so one has to thrust iodine levels up sharply in burst dosages.
    Dr. Brownstein said he was using 200-300 mg with his prostate and breast cancer patients, and those who have metastases needing the highest dosages. He also uses both Lugol’s and Nascent reserving the Nascent for his more sensitive patients. There is also the tablet form of varying dosages (Iodoral), which is used by more than several of the iodine doctors I know.
    Iodine is needed in microgram amounts for the thyroid,
    milligram amounts for breast and other tissues,
    and can be used therapeutically in gram amounts.
    Dr. David Miller
    Potassium iodide can be found in many health food stores. Combinations of iodide/iodine can be obtained from holistic physicians. Iodoral, Iodozyme HP, and Lugol’s solution are examples of this form of iodine. I prefer the Nascent iodine, especially for children, because it is gentler on the system being that it is in the atomic form making it easy for the body to convert it into the needed forms—iodide and iodine.
    These onetime high pulse dosages of potassium iodine are necessary during an emergency but they do not come without some risk of side effects, which include: severe allergic reactions (rash, hives, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue), black, tarry stools, confusion, fever, irregular heartbeat, metallic taste in the mouth, mouth sores, numbness or tingling of the hands or feet, skin rash, stomach pains, swelling in the neck or throat, unusual tiredness, weakness.
    Endocrinologic side effects have included both hyper- and hypothyroidism. By inhibiting the release of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland, iodide can cause goiter and hypothyroidism. This has been called the Wolff-Chaikoff effect, occurring in approximately four percent of patients and may be more likely in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Iodide may induce hyperthyroidism, called the Jod-Basedow effect, when given to patients with preexisting iodide deficiency or autonomous, “hot” thyroid nodules. Iodide can cause parotid gland swelling.
    Usually, side effects of potassium iodide happen when people take higher doses for a long time but they can occur from taking the government’s recommended onetime pulse dose. The standard warning from the mainstream is that “we should be careful not to take more than the recommended dose or take it for longer than you are told,” which is only once. “Side effects are unlikely because of the low dose and the short time you will be taking the drug.” This is not good advice at all since too-low dosages will not protect one from the radioactive iodine fallout and the short time of application is absolutely out of the question when the fallout will be continuous, as it will be because of the continuous venting of radioactive materials into the atmosphere at the crippled Japanese reactor sites.
    When faced with a radioactive cloud it is absolutely imperative that you take iodine, whatever iodine you can get your hands on. If the only iodine available is topical iodine that is not suitable for oral use then you should paint your body and your children’s bodies with it. Few people have ready access to the Nascent iodine so will not enjoy its ease of application in repeated measured dosages that are more gentle to the system, thus yielding fewer side effects. Because Nascent is in the atomic form (I¹), it is absorbed faster and that can also be advantageous in emergency situations. Its only downside is the expense of having to use so much of it.

    And some practical ways to clean up radioactive water..

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