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Thread: New Moon Partial Eclipse today

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    Default New Moon Partial Eclipse today

    Bury the old and birth the new

    The new moon is today, Friday 1st July 2011, at 08:45 GMT at 9 degrees Cancer. It's a powerful new moon with the added energy of a partial solar eclipse.

    The emphasis of this new moon is on nurturing ourselves and the planet. Many people have been 'feeling changes' since the last full moon because more and more of us are recognising areas in our life where fear is holding us back from our true power. The rhythms of nature, and particularly the moon, remind us that life ebbs and flows. We cannot hang on to anything, we have to let go, release and trust.

    Think about it - how many of us truly live in our power? Most of us have given away our authority to the medical profession, the schools, churches and the Government. We prefer to leave important decision to the 'professionals' in the belief that they know best. Giving in to fear means we can be controlled and as massive earth changes take place we are being shown where our power lies and what we need to do in order to reclaim it.

    With the new moon in Cancer we're being given the opportunity to realise that the opposite of fear is love. To be in the place of ultimate power we have to live from our heart consciousness. Cancer moon asks us to nurture ourselves, because when we love ourselves we can love other people and the life force that supports us. More often than not we are told to give to others first. We believe this selfless act makes us more lovable, more likeable or a 'good' person. The truth is, if you're all loved-out you have nothing left to give! So use the energy of this new moon to get into the positive habits of self love.

    Far from being a selfish act, it's one of the most selfless things you can do. I know that when I get my 'me time', when I'm feeding myself properly and when I get adequate rest and exercise I perform at my best. This means, those around me benefit from me being in their lives - I'm calm, loving and emotionally available, I then naturally extend this to my home, garden and the Universe.

    Take this new moon to really look at the little things in life that make you happy - develop an attitude of gratitude because what you focus on will increase as the moon waxes. It might be the beautiful sunset you see on your way home from work, the sound of birdsong as you wake up in the morning or the smile from a stranger. Take a moment to go through your day and give thanks for all the wonderful miracles that unfold moment by moment.

    With the energy of the partial eclipse you'll be shown where you must look after yourself. Don't be surprised if situations come to a head in order for you to deal with them. Before you can bring in the new, you have to let go of the old - be it a relationship, a habit, negative self talk or something as mundane as clutter in your home. Wherever the partial eclipse falls in your personal astrology chart will highlight the area that will be in the spotlight for the coming month.

    There is a clear message from the Earth too. The moon (feminine) in her own sign of cancer is eclipsing the sun (masculine) - this puts the feminine in charge and she's showing us through earthquakes, tsunamis and other changes that she's not going to take any more abuse. Don't be surprised if you see more climatic changes or uprisings around the eclipse. Welcome the uprising of the feminine within you and know that as you nurture yourself you give back to Mother Nature too.

    Cancer is one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac so you will find yourself able to operate from your heart centre with ease. Trust your intuition, your hunches and the Universe to guide you towards a better future. As massive earth changes come about we are all being forced to look outside our comfort zone. This is scary for all of us, but if you can get out of your head where fear resides and into your heart where love prevails you can be confident your future will be one of integrity and truth. Take notice of your dreams and your mental chatter, listen to your body and notice any discomforts; then set an intention to address them. Get out into nature to reconnect because a contented body allows the mind to receive inspiration which can be grounded.

    With the partial eclipse in Cancer you may feel your emotions more deeply and intensely. Listen to these feelings; what are they trying to tell you? Are you feeling discontent, afraid or vulnerable - use this guidance to make the changes you need in your life. Set a new moon intention that will grow over the coming weeks until you can birth it at the full moon. If you don't work WITH the energies you may find yourself on a roller coaster of emotion with a heady climax at the full moon!

    Don't be a victim of circumstance but take responsibility for being creator of your reality.
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