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Thread: Global Seismic activity right now...........

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    Default Re: Global Seismic activity right now...........

    The only thing I'm worried about Astrid is, if this energy increases, none of us will get any sleep


    Gaia has been acting strange these days
    People are so scared to believe in anything, for fear of being fooled, that they end up being fooled in to not believing.

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    Default Re: Global Seismic activity right now...........

    The more people are buying into imaginary events
    the more they will attract earthquake-like dramas into their personal lives
    and that makes me really sad.

    In medical astrology the sign of Virgo, the planet Mercury,
    and the sixth house are the three factors associated with health and healing.

    If a person is wired right they will join the healing profession in some form,
    whether alternative medicine, or traditional medical practice.

    At the other end of the spectrum you find people whose minds
    are wired into victim mode and they become chronic hypochondriacs...
    yet both might show up with identical placements in their charts.

    These are the extreme cases; of course there are also some grey areas in the middle,
    as even the hardest working healers can become ill at times, and the worst hypochrondriac feels well.

    Before we make one another really ill here I would like to suggest to doublecheck all the facts
    and look at several alternative reports.
    I live in a very quake-prone region in Central America and knock-on-wood all is well around here...
    neither epidemics, pandemics, nor quakes or tsunamis.

    I wish everyone well, and may you all prosper in all your endeavors.

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    Default Re: Global Seismic activity right now...........

    Quote Posted by astrid (here)
    YES, very cranky, i had to give myself a few days off from my clients as i was getting too impatient with people. NOT GOOD.
    Also body pain, bone, spinal pains, and bouts of crying for no reason, very unlike me.
    For sure something's up.

    Vibrational shifts, maybe.......
    There's a menopause joke in there somewhere (but thats neither relevant nor respectful/appropriate)
    I too been feeling a bit wierd for nearly two weeks now but i just can't be sure. My brother, known to Avalon as Hiram, lives in San Francisco so im forwarding this link to him tonight. It is a serious matter. Hopefully my silly joke wasn't in too poor taste, i've been known to attempt comedy at poor times, forgive me.
    "As long as you still view the stars as something above you, you still lack a viewpoint of knowledge" -Fredrich Nietzche

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    Default Re: Global Seismic activity right now...........

    there are simple explanations...

    look at all these flares popping, this is the same cycle we seemed to be in before the Japan Quake, starting with a 7 several days before the big one...

    look at the energy coming towards us in flares... 3-4 day travel time from the sun to us...

    now all of you call out to Gaia...

    let her know all this energy is like a big ol bubble bath...

    relax, calm down...

    maybe we should all go out and get a bottle of wine and pour it into the dirt...

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