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Thread: Tom Bearden?

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    Default Tom Bearden?


    Firstly I need to say that I really admire Tom Bearden and the work that he has done and shared with society. I really mean this.

    Something has been bugging me for a while now .. something just doesn't add- up in this area and I would like your input ....

    ps. This email may come across as negative or cynical .. I am not this way inclined .. I suggest you read this post carefully and think about it.

    Here's the situation as I see it:

    Tom has been speaking freely for a long time now on things such as:

    1. His MEG free energy device (his patents are freely available), many people understand the principles and concepts (he has explained them in interviews and his books). many have put this device together in their labs. When people didn't have success, Tom let it be known that the company that provided the core material was taken over and since then the material used was changed. ie. did tptb sabotage this device from working properly for the masses. was this all pre-scripted?. note*: his device does employ zero-point energy concepts and does show the concept working. but is not the hardcore stuff that can be used to power a city etc. are tptb limiting their liability here?. For those technically inclined it is not just a matter of scaling up the device to get more power from it (there are barriers). surely the revealing of this information and knowledge should upset tptb? ...or maybe not? let's get you looking in the wrong direction, or let's keep you experimenters real busy optimizing the thing and maybe in 100yrs you'll realize its limitations? ... we need to throw out something for busy minds to latch on to and sink their teeth into.

    2. He has spoken about the ability to transmit a nuclear explosion (or anything for that matter) from one location to another hyper-dimensionally and sites examples of where this has possibly been done. wouldn't this type of information upset tbtb?

    3. Tom is an ex military man (scientist).. from the army, he's a lieutenant colonel (retired). To join some dots ... same cloth Philip Corso came from (also army retired colonel). For those that are familiar with Corso's book (The Day After Roswell) will know this is where technology (lasers, night vision, integrated circuits, fiber optics etc.) was recovered from ET craft and put into the private sector. Interesting to see how the same organisation (army) features here with a common thread linking both individuals (disclosure of exotic info.) or maybe this is an op staring us right in the face?). does anyone know of similar military individuals with similar impact from the Navy or the Air-Force? ... I need to re-watch the disclosure project video and find out how many from each sector.

    4. Tom has been openly talking about weather modification (warfare) for a long time now (even wrote a book), before many even heard of the concept. surely something to upset the tptb (especially when it 1st came out)?

    5. Tom has made no secret about some other technological capabilities and concepts that exist (fairly exotic stuff). something also to upset tptb?

    6. Links exist between Tom Bearden & John Bedini. Most people involved in the this area already know this. It is important to know Bedini is on the forefront of build zero-point energy based devices and releasing the information. Starter kits can now be purchased. You wont power a city from these devices, but will power a household (statement above* also applies here). something surely to upset tptb?

    7. There are also links between Tony Craddock (essentially Tom's web master + more and a key individual behind disclosing Bedini's work + more) and Steven Greer (Tony used to be Greer's web master). A group with links starts to emerge. hmmmmm?

    8. Bill tried to interview Tom Bearden, Tom avoided this (presumably he was fearful of the repercussions). But surely a person that has been disclosing information for so long and is in control during an interview as to what he wants to disclose would accept such an opportunity (especially when one looks a what Camelot has done as far as exposing truth to our world). strange. maybe i'm looking into this one too much?

    the list goes on (I can site many more examples) but i'll stop here.

    The issue (the crux of it):

    tptb have teeth, we all know this and have all seen it (you either get killed or shutup fast when you overstep the line). The list is long (Mr X, Stan Meyer, Eugene Mallove, Nikola Tesla, Pete Peterson, Henry Deacon etc. Find the list of murdered scientists it is long!). They way I do my research these days, what experience has shown me (to optimize things) is if someone is killed or overwhelmed with dis-info that's where I look and start digging.

    Tom has been around for a long time, with no harm coming to him as he disclosed info (and I wish him no harm), either someone or something is protecting him?

    ....or maybe not, maybe he's just doing his job as agreed with tptb? perhaps just like Corso did?

    Comments .... ?
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    Default Re: Tom Bearden?

    Aurelius, I think your suspicions are well founded. I too admire Bearden (Dean, Greer, Corso, etc.) for coming forward and disclosing what they have, but I still question everything. They could well be protected and given the task of disclosing some true information while simultaneously providing some disinformation, either wittingly or unwittingly, to slowly "awaken" us while still keeping the best technology and information firmly under the control of TPTB for as long as possible. Even the most sadistic, twisted elitist realizes that they can't keep it all secret indefinitely. It requires thousands of very intelligent people to analyze, reverse engineer, and develop these technologies and you can't just knock off every one of them who grows a heart and recognizes that it is criminal and inhumane to keep technologies available to only a few for their personal gain when, if released, these technologies could solve so many of the world's problems.

    Eisenhower warned us to beware of the military industrial complex over 50 years ago and we all know that the compartmentalized levels of secrecy are extreme. Consequently, no one truly knows all of what is true/real and what is not--probably not even those at the very top of the chain. Surely at least some of TPTB realize this and understand the monster and ramifications of what their decades of lies, deception, destruction, and greed have created and the more "rational" of the bunch have to be getting very uneasy as to what the future holds even for them. I would not want to be in any of their shoes.

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    Default Re: Tom Bearden?

    Hi Aurelius,

    I ran into Toms work many many moons ago and really appreciated the mans ability to translate highly complex subject matter into a format that this layman, at least, was able to get his head around. Like you I have wondered about his ability to continue relatively unmolested and put it down to the fact that because he started quite some time back and suffered the consequences of having his credibilty, especially within academic circles, well and truly tainted way back then to a certain extent TPTB may have considered that was sufficient to have him duly ignored.

    His refusal to be interviewed by PC/PA may perhaps simply be an attempt to avoid giving TPTB further opportunity for more credibilty shredding.

    What has been interesting to observe is that more and more of what he said / says is slowly being confirmed by the 'Johny come latelys' so to speak. I have also whenever possible attempted to cross check his reference material, especially the Russian stuff (not easy) and have found that it does tend support what he points out.

    Even if he is part of a disinfo op I would never have discovered the truth hidden in Maxwells work had he not pointed me at it and I would thank him profusely just for that alone.


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