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Thread: Ground crew alert!!!

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    Exclamation Ground crew alert!!!

    Well folks things are moving fast and it is once again time to start making connections with others here at Avalon and set plans for meeting places.

    Israel and Turkey are on the verge of starting WWIII, Israeli Nuke Subs are parked off the coasts of Iran ready if they jump in beside Turkey, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon. North Korea is being blamed for sinking the South Korean ship even though they deny having any part in it.

    Oil is pouring out of the ground at millions of gallons a day which will circle the globe in 900+ days and from the skeptics might not be shut off for several more months. The deadly disbursements are already causing severe health problems in those being exposed to the chemicals.

    what I see forming in the Atlantic is going to be the first major hurricane of the season

    Hurricane Watch

    What it's path will be is unknown but with the oil disaster it seems like everything that can go wrong is happening so better start planning ahead.

    The power plants along the gulf require clean water for cooling and will need to shut down if the oil pushes inside their barriers...

    The dispersant material they are using breaks down the oil into vapors that can be drawn up into storm clouds and carried as far as Canada in these storms.

    worst case scenario Farm Lands will be laid to waste from poisonous rains...

    Indoor gardens should be started now...

    I'm starting this thread for all of us to share information on what each of us are doing other than stocking up on non perishable food and water.

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    Default Re: Ground crew alert!!!

    I hear you loud and clear Rocky Shorz. Here on the tiny island of Cyprus, I'm just a stone's throw away from both Turkey and Israel!
    I've been thinking about all of the repercussions that you mention above for the past few days now. I plan on riding out the wave with my family here, "come hell or high water" ( I wonder who termed this phrase ?). I have a cement structured basement that I keep all of my survival gear and I have a couple of escape routes planned out within a 30 min. drive that will take me to ancient monasteries built right into the mountains.

    Even though I have a large garden, I always have vegetable seedlings sprouting in pots that I can bring inside at any time.
    I have stocked up on vitamins, MMS and colloidal silver. I also raise a couple of dozen chickens in my yard. Unfortunately I don't know of any likeminded individuals on the island so I quess it's just me and my family.

    I worry about the rest of my family in the states though. I have tried to raise their awareness about being ready, I hope that when the time comes they will be.

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    Default Re: Ground crew alert!!!

    Oh but Cyprus is an amazing place. I'll be terribly irked if anything should happen to it.

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