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Thread: Listen to the Sound of a Comet

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    Default Listen to the Sound of a Comet

    Today From Spaceweather.com:

    Quote PERSEID UPDATE: The Perseid meteor shower is subsiding. Counts reported by the International Meteor Organization suggest a peak on Aug. 13th of not much more than 60 to 80 meteors per hour. This makes it an off-year for the Perseids, which normally produces peak rates almost two times higher. This year's glaring full Moon sharply reduced visibility.

    Moonlight was no problem for Stan Nelson of Roswell, New Mexico, who spent peak-night listening to the shower. Nelson monitors the US Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas for echoes of meteors passing over the facility. He recorded this specimen ping at 9:30 am MDT on Aug. 13th:

    "The Perseids held up nicely, radar-wise," comments Nelson.
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