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Thread: Pentagon in a panic over leaked State Dept cables.

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    Default Pentagon in a panic over leaked State Dept cables.

    "Assange may be in danger"

    Anxious that Wikileaks may be on the verge of publishing a batch of secret State Department cables, investigators are desperately searching for founder Julian Assange.

    Pentagon investigators are trying to determine the whereabouts of the Australian-born founder of the secretive website Wikileaks for fear that he may be about to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables that, if made public, could do serious damage to national security.

    The officials acknowledge that even if they found the website founder, Julian Assange, it is not clear what they could do to block publication of the cables on Wikileaks, which is nominally based on a server in Sweden and bills itself as a champion of whistleblowers.

    “We’d like to know where he is; we’d like his cooperation in this,” one U.S. official said of Assange.

    American officials said Pentagon investigators are convinced that Assange is in possession of at least some classified State Department cables leaked by a 22-year-old Army intelligence specialist, Bradley Manning of Potomac, Maryland, who is now in custody in Kuwait. And given the contents of the cables, the feds have good reason to be concerned.

    Manning, while posted in Iraq, apparently had special access to cables prepared by diplomats and State Department officials throughout the Middle East, regarding the workings of Arab governments and their leaders, according to an American diplomat.

    The cables, which date back over several years, went out over interagency computer networks available to the Army and contained information related to American diplomatic and intelligence efforts in the war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    American officials would not discuss the methods being used to find Assange, nor would they say if they had information to suggest where he is now. "We'd like to know where he is; we'd like his cooperation in this," one U.S. official said of Assange.

    Assange, who first gained notoriety as a computer hacker, is as secretive as his website and has no permanent home.

    He was scheduled to speak Friday in Las Vegas at an International Reporters and Editors conference. But the group’s executive director, Mark Horvit, canceled the appearance—he was on a panel to discuss anonymous sources—within the last several days as a result of unspecificed “security concerns.” Horvit said he communicated with Assange through email and did not know where he might be.

    Last week, Assange was scheduled to join famed Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg for a talk at New York's Personal Democracy Forum. Assange appeared via Skype from Australia instead, saying lawyers recommended he not return to the United States.

    Julian Assange, in April 2010, discussing confidential sources in the digital age
    Assange was in the United States as recently as several weeks ago, when he gave press interviews to promote the website’s release of an explosive 2007 video of an American helicopter attack in Baghdad that left 12 people dead, including two employees of the news agency Reuters.

    Get the rest of the story here :

    And Here :

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    Default Re: Pentagon in a panic over leaked State Dept cables.

    no doubt the documents they say they are after are a throwoff , no doubt research findings more cause for concern

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    Default Re: Pentagon in a panic over leaked State Dept cables.

    OMG! We need to keep track of this one.

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    Default Re: Pentagon in a panic over leaked State Dept cables.

    I think this man and wikileaks do a great service to humanity at this time. For those who have available resources - I would suggest donating to the site.
    Those of the positive polarity are of service when by action or thought or even intention, another entity or the self is freer to seek his or her own path than before the intended service was performed. --L/Leema

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    Default Re: Pentagon in a panic over leaked State Dept cables.

    Hi Grissom,

    Assange was in danger from the very first leak he published. I'm sure he is a big boy and the fact that he is trying to stay one step ahead by moving around suggests he thoroughly knows how to play the game.

    The only advice I would give him is to not make patterns with his movements so the 'governemtent' may predict where he will go to next and if he feels the need to come to Brazil, I have a bed he can hide under for a while (does that make me subversive?).

    Best regards,


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