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Thread: Dreams Real deal - astrologi Only Suggestens ??

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    Default Dreams Real deal - astrology Only Suggestens ??

    LISTEN UP!!! Before you start attacking this thread have a seat.
    Let me put some Tea on, and lets figure this one out as awakened people.

    I have to admit that astrology are not my strong side, so i am gonna need some help here.
    I understand that many uses astrology as a guide in a way, But are not astrology they use nothing more then sugesstions ??

    I saw that the bible really dont like astrology on a thread, dont know if thats true.
    But if there something the masters dont like, the astrology must be on to something.
    (Dang now i got the bible people on me to)

    Dreams can be so real that you wake up crying, OR you are so happy you feel like a kid again.
    Dreams for me are as real as this life i have here now.
    For example:

    When i woke up today i remember two dreams, actually the first one was terrible,
    it took me 3 hours to fall aleep again, then i had my second dream.

    I was out with my brother in the fores cutting trees, i used a chainsaw, and from nowhere this
    big crazy dog starts attacking me. I raised my chainsaw to scare the dog of, it just got more angry,
    Until it jumped me, i cut the dog from the neck down it's back, i saw the flesh hanging hanging out.
    It was just an open wound right there. The tissue was just hanging there. It was crazy,
    the dog backt of but was still pissed off. Finally the dog left, i was shaking and i was thinknig i must call the police. Then i woke up with a guilt not from this world that i have hurt that dog.

    My next dream:

    I was a kid around 15 years old, i had a friend in the same age with me.
    We was in a spaceship and there was an adult piloting the ship, it was some sort of training camp,
    we were doing realy sharp turns and i was scared. I clearly remember cursing myself for being scared when i finally got my dream to come true.
    Back at base i pulled myself together and askt if i could start studing.
    The teacher just started to laugh and told me i was to young to pilot a big starship.
    I told her (teacher) i dont want to start with the flying, i whant to learn all was is to learn about the ships
    starting with the little shuttlecraft. She said yes, and i was so happy as i was the day i got my driver license here on earth..

    (this was the short version of my dreams)

    Are these dreams alternative lifes going on simontaneously as we live this life here on earth?
    And if we study the dreams we have, can it tell us what we are realy up to? and mabye even the greater picture of ourselves?

    I saw on a site that they used astrology to study dreams to, i dont know how that works.
    Maybe there is a way to connect astrology and dreams that i am unaware of yet??

    What i can tell you is that the feeling is real in dreams, and that goes along way for me.

    What About astrology, why is that real to you, is that a feeling to that makes it real??

    Interesting dreams to you all..
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    Default Re: Dreams Real deal - astrologi Only Suggestens ??

    use your discretion wisely, analyze, take what is "practical" (whatever is practical, in your opinion)
    When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.-Sinclair Lewis

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