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Thread: A response to a concerned partner of an Avalon member

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    Default Re: A response to a concerned partner of an Avalon member

    Thank you bill. i completely feel for the person who was the Avalon member who's partner wrote to you. i have too also been questioned and ostracized by my family members as if i'm the one that is going crazy. i tell my family that they are being brainwashed and the response that i get is "how do you know that YOU are not the one being brainwashed". My response is..well, the people i get my information is from insiders and former military people, scientists and researchers who are providing information that puts their lives in danger. These people have no incentive to provide this information and put their lives in danger. I say to my family -where do you get your information from??..Do you get your info. from your friends who sit there and spend their time watching TV and playing cards, as people are being harmed and the earth is being destroyed. As the people i listen to want to make a change in the world and stop the destruction and killing of innocent people - i think i know who's side i'll be on. I remind them that Karma is REAL and that what they do on earth effects them in their future and future lifetimes. Their response - is to go back to watching TV. It's frustrating. But that is their karma..for me..i choose to make a difference , help people wake up and being of service to others. for the Avalon member who's partner is questioning you - sending you much love.

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)

    Hello, All:

    The other day I received a concerned message from the partner of an active Avalon member, seeking reassurance about what they were engaged in. The person who wrote to me was bewildered, courteous and caring. Some of you may possibly find my reply of value.
    Dear _______ ,

    Many thanks for your message. It's not a petty question.

    Many people these days, myself included, have little confidence in governments or the mainstream media to provide us with good, reliable information about what is really happening in the world.

    My own personal sources -- people who hold or have held positions within the intelligence agencies or the military -- suggest to me that all is not what it seems in the world, and that there are major problems, issues and plans which are not being disclosed to the citizens. Of this I am personally certain.

    The role of the Project Avalon Forum (which is far from unique on the internet, though it has a deserved reputation for being a very high quality, spiritually-oriented group of people, your partner included) is to provide a kind of meeting place for people to discuss these issues.

    The forum is an online community -- a virtual group of people with very broadly similar interests -- who exchange information, ideas, perspectives and personal anecdotes, just as would any group of friends if they were sitting round drinking coffee or at a dinner table enjoying a conversation. The goal of the forum is simply to facilitate a means for this to happen. It has no agenda in itself.

    Personally, I'd describe myself as an educator. I used to be a teacher (math and physics), but quickly left mainstream education. Since then I've been working in what could be called personal development: helping individuals discover truth and ability within themselves and for themselves.

    I have a very high opinion of all individuals' human potential. Whether each of us reaches our potential is quite another matter, but many of us are working hard on our personal growth: and I do what I can to help, encourage and assist.

    My advice and encouragement to you, if I may, would be to support your partner, non-judgmentally, as best you can, in their quest for the truth of what is happening on our planet in these turbulent and confusing times -- and also for their personal truth. That is the greatest gift that we can offer anyone we care deeply about.

    With my personal best wishes to you -- Bill
    Bill Ryan
    Project Avalon Founder

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    Default Re: A response to a concerned partner of an Avalon member

    Very well done Bill Ryan! Possibly the years trials have brought a renewal of purpose and clarity for all. Our trials can provide focus and growth if we stay open and willing. It is only our selves that can limit our impact. Well, done and an example for us all in giving our best!


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    Default Re: A response to a concerned partner of an Avalon member

    Bravo, Bill!! This is an excellent way to summerize the situation and I feel you have done well to explain why we are all here. Thank you for being such a wonderful spokesman for the group! It is people like this partner who we may be able to help the most and that person can, in turn, help another to see what is happening. It is time for us to break through all barriers and wake up everyone around us. The time has come for us to join together to remake the world the way we know it should be: clean, free, open, safe and free of war and violence! Keep up the great work. All the best.

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