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Thread: Sun Stuff: What's up!

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    Default Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    Quote Posted by observer (here)

    Nick, CERN has only run at full power (above 13TeV) a few times. How would you suggest we provide charts beyond those few times that CERN ran at these levels. What has already been given, is all there is. It certainly is enough to cause someone to pay attention.

    If you aren't one of those who may have any concern, than please, leave it alone. It doesn't appear to me that you have any interest in discovering anything new, rather your comments appear that you are perfectly comfortable operating within your own paradigm. What is being suggested is, there are paradigm shattering data coming-in.
    I am concerned about data being misinterpreted and misconstrued and incredible conclusions thus being drawn. If a hypothesis is to be proved, it needs accurate supportive data.

    Someone giving authoritative sounding voice-overs to clips form websites or random people making "Oh wow - look what I've discovered" videos in my opinion don't really have any credibility. But hey, that's my opinion - but food for thought perhaps?

    There are plenty who dismiss MSM, but are happy to consider this sort of thing. Like I said, the least you can do is suggest your ideas to the Solar Observing Forums, 'the places to share ideas'. There are plenty of other amateur forums in this area where the ionosphere and magnetosphere are studied/observed without the influence of professional or government organisations. They are all amateurs who are desperate to make a name for themselves with a new discovery - especially one as momentous as this!

    You may be on to something - in which case get some others to look into it too to support your hypothesis.

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    Default Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

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    Default Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    I went to check out the recent flare and thought this was a strange catch up in the top right corner, any guesses what it might be?

    Coincidence or Destiny, it's all in the art of knowing.... III IIII charts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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