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Thread: Julian Royalties

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    Default Julian Royalties

    Wikileaks has always been about exposing institutions and their hidden agendas, not the private lives of individuals. If anything, Assange & Co are :


    If Assange sued his publisher it wouldn't violate any of the principles that Wikileaks was founded on.

    I can't wait for this book to hit the torrent sites to complete the circle.


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    Default Re: Julian Royalties

    Wikileaks disclosed thousands of government and military contacts names because mister Julian Assange wasn't happy about the Guardian... This is not a man to be respected, he has corrupted the youth by amalgamating political dissent and mindless rebellion.
    Wikileaks is the best ally of the west. The only really influential revelations seem to only hit political enemies of the west. The most notable act of Wikileaks has been to help make the "Arab spring" trendy. Don't you think this goes hand in hand with the Us's age-long agenda of local chaos for middle east?

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