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Thread: peopleīs supermarket

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    Default peopleīs supermarket

    Hi brothers and sisters!

    Well, I just had this idea that I would like to share. Itīs called peopleīs supermarket.

    Imagine a non-profitable supermarket owned by the people, in which every product is sold by itīs cost price.

    Well, it should work like this. Letīs use a small city (<5.000 people) as an example:

    -First, every family will make their calculation to see how much it can spend monthly with grocery expenses. Letīs say that the Morgans can spend U$400,00.

    -To start up the business, the Morgans will give U$1.200,00.

    -If a city has 5.000 people, letīs say it has 1.000 families and each will give U$1.200 on the first month. Thatīs U$1.200.000.

    -From this U$1.200,00, we could use half, to rent a big shed, hire some employees and build the supermarketīs structure.

    -So, we have now U$600.000, that we could use to buy the products directly from the suppliers and to pay the supermaketīs maintenance and employees for a month, without keeping any part of this money for profit.

    -Now, the Morgans can go and use their U$400,00 credits to buy anything they need ( In a regular supermarket, they would spend 10% to 50% more), every month.

    -Only the necessary percentage of this monthly contribution would be taken, to pay employees and cover the costs of the structure.

    I think something like this could work really well in small communities, but the competition wouldnīt be very happy about it, I guess.

    What do you guys and gals think about it?


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    Default Re: peopleīs supermarket

    sounds like a co-op shop awesome
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    Default Re: peopleīs supermarket

    People love shopping

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    Default Re: peopleīs supermarket

    Hi RMorgan,

    That sounds a good idea - and 'coincidently' I just finished watching a very interesting video which sort of addresses a similar issue.
    People are taking the power back into their own hands.
    There are very encouraging alternatives being developed.
    This is from the UK.

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