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    Here is the second half of chapter 9 (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...l=1#post672115), in which Michael had a different kind of experience as compared to the cow-unit world…

    As we walk toward another window panel, my thoughts turn back to the Gray Ones. In some deep submerged part of me, I have the feeling that I have encountered these Beings before, but I have no memory of it.

    “Just who are those unpleasant Gray characters?”

    The Shepherd’s smile indicates that he expected the question. “They are three-dimensional Beings who for many ages have fallen by the wayside of spiritual evolution. They have learned how to travel space – as you call it – promoting greed and misery in other intelligent life forms that are susceptible to their coercion. However, they are also part of the Divine Creative Principle, just as you and I are. Imagine the opportunity they create for those other Beings to let go of their fears and negativity and consciously grow. In this way, the Gray Ones are also very powerful agents of change.”

    “Where do they come from?”

    “They are stuck in a very negative realm of reality.”

    “That doesn’t tell me where they’re from.”

    “I hesitate to get you bogged down in fixed ideas where is home. That is as silly as suggesting that humanity is from Earth. You are Beings of Infinite Reality, and Earth is no more than a temporary classroom in your journey of life. The linear time you spend on Earth is a single drop in a whole ocean of timelessness. Does this then make Earth your home?”

    “Hmmm. I take it then that the Gray Ones are sort of wandering, high-tech, cosmic thugs?”

    The Shepherd laughs, his head thrown back. Finally, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes, he beckons me over to another panel. Chuckling, he indicates another scene. “Is this more to your liking?”

    Once again, I am looking down into the city that I saw earlier. There are great multi-colored domes that seem to change color as I watch and several vast buildings that are an incredible array of silvery pyramidal angles in an intersected cluster of multiple tetrahedrons. Not only is it very impressive to look at, but the city emanates a powerful atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

    “That is a lot better than that other place,” I comment.

    “Same time frame, different reality.”

    “It’s hard to understand that each time/frame has other different realities.”

    The time/frame reality is in sharp contrast to the one we visited, the Shepherd tells me. “They are so extremely different that they cannot exist together in one frame.

    “Sort of like oil and water,” I suggest.

    His deep blue eyes hold mine. “Exactly. The difference, however, is in consciousness; physical form here is similar to that other reality, although more sensitized and refined. In your present time/frame, consensus reality holds all of the middle ground of the general population. Consensus reality varies, of course, among different nations, cultures, and religions. Trying to match consensus reality of this huge conglomerate mismatch is the catalyst for most of your wars. It inevitably leads to conflict rather than cooperation. It is sad that humans invariably focus on their few differences rather than on their many similarities.”

    “However, within all this there are those people who plumb the depths of depravity and cruelty, victimizing many of the weak and helpless. Equally, there are others who rise far above all conflict and differences, finding the deepest Love and compassion for all humanity. Inadvertently, the expression of these two extremes of human consciousness creates whole new frames of reality, for these people no longer fit even in the periphery of consensus reality.”

    “So the reality frame we have just visited is the negative extreme of human expression – the sinners - while this” – I indicate the city in the window panel – “is the reality frame of the compassionate, loving people – the saints. Yet each reality occupies the same time/frame?”

    The Shepherd laughs at my humor. “I know you are not serious, Michael, but I must remind you that every human is a Being of Light and Love. Losing touch with this state of consciousness is not evil, any more than retaining such a focus is good. Good and Evil are descriptions based on judgment, and judgment has not served humanity at all well. Discern always, but never judge.”

    “What’s the difference?”

    The Shepherd’s smile becomes mischievous. “Let me use sex as an example. You are walking down the corridor in a hotel on the way to your room. A door opens and a beautiful scantily clad girl beckons you in. In the room, you can see several naked people engaging in group sex. The girl tells you that they need another man. If you say, ‘No way, what you are doing is wrong and wicked,’ you have made a judgment. However, if you say, ‘No thanks, I prefer not to be involved,’ you have discerned for yourself, but made no judgment on the other people.”

    “And if I join in?”

    Laughing, the Shepherd replies, “Then, perhaps, you didn’t judge or discern. Whichever you choose, neither is right or wrong. You sow cause, and you reap effect.”

    Peering into the city as the view presents an ever-changing reality, I ask hopefully, “Are we going to visit this reality?’

    “Of course. The same rules apply: We are disembodied in this reality, just auras of Light. Now, look deeply into the city.”

    I do so, expecting that we will be instantly there, but instead…I am floating and drifting through the panel and up, ever up, in a dreamy sensation of light, peace and joy. The sensation is powerful and pronounced.

    “How can we be floating up when the city is below us?” I ask, in a blissful daze.

    “Surely you realize that there is neither up nor down, but through,” the Shepherd replies.

    I do not understand, but feel too relaxed to care. “This is different, somehow slower, more joyous – both more real and yet unreal at the same time,” I say dreamily.

    The Shepherd has lost most of his bodily definition, appearing as a haze of golden light in human shape. “Your perception is more acute now; thus, your experience is expanded. We are traveling exactly as before," he replies.

    “But we were there almost instantly last time.”

    “I repeat, your perception is expanded; thus you experience more of the reality, instead of blocking it out. Remember, as you change yourself, you change your reality experience.”

    “Wow! I must use ‘block out’ automatically.”

    “Indeed you do. It is part of the human condition.”

    Any sadness I might feel for the human condition is lost in my increasing feeling of joy. “How strange. It’s only now that I feel such joy that I am aware of the corresponding vibration of misery in our visit to the other reality zone.”

    “Exactly. Your initial reaction was to subconsciously block it out because it was so unpleasant, but you were unable to maintain that block. You are more open and receptive now because you are responding to the energy of Love within this reality.”

    “So the aura of human energy affects us, even without any personal interaction?”

    “Very much. The human energy field is a powerhouse that can be felt across infinity. Humanity is learning how to develop, expand, and express that power. In the previous reality we visited, the people are closed to that energy, and even closed off from one another, yet they remain victims of their own energy creation. Here, the overall energy field is nourishing for the soul, even without personal contact. That is what you are now feeling.”

    The faintly shimmering golden glow that is the Shepherd is achingly beautiful. “Do I appear to you in the same way that you appear to me?” I ask hopefully.

    “According to your viewpoint, you are less defined than before, but to me, you appear as more truly your Self. Self is beauty beyond imagining.”

    During our silent communication, we have drifted into the streets of the magnificent city. I am immediately aware of the absolute difference between this city of a future reality and the City of Living Glass that I visited earlier. This city has been lovingly built and created, but that other City is alive – an expression of a vast and aware consciousness.

    I look around me, captivated. What I assume to be streets are obviously not for traffic. There is no traffic. No cars or buses or delivery trucks, not even bicycles. But there are lots of people. The street where we are is lined with trees unlike any I have ever seen. The foliage is sprucelike, with short, thick needles of glittering silver. I would normally assume the trees to be fakes, so odd are they, but the life force emanating from them is too strong to deny. Although I am not physical, my sense of touch reveals that, unlike spruce, these needles are soft and fleshy. In some ways they look like spray-painted Christmas trees, except that as I look I realize that the needles are gently moving. As though being stroked by an invisible hand along the branches, the needles bend in a rhythmic ripple of motion.

    “This is amazing!” I exclaim.

    “Is it the result of genetic intervention. In this case, the geneticists have set up some very complex instrumentation that feeds the response of the plants into a computer. They experiment with certain ‘biological suggestions,’ the plant registering either its discord or accord with this. In this frame of reality, the geneticists develop the plant only with its total approval. Some geneticists have become so skilled that they are able to bypass the instruments, attuning directly into the consciousness of the plant. As you can feel, these trees both approve of and enjoy their movement in physical form.”

    “Why do I get the feeling that the DNA of the sea anemones may be involved?” I ask.

    “As is apparent, they are involved,” the Shepherd replies. “And would it surprise you to know that they found a way to allow sea anemones to branch out into tree-type expressions?”

    I look at him in mock surprise. “What’s this, a pun from a cosmic Being? Whatever next?” As we laugh, I realize that there is an effervescent quality in the atmosphere of the city, almost mildly intoxicating. Even the Shepherd is not immune to the sense of fun that it invokes.

    For the first time, I really know what he meant when he spoke about the two extremes of expression in our human consciousness. This is the absolute opposite to the earlier frame of reality that we visited. It is only now that I realize just why we visited that other frame. The Shepherd knew that by experiencing that earlier frame I would be able to fully appreciate this one. Expansion by contrast!

    “Is there any way from that misery frame to this joyous frame in a single lifetime?” I ask.

    “No. You would have to die to that negative expression of consciousness to incarnate into this reality. Even then, it would be a prodigious quantum leap in consciousness.”

    “But possible?”


    “There is always hope,” I say brightly.

    “I would prefer you to say, ‘There is always Love.’”

    “Oh, why?” I ask, puzzled.

    “Because the expression of hope can be quite static. The expression of Love is creative and moving; it promotes change. Hope tends to look outside for help and waits; Love looks within and finds the power of Self.”

    “Thank you. That’s something I definitely need to practice. It opens up a whole new realm of exploration.”

    “It does indeed, and the exploration is all within Self. Everything you have ever needed in life is always with you. All humans hold all the wisdom, capacity, and potential of their divinity. It is all in your own consciousness, awaiting you.”

    An image comes to my mind. “It sounds rather like a man crawling through a dry, blazing hot desert, looking for water. Strapped to his back is a canteen of cool, delicious water, but he cannot see it, or is unable to acknowledge that it is with him”

    “Something like that, except that is it impossible to ever to lose the canteen, or empty it, or despoil the water," the Shepherd adds.

    “That analogy comes to mind so easily because I am one of those in the desert,” I say gloomily.

    “But you are here, now,” the Shepherd replies gently, “and this is no desert.”

    A moment later, a peal of laughter strips away the gloom, and I spin around to see a group of nearby teenagers. To my astonishment, they are watching us. They look at me with some curiosity, but it is clear that they regard the Shepherd with a familiar Love and reverence.

    “They can see us,” I gasp, blurting the obvious.

    The Shepherd chuckles, acknowledging them. “People born in this reality are very developed spiritually. These ‘teenagers’ are very aware souls. They can see me in exactly the same way that you are seeing me. The difference is that while your abilities are being enhanced by me, these young people are using their own ability.”

    “But we were invisible before,” I protest.

    “Michael, can you imagine those other poor souls seeing anything beyond their own contained reality? They have walls of fear around them; these people are opened by Love.”

    Put like that, it seems so obvious!

    All the teenagers have a golden-tan skin color, and very little clothing. Curiously, their clothing is very similar to the people of the other reality – almost sheer and rippling with color as they move and breathe. Despite the film of rippling color, most of the teenagers appear almost nude, as it seems as natural as breathing. Without exception, they are all beautiful. They glow with exuberant health, eyes shining, bright and the sheer enthusiasm of life. Intelligence and alert awareness radiate from them as a tangible aura.

    Waving, they beckon for us to follow them. “Can we communicate with them?" I ask the Shepherd. “They obviously know you.”

    “I can communicate with them in the same way that I communicate with you. We are well acquainted.”

    The group of teenagers are stepping into an energy band of colored light that runs down the center of the street. In some ways, it resembles a dense rainbow that simply follows the contours of the street, merging into other similar rainbows where the streets intersect. As soon as they step into it, the whole group lifts a few inches off the ground, laughing and playful as they gesture for us to accompany them. Oddly, several other people traveling in the same energy band are going much faster, moving past the teenagers in what appears to be a collision-proof system of travel.

    “Try it,” the Shepherd suggests.

    Needing no urging, I float into the stream of colored energy. Instantly, a field of force seems to hold me, and I am aware that it will respond to the mental projection of how and where I wish to travel – fast or slow, and wherever in the city I wish to go. I project the thought of following our new friends, and with no sensation of movement, I am instantly with their group.

    “This sure beats our public transportation.”

    By the time I finish my inane remark, we are in a completely different area, standing alongside the remarkable conveyor. How we got here, and disembarked, with no sensation of movement or any awareness of traveling, I have no idea. We are in a large park, with flowering shrubs and trees landscaped into complementary groups of color. Instead of grass as a lawn, the whole area is covered in some creeping prostrate plant that is new to me. Its foliage is soft, like that of a tiny-leafed fern; surprisingly, it is aromatic, reminiscent of lemon. I suspect that it never needs mowing. Within the park is a very large dome-shaped building, rising to a modest peak in the center of the dome. The energy in the park is tranquil, yet very focused. It occurs to me that different areas of the city and environs have deliberately induced fields of energy.

    As the group of young teenagers beckons to me, I follow them into the impressive white dome. The inside is strange. Above my head there is a baffling structure of crystal in the peak of the dome, with what appears to be a large carousel of low glass coffins directly beneath it. I turn to the Shepherd for an explanation.

    “Michael, just watch.”

    As many other young people stream into the building, the group with us is getting into the structures I erroneously thought of as coffins. On closer inspection, I see that they are more like individual cubicles/beds on the huge carousel. Each one is made of a clear, transparent material like soft plastic, which molds and adjusts itself to fit the person who occupies it.

    A woman wearing a light, white tunic is supervising. She bows slightly to the Shepherd, a look of profound respect on her face, and she smiles at me. At the teenagers settle into their cubicles, lying flat on their backs, an indicator flicks alight on a panel near the supervisor. Soon, the panel is fully lit up, all cubicles occupied and ready. Turning to the panel, the woman makes a number of gestures that are obviously commands. The crystal structure high above the peak of the dome lights up, beaming a different light onto different sections of the carrousel. At a guess, there may have been two to three hundred teenagers on the carousel. Next, the carousel begins to turn very slowly, while the teenagers relax, eyes closed, seemingly asleep.

    Stepping closer, I see that an opaque helmet-like apparatus covers the head and face of each occupant. Completely baffled, I look at the Shepherd in perplexity.

    “This is weird!”

    He smiles. “They are students.”

    Suddenly, it is all so overwhelmingly obvious. This is a school in this reality. Instead of learning by rote, information is fed directly into their brains and minds while they are relaxed and in an alpha/theta mind wave.

    The Shepherd knows my sudden comprehension, attuned to my broadcast thoughts.

    “There is much more to it than that. The carousel moves the students through different colors, each one stimulating a certain response. The crystal through which the light shines is programmed, rather like a supermind that directly connects and communicates with the student through vibration. Every part of the student is intimately involved. In this process, the students experience what they are learning. Each physical sense perception is involved, while the psyche is metaphysically stimulated. This is why they are able to see you and me, even though we are not physical. Their awareness is such that they can even see and hear though their skin while under the influence of this educational capacitor.

    “Capacitor! Does that mean that there is electricity involved?”

    Certainly. The crystal generates an electric current that is transferred via the vibration of color directly into the body electric of the student. As you know, even the pattern of your thought is electrical.”

    “That sure as hell beats punish-and-condemn method that was forced on me,” I say enviously.

    “In your reality frame, you are just beginning to develop what you call ‘virtual reality.’ Using that definition, these students are having a virtual reality experience, although it is far beyond anything that the people of your reality have devised. These students are not passively hooked into information. Within these parameters of their lesson, they are able to choose what they experience, fully participating in their learning.”

    “How long is school each day?’

    “Approximately three hours. During that time, through direct personal experience, they assimilate considerably more than in a month of the method you experienced.”

    “A month!” I cried out. “That’s impossible!”

    The Shepherd faces me calmly. “At six years of age, these students have learned almost all there is to know about the human body and how to maintain optimum health. Everything, inside and out.”

    “Perhaps that is why they are all so physically perfect.” It is true. I noticed that as the students arrived that although hair color and eye color vary a great deal, all the teenagers have the golden-tan skin, and they are mostly slim and quite tall. Without exception, they all radiate vibrant health.

    “It is rather daunting to be faced with such perfection,” I comment. “Are all the adults like this?”

    “Michael, remember this is a time/frame of a future reality. Do not compare these people to your present humanity. You are living in a time when the great potential of many brilliant individuals is suppressed. Your people are stricken with disease, war, famine, and suffering on a level that rivals anything in your historical past. All your true geniuses who develop the means for holistic health and a global abundance of food are persecuted, ridiculed, restrained, and controlled by rampant corporate greed and consensus reality. However, as always, the greater the suppression, the greater the resulting explosion.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You live in a time of great cataclysm, a time of an explosive upheaval in consciousness. This can be seen environmentally in the unprecedented speed of change. The times you live in will be the determining factor of your next reality frame. Some of your humanity will incarnate into the reality that we visited earlier; some will incarnate here. The big majority, however, will probably incarnate back into a reality frame that is a continuation of your present mode.”

    “How is this decided?”

    “By how you live your life. By your individual state of consciousness. It is determined not by what you know, but by the degree of Love you are able to express in your daily life. Love that has no cause, motivation, or conditions – just a need to express your highest ideals and principles.”

    “I know where the multimillionaire manipulators and prime movers will go,” I say, thinking of the other place.

    “Do you? Or is it a judgment of right and wrong? All that is happening in your present time/frame – from the most gross/negative to the ultra-positive – is a reflection of the whole human consciousness of that frame. There is truly no right and wrong, good or bad; there is only the individual expressions of fear/deny or Love/accept, and all the shades in between that determine the eternal Now of each individual within the Whole. Neither innocence nor guilt, nor judgment and blame has any place within this; it is all self-determined.

    “Yes, I spoke rashly. I do know better,” I amend apologetically. “It’s so easy to slip into judging.”

    “Michael, in this reality there are no hospitals, no disease, no sickness. Any touch of discord is detected in the body aura and treated before it manifests into the physical. The people of what you term tomorrow are the product of your today. This is your human potential.”

    Although the Shepherd appears as a glowing, slightly nebulous angelic figure, I relate to him in the way and form that we first met. He suddenly sweeps me into an embrace exactly like a human hug, multiplied a thousand times by the energy of his Unconditional Love.

    “Come, Michael, let’s adjourn to the wide, open spaces.”

    When he lets go of me, we are in a forest.

    I gaze around, spellbound. Surrounding us are the largest trees that I have ever seen. The biggest trees in our few remaining areas of untouched forest would be dwarfed by these. They are colossal! I recognize none of them. There is an aura of ultimate perfection in this forest, or some incredible synthesis of humanity and Nature.

    “Make contact with a tree,” the Shepherd suggests, as though answering all my unspoken questions.

    Drift-walking over to a tree whose lower branches sweep the pungent soil with fingers of soft, pale green leaves, I sit on a convenient and inviting branch. Within moments, I feel an induced inner relaxation, and I let go of all of my questions. With no sense of movement, my focus is hovering just above the forest, a vast expanse of trees stretching out before me. In some areas the sun shines strongly into the forest, while in other parts of the forest it is raining. As far as I can see and perceive, there is an ocean of green foliage. Birds of many varieties fly in and among the trees, their calls forming a background orchestra of muted sound. Butterflies flit and flutter among the trees, while bees drone on a monotone hum as they search for nectar. Small animals scramble here and there, or nimbly leap, but, oddly, there are none that I recognize.

    I feel a powerful sense of belonging, as though I have lived here, yet it does not feel familiar. Slowly, my focus moves along the top of the forest, probing into the upper realms of this natural wonderland. I feel as if I am being passed along from one tree to another, as though my psyche is within their awareness and care. With this realization, I am suddenly aware of the consciousness of the trees, and we are in communication.

    “Relax, Light One, and flow with life. Before all things, trust. Trust Self. Seek, without searching, enquire without questions, see beyond looking. As always, follow your heart.”

    As the clear words fade from my consciousness, I am aware of Nature sprits all around me. As though my vision has just cleared, I perceive that the forest is alive with the Beings of Nature, from vast ethereal Beings that seem to contain a whole tree to very tiniest Beings possible. It reminds me of the realm of the Pillar of Green Light. I realize that the people of this reality work within the cooperation and influence of that mystic kingdom.

    As my perception fades, I become aware that I am sitting on the low branch. Getting off with care and respect for the tree, I place my hand on it reverently. I am not sure why the Spirit of the Tree has imparted this particular message with such absolute clarity and impact, but I feel a deep gratitude. “Thank you,” I whisper.

    Under the Shepherd’s guidance, we drift like thistle seed among the splendid trees. “In our reality frame this would be exploited and ruined,” I say. “We call it development and progress. Apart from the wonder and beauty of the forest simply being here, do the people of this frame use it in any way?”

    Smiling, the Shepherd changes our direction, and within moments I see again the familiar, multicolored band of energy. More rainbowlike than ever, it sweeps from behind the trees to encircle some of them, then up, up, to the canopy far above, only to come sweeping down again. Winding its way through the trees like a never-ending, iridescent tube of light, it is as much a part of the forest as it is of the city. With no solidity, no support, and without intruding, it belongs. Birds fly through it, animals ignore it, and flowers blossom within it as a breeze sweeps various outstretched branches into it.

    With the Shepherd, I drift into the energy band. “Let’s take our time, I ask. I want to experience this rather than our instant arrival somewhere else.”

    There is nothing I can possibly compare it to in our twentieth-century reality. At the speed of a fast run, we are swept through the forest as through we are flying/standing. Thrillingly, we sweep up, up, then down and around, transported by an energy band that is designed to give those whom it transports a real experience of the living forest. “I suppose that this is the only transport needed in this reality,” I murmur, mesmerized by the forest.

    “Actually, no. This system serves a particular purpose, linking all the cities and visiting many areas of commerce, natural wonder, and wilderness. There is a network like this all over the planet, but people also have their own independent means of travel.”

    “Not cars!”

    The Shepherd laughs. “Just wait and see.”

    Somewhere near the edge of the forest, we alight from the energy/transporter, drifting in a fast walk toward the wide open spaces.

    “How about a farm? I saw one in the other reality; may I see its comparison here?”

    “That is exactly where we are heading,” the Shepherd replies. “I can assure you that this will be more to your liking."

    As we quite rapidly approach a cluster of domes, a large, completely transparent bubble floats silently and swiftly over us. Astonishingly, a person stands within it. With a sudden acceleration, it swoops down toward the domes, stopping not far from us. The occupant simply steps out of the bubble, moving through the sides as we would walk through a film of water. There are no controls or instruments to be seen in the conveyance. Even though it is far more potent, it just looks like a large, empty bubble.

    “Wouldn’t I like one of those!” I exclaim.

    “That is a personal transporter,” the Shepherd tells me. “Everybody over the age of six has one. The vehicle is attuned to its owner, responding to thought commands. It is also-“

    “Is it biological, alive?” I interject.

    Frowning reprovingly, the Shepherd continues. “No, it is not biological. It is composed of harnessed electromagnetic energy; this is attuned with the energy field of its owner.”

    “Can it only transport the owner, or can anyone drive it, like a car?”

    “A few are personally attuned only; most are programmed to accept anyone. However, each person has to attune with the vehicle before being transported.”

    “What! Like meditate before a journey? That’s not much good if you are in a hurry!”

    The Shepherd stares imploringly heavenward. “It takes but mere seconds, Michael. This is not a backward or archaic frame of reality; this is a peak of spiritual focus and intelligence. As in that other frame of reality, you are seeing but a tiny fraction of all that is here.”

    A deeply submerged knot of pure, undiluted inadequacy suddenly forces its way out of me. “I know that, I say in a shaky voice, but I don’t know what I am supposed to do with it.” I gulp. “I hear you tell me that I have to share this, then I learn that I will forget practically all of it. I’m lost, overwhelmed. I…why me?”

    The Shepherd stares at me, his face registering enormous compassion. Nodding, he says, “I understand. You see yourself as being so little, so inadequate, while I see you as a Being of Light, human, and powerfully adequate. Who of us is the wiser? Who has the greater insight, the greater Truth?”

    I can only stare back at him, speechless, threatened by the sheer volume and magnitude of my experience.

    “Michael, it was you who chose to enter this mystical realm. You were not chosen by others. Nothing has been imposed. You made this choice to assist in your Awakening. If you remain in the human dream, asleep, and everything that you experience is forgotten and lost, that is not wrong or bad. It is all within human consciousness, as is all the experience of all people. However, you have chosen to Awaken in this incarnation, and this mystical adventure is an initiation, a beginning. And it is more, for this experience of a timeless realm is not yours alone. I repeat, in consciousness, it is shared with all Humanity, no matter how unaware other people may be of this. Nor does it matter by how many it is rejected; All is One.

    "Only if you Awaken will this be remembered as a happening experience. In other words, your memory will hold it in the past, but your reality will hold it in the moment. You will be able to accommodate this, and you will present the whole experience as a book for those who choose to share it. So powerfully will it be your ongoing experience of the moment that you will even write it in the more difficult style of the present tense, not knowing why it is so important that you do so until nearing the end."

    “So relax. The Spirit of the Forest gave you the advice that you will most need. Before all things, trust your Self. Know that you are adequate – all humanity is adequate – and be gentle with yourself. Focus on all that you are, on your potential, your capabilities, your capacity. Ignore what you think you are not. Accept yourself the way you are. Trust yourself in all things at all times.”

    As I listen to the Shepherd on an inner telepathic level, I feel that each word is a vehicle for Love. I feel cocooned and nurtured in such a Lightness of Love that it breaks through my negating inadequacy like the bright sun through dark clouds. Hugging the Shepherd – Light to Light – I have no words, nor are they needed.

    For a few timeless moments, I compose myself, then, in accord with the Shepherd, we drift over to the dome buildings. That are not very big, considerably smaller than the average house, and they look lightweight and flimsy.

    The Shepherd grins at me. “Flimsy, they ain’t," he says with exaggerated humor. "They would be impervious to your very worst tornadoes.”

    The passenger from the bubble appears not to have noticed us, for there is no sign of anyone around. We walk into the nearest dome, and I stare in surprise. It is empty.

    “It’s empty,” I say, brilliant at stating the obvious.

    “Laughing, the Shepherd explains. “These domes are not farmyard buildings or barns the way you expect. They are force fields, designed to be enlarged to cover whole fields. Although these people have the technology and mental capacity to control the weather, they choose not to. They accept the weather and the balance of Nature are so intrinsically interconnected that any interference would be detrimental to the Whole. What appears to you as a flimsy dome is really a collapsed field of force that can be expanded to cover hundreds of acres – in your measurement – of land. In this way the farmers control the ecology of an area and what they are growing without affecting any other areas of Nature.”

    “I suppose they are basically used in winter?”

    Mostly, also in other times of inclement weather. Each force field is programmed for what is needed. They are able to control temperature, rainfall, and several other factors, producing the required climatic conditions.”

    So where does the farmer and his or her family live?”

    Unlike in your time frame, they seldom live on the land. Land is not owned; it belongs to everyone and is used for the welfare of all – human and Nature. The farming families live in villages, using their transporters to travel to the crops. This reality is very different than anything you are used to. Animals are not farmed. Cows are not kept for milk, nor sheep for wool, and there are no livestock for meat. Also, there are no pets. Birds and animals are free, companions only by choice.”

    “Do they ever choose to be pets, I mean companions?”

    “Frequently, but always for a focused higher purpose.”

    “Such as?”

    "Humans and animals become companions when it is in the interests of both to learn from each other. Generally, such a bond is for the life term of the animal, although short-term bonding also occurs.”

    I stare at the Shepherd as a hundred more questions fight to be first. Holding up both hands, I hasten to speak. “Let go of your questions. The more you ask, the more you want to know. As in the previous frame, you are here to experience just the flavor and energy of this reality. It is far more different than you can really comprehend – simpler, yet, at the same time, much more complex. There are no police, no armies, no greed, no crime. Everything that you need is here in abundance. Imagine what that implies. These people live in the moment, spiritually focused, learning to expand their consciousness, develop their intelligence, and increase their wisdom. They do this through their interaction with one another, and as students of the Spirit of Nature. They also learn from other Beings.”

    “You mean visitors from the stars?”

    “That’s a dramatic way to state it, but accurate.”

    “I take it that the Gray Ones are not welcome here.”

    The Shepherd chuckles, “They could not be here. The energy of aware and focused Love is anathema to them.”

    “Do any of the Beings that I have met in the timeless realm come here?”

    “Question time again?”

    “How else can I know?”

    "My answers are not your knowing; they are information, and information is not the experience of knowing. In fact, information can easily become a detour around knowing.”

    His energy has become brisk. “We will visit one of the crop fields in this reality, so you can experience it, and then we must return. You are beginning to wobble.”

    “Wobble? Me!”

    I can feel the Shepherd’s humor. “You are approaching the limit of your ability to stay within a metaphysical focus. You have done remarkably well.”

    I am aware of feeling vaguely light-headed, but I have no idea that my time is running out. “How ironic to run out of time in a timeless realm,” I quip. “I realize that it’s the physical me who is feeling fatigued, and that, of course, affects the light-body me.”

    Without any awareness of drift or movement, we are suddenly in a large field of grain. What I am seeing is quite astounding. A house-sized bubble is floating over a field, while a stream of grain flows from the heads of the plants directly into the bubble. It fills quite rapidly, yet the bubble seems as light and buoyant as ever.

    “That’s impossible,” I say.

    “It is all made possible by a superconductive field of energy,” the Shepherd explains. “However, I want you to empathize with the grain. Attune with it; feel the energies involved.”

    Although I have no idea what a superconductive field of energy is, I am able to feel a powerful sense of release and fulfillment – a “mission accomplished” feeling – as the grain flows into the bubble. I “feel” that cooperation between the plants and people involved, even though there is no one here to supervise.

    As I watch, the bubble fills, and with a brief flicker, it accelerates out of sight in less than a microsecond. Immediately, with no lessening of flow and without losing any grain, another large bubble is there receiving it.

    “Put simply, the people of this reality are masters at the creation and use of force fields. Grain forms the basis of many of their foods, along with a diversity of fruit and vegetables that would leave you gasping. Suffice it to say that the number of fruits and vegetables in regular use is in the thousands,” the Shepherd says.

    Watching the grain being harvested is like being a witness to magic. It is inconceivable by my standards. As though caught in a cyclonic yet gentle force, the swirling ripple where the grain is leaving the plant is completely soundless, adding a surreal quality to this impossible scene.

    Suddenly, I am aware of my wobble! I feel increasingly light-headed, with the overtones of an enormous fatigue slowly closing in on me. The Shepherd knows this, and although I keep expecting us to return to his craft, he hesitates.

    Without warning, a bubble containing three people comes sweeping over the grain crop to hover close by us. Staring hard at them, I gasp. Two are tan-skinned human adults, but the other Being, although humanoid, is fine-boned and very slender, with a large hairless head and startling blue skin. For a moment our eyes meet, and I sense an inner recognition. I feel a love for this Being that is so powerful and unexpected, it hurts. In the brief moment our eyes meet, I feel a promise from the Blue Being that I cannot put into words – a promise I cannot define.

    Even as I stare longingly back, everything around me blurs, and with no sense of movement or displacement, we are back in the Shepherd’s craft.

    I realize that the Shepherd deliberately delayed so that I could meet the Blue Being. I smile into the Shepherd’s eyes. “Thank you. With all that I am, thank you.” Despite the Mystery – or maybe because of it – I have no questions.

    That ends chapter 9 of his Into a Timeless Realm.

    I first encountered Roads’s work about the time I was getting the crap kicked out of me in Ventura. His Into a Timeless Realm was his fourth book, but that out-of-body experience that lasted all night happened before the experiences chronicled in his earlier books. He was afraid that his initial experience was too bizarre for readers to connect with, and I think he was right. When I have recommended his work, I usually suggest starting with his first books and working up to Into a Timeless Realm. I met Roads in about 1994/1995, when Into a Timeless Realm was published. He is gregarious and humble in person, which is a fitting demeanor for somebody who had his odyssey.

    In the nearly twenty years since I read that account to two future Earths, it has been one of the stars that I steer by. For me, it was a reaffirmation that my FE journey is not chasing phantoms. Around the same time that I was being introduced to the idea of those future Earths (I have been familiar with the parallel reality concept since the mid-1970s, with Seth’s work, but Roads’s first-person account is the only one of its kind that I am familiar with), my friend told me about the little show that he received:


    but that was also several years after hearing about Sparky Sweet’s FE device:


    and slowly becoming familiar with the FE milieu. I got my experience in the milieu before really knowing much about it. I am not sure I would recommend that path to anybody, but it can be an insanely-steep learning curve.

    In the coming days, I will make some observations about those two future worlds, and the energy/love/consciousness connection. A lot of it is obvious to even the casual reader, but with my background, it became a gold mine of information. It really did not give me many new ideas, but it essentially reaffirmed the path I have been on for nearly the past forty years.

    Time for chores.


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    Ilie Pandia

    Default Re: A Future Earth

    The first time I read this book and now again reading it here, it brings tears to my eyes... I am so grateful Michael chose to write this and make it public. Even though I cannot recall it I do hope that somehow I was able to visit similar reality frames.

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    “Michael, it was you who chose to enter this mystical realm. You were not chosen by others. Nothing has been imposed. You made this choice to assist in your Awakening. If you remain in the human dream, asleep, and everything that you experience is forgotten and lost, that is not wrong or bad. It is all within human consciousness, as is all the experience of all people. However, you have chosen to Awaken in this incarnation, and this mystical adventure is an initiation, a beginning. And it is more, fore this experience of a timeless realm is not yours alone. I repeat, in consciousness, it is shared with all Humanity, no matter how unaware other people may be of this. Nor does it matter by how many it is rejected; All is One.

    I somehow knew this from my wonderful experiences on that Native American Hill of Spirit in 2007, Wade.
    We ARE going to get there from here : )

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    I love Micheal Road's visions and most of all his humaness as he traverses wonderful worlds and not so wonderful worlds in his books. Often I find myself laughing out loud at how naive and challenging to his own discoveries and selves!!!!
    Love and Light Always/Sandy

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    At first, after the planes, came the pods - gliding through the air without thirst for finite fuel and without noise. But then - came the light spheres.

    Freed from the burdens of survival, we were able to travel lighter in our hearts. We were able to reach one another at speeds and in ways that were previously unknown. Our bodies began to lighten, steadied by deeds and sounds of truth in a sentient dream we’d learned to share; lifted by a sun which sang through our skin, informing our thoughts with her golden stream, spinning and rising from within.

    Our hands were filled with a gladness that blessed the earth. We walked freely with her wild things - our love in the open without fear; our minds purified, our intentions clear.

    It is not hard to grow the technology that enhances your world, when your deepest wish is for harmony with it. So as our bodies levitated, we discovered ways to amplify our experience. We developed the frequencies that were keys to the light spheres. And with them, at will, we could immerse ourselves in environments and invite the living world within. Creatures of the water and those that swept along the skies would enter. We would feel no cold, no lack of air, and they would feel an amplification of the love within our sphere. Only ones that were drawn by a resonance would come to us; leaving either unchanged, or with their hearts uplifted and spirit touched by forms of light that we exchanged.

    No harm was done. No harm is ever done. There is only love. Love is the imprint, the seed of our thoughts. And that truth is the seed of all of our invention.

    One day there will be rainbows in our blood

    Music by Tim Hecker, from Harmony in Ultraviolet

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    Default Re: A Future Earth


    Here are some observations on those two contrasting worlds. One is that both were technologically advanced. Technology alone has never been the answer, and in the West, warfare has been the greatest stimulant for technological advance, and the military has long been one of the greatest tools in suppressing FE and related technology. Most of Greer’s Disclosure Project witnesses were military personnel and were hampered by their “national security” oaths.

    As Bucky said, when we can use our technology for livingry rather than weaponry, then it will be easy to turn the corner:


    That said, our tools made us, and our future will be a technological one. The key is if we use them in the service of love or fear. Do we use it to produce abundance, or use it to artificially-enforce scarcity? For me, that was the mind-boggling contrast between those worlds. The hellish world took the steeply-hierarchical economic/social/political systems of today’s world another ten steps further, where the poor literally lived at the bottom, and the “winners” at the top. The scarcity was enforced so completely that when people became ill or infirm on the lower levels, death was their preferred and even encouraged option. Life expectancy at the bottom was probably less than thirty years old, while those at the top, with their endless credits, lived to be hundreds of years old. So, that contrast is far greater than today, and for the long-lived to be in such close proximity to the short-lived is not something found in today’s world, not nearly to that level, with the closest thing probably being reservation Indians, who live about thirty-year-shorter lives than the nearby whites.


    The contrast in the treatment of animals and nature was incredible. When people treat each other how they did in that hellish world, animals and nature are going to be far down the list of what is expendable. There are people at agribusiness firms today who are unabashedly trying to genetically engineer legless cows and featherless chickens:


    and they may incarnate into that future hellish world, where they can witness their dreams come to fruition. Only then might they begin to rethink their greed-based enthusiasm.

    But for all of the seeming technological advancement of the hellish world, it was as primitive as a medieval pigsty when compared to that heavenly world. It was hard to tell if the hellish world had FE, but if it did, it was only available for those with sufficient credits. Those on the lower levels did not receive its benefits. That situation is similar to today’s world, where the good stuff is squirreled away in Godzilla’s Golden Hoard:


    and is sequestered solely for reasons of power. If people had access to FE, the steep hierarchies would collapse, in both our world and that hellish one. That said, even the lower levels of that hellish world had access to enough energy to where they were not cold, so they still had it better than many people on today’s Earth, on that score. From where the farm was (it seemed like England to Roads), it seems that that city may have been a version of London, so the warmth was significant, although that may have been partly due to global warming. Whatever the case was, it made Blade Runner’s Los Angeles seem heavenly by contrast.

    But where I really want to focus, and I am sure that virtually all readers of this thread also do, is that heavenly world. First and foremost, they chose love. In Roads’s banter with the Shepherd, it became clear that choosing love, or failing to, was the key decision in life, with all else flowing from it. Also, the Shepherd said that choosing love is what led to true sentience, and for those who did not choose it, they were prey to their conditioning:

    “If you choose love, then love is your reality. If you do not choose love, then your conditioning will determine your reality.”

    This is a restatement of Michael’s concept, that achieving essence contact is done through love, and when an ensouled personality can do that, it can then shed its “false personality,” which is created by its conditioning. But the chief feature is what primarily prevents essence contact:


    and very few Earthlings extinguish their chief feature in a lifetime, and if they do not achieve it by the time their midlife crisis ends, they likely will not do so in a lifetime, which means that it is probably too late for me in this lifetime, to overcome my impatience, but I am OK with that. In the Michael framework, that heavenly world was comprised of Old Souls, or in Walsch’s Conversations with God terminology, Highly Evolved Beings.

    What those two future worlds do not depict is one where humanity exterminates itself. That is a very looming possibility, but there would not be much to visit on a world like that.

    But that heavenly world used FE in a big way, and that might not be obvious to the casual observer. The energy needed to run that rainbow expressway would be prodigious, far beyond today’s energy generation capability. The energy used in those “bubbles” was also vast, so much so that I have a hard time even imagining it. As was evident when those bubbles harvested that grain, they could move at something like spaceship speed, but without creating a sonic boom. I can sympathize with Roads’s continual straight-man exclamations of “impossible!” that either amused the Shepherd or tried his patience. That actually is a key aspect of the free energy conundrum. I have been living with the idea of free energy since 1986, and I know that I can barely imagine what all the changes would be if it was wisely and lovingly implemented.

    What was also evident is that the FE-based world was completely safe, even though Roads’s mind was constantly boggled as he wondered about how they did it. Arthur C. Clarke once said that any civilization that was sufficiently advanced technologically from another would appear to work by magic to those from the more primitive society. When my friend told me about what he was shown in that underground setting, he also expressed a wonder at what he saw, as if he was watching some kind of magic act.

    This highlights one of the key aspects of not only detecting Godzilla’s minions in action, but how to discern the “good guys” from the “bad guys.” The “good guys” are never going to use their technology for weaponry, ego-gratification with elite goods, or use technology in an unsafe or exploitative manner. The “bad guys” will use technology in the opposite way. One is in the service of love, and the other in the service of fear.

    Also, while there may have been some Level 19s in that world:


    Roads did not meet any, and that is why the advice that I regularly hear, “Hey, let’s all become a bunch of Level 19s and float off together,” is very New Agey in its naïveté and impracticality. Our evolutionary path is not going to be one of total denial of FE and abundance, to instant transcendence of all physical needs. We live in physical reality for a reason, and mastering being here is part of the path. Our future, if there is much of one for our species, is along a path of technological advancement, as it has been ever since our ancestors learned how to maintain a fire:


    and that is not going to change. It does not mean that we worship technology or think that it has magic answers, but the way that we use our tools defines us. Dolphins and whales don’t have that issue, but all ensouled species that can manipulate their environments do. That is the blessing and challenge of being human.

    Also, encountering accounts like Roads’s only reaffirmed my strategy of traveling the lamb’s path to FE. It was always the lamb’s path for me, even long before I met Dennis. I saw the so-called warriors quickly fall by the wayside, while the lambs persisted. Only warriors who operate from the positive pole of their soul role’s orientation:


    are going to be any help in making FE happen, and they will necessarily have grown past the delusions rife with Young Souls that lead to advocating coercion, violence, and “getting” the bad guys. Those who advocate such measures will be the weak links, if not outright provocateurs, and I will do my best so that people in thrall to those delusions do not become part of the choir that I have in mind. I have heard the provocateurs sing their seductive tunes:


    and those who are in it for money, fame, and the like are like lambs to the slaughter when encountering the provocateurs and free-lance predators.

    The ET connection in both worlds was “interesting,” and the multi-dimensional aspect of the ETs was evident in both worlds. We are far from alone in the universe, although Godzilla does his best to keep that fact covered up, or portray the ETs as a bunch of “bad guys,” if they are ever acknowledged at all.

    What was particularly fascinating to me was how sentient nature became in that heavenly world. I really wonder about the love connection in that regard. That was one of the most intriguing mysteries that I have thought about over the years. The evolutionary path of the entire planet changed with love. There may have been no predation in that world, and any grazing was done in a very different way than in today’s world. I’ll bet that most animals ate fruit, which is a symbiosis with the plants.

    And that world was only three hundred years into our future. I wonder what it would look like in ten thousand years. Perhaps then most may have become Level 19s, and could materialize and “ascend” at will.

    Time for chores.


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    Ilie Pandia

    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Quote Posted by Wade Frazier
    What was particularly fascinating to me was how sentient nature became in that heavenly world. I really wonder about the love connection in that regard. That was one of the most intriguing mysteries that I have thought about over the years.
    I've read that slightly differently as the nature was already sentient and waiting "for contact" for whomever had eyes to see or heart to feel. Even in our world today, Roads (and others) claim to be in touch and contact with nature and I can only guess what their perception of nature is.

    I sometimes have flashes of what seems to be a childhood memory, when I feel absolutely safe and I am very very happy. And always, I am alone in nature .

    Exploring the "hellish" world in Road's book reminded me of Huxley's "Brave New World", where everybody was drugged happy all the time and conditioned from early on to blindly accept their "status". At the time of reading I thought: well, that's not so bad, if I am 'high' all the time then I'll probably not be suffering... This was right after finishing the Orwellian "1984" nightmare so drugged into happiness seemed a much better way to live than tortured by fear. Now that I think of it, the Orwellian people stand a much more chance of breaking free, since they know they are oppressed, while the 'drugged happy' may stay stuck at that level forever.

    Looking a the "hellish" world, I don't think they had Free Energy. "Credits" would make no sense then... Unless, like in our reality, the FE devices were kept under tight control with only very few knowing about it, so they could justify their caste system.
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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Hi Ilie:

    That is a big subject, maybe the biggest on Earth, as to what the human role is on Earth, and what our potential is. If predation came to an end on that future Earth, it is legitimate to wonder what the human role was. These big brains of ours have some importance, and we can do what other animals cannot. How much of that world came about because humans became a truly sentient species? I think it would be a mistake to underplay that human element in how that world was transformed. Would Earth have reached its “potential glory,” as the Shepherd put it, without the human presence? A lot of mystical material states that it would not have happened without human involvement. Is that human egocentrism speaking, or is there some mysterious part of the human potential that is necessary for being achieved for Earth to reach her potential?

    Those trees with anemone needles were not possible without human help, to name one inconsequential example. If predation became a thing of the past, what do you think the human role in that change might have been? Is that an “improvement” on nature? Again, these are big questions, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I think that rising human sentience had a big part to play in the creation of that world. Is it our potential, our mission, even, to manifest a sentient love on this planet? I am not sure, but I think the answer to that mystery also at least partly holds the answer of our purpose here.

    I’ll agree with you and Roads, and the Shepherd admitted it, that the force of change in that hellish reality will come from the people living at the bottom of that city. That could well be an allegory for our world today, in that the USA will do anything but lead us out of the mire, and will more likely keep everybody held back, as we sit atop the food chain (well below Godzilla, however )

    Time for chores.


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    Default Re: A Future Earth


    A few more observations on that heavenly world. I have stated plenty that with FE, there would no longer be a need for cities. Yet, in that future world, we saw a city. Why would that be? There are a few reasons that come to mind. The most obvious is easy social interaction between people. But in the rise of the city to today, that social interaction, at best, allowed for easier dissemination of information and ideas, and the ability of people to come together in industrial organization. As we saw with the industrialization of England and the USA:



    the existing cities had almost nothing to do with early industrialization, mainly because the energy came from the watermills, and they had to be located in the countryside where the exploitable streams were. So, the first industrial cities formed around industry, because that is where the energy was. The energy can be anywhere in an FE world, and with people able to travel the world in those bubbles in what is likely minutes at most, there is little practical reason why people would choose to live close to “work.” But that city was surely like no other on Earth today. There was no traffic, it was filled with nature, and the purpose of those buildings is somewhat of a mystery to me. They were probably gathering places of some sort, such as a “theater” or "stadium.” But there would certainly never have been competitive games or sports played. Perhaps choirs and orchestras performed there, although, once again, I doubt that they had much resemblance to today’s versions of them. Maybe some were for institutions, such as one for spiritual connection, one for energy management, and so on. We saw that the school was on grounds uniquely created for it. We saw that the farm had a nearby village that the “farmers” lived at, but it was surely a far cry from any rural hamlet that we have ever seen. I am sure that in that world, there are little “settlements” in the midst of the wildernesses, or on their fringes. If I get to live there in a future lifetime, I am sure that I would spend some time in one of those settlements, which might be a version of a “cottage” way far from all “civilization,” where a person could play “ranger” for a time. But what was also not shown in that world was surely a global communication system where anybody could connect with anybody, instantly, and perhaps with mind-to-mind communication, and some may have dispensed with technology altogether for communication, like those geneticists who no longer needed their equipment to detect the plant’s feelings.

    Roads’s glimpse was tantalizing. In the near future, am going to write a post or two where I imagine days in the lives of some people on that world.

    Time for chores.


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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Hi Wade,

    We only got a glimpse of that reality as seen/remembered by Michael Roads and we certainly did not see the whole picture

    That city may have had 100 people for all we know . Also the farmers were custodians (not owners) of the Earth.

    I can easily imagine myself getting together with friends, in a location more than others, in a Free Energy society, even though today, given the choice, I would never live in our "version of city life".

    A few days ago I saw "Star Trek - Into the darkness". Their vision of the future was crammed cities, with pointy buildings, underground working places, incurable disease and so on... That was much closer to the "hellish vision" than what I think a society that made money obsolete, would be... I could not understand who would chose to work underground away from the Sun and nature...

    Maybe the cities in Road's vision were no longer concentrating energy, but rather awareness, as Roads comments at one time how calm and yet very focused the energy seemed to be there.

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    In a simple way:

    The Earth in my future will mainly be given back to nature and is only a place for us to visit and wonder over.
    You might if desired be one of Earths ground zero carers with volunteered tasks of putting Mother Earth back into her full living vibrant beauty .

    Some lands being given back to those human tribes and cultures who would treat her righteously with Love and understanding, so that they themselves might be given the chance to put their cultures back into full growth again (If and where possible).

    There will be some places of great spiritual practices. places to go and learn to be one with nature and learn/develop your spirit and meditate in true: health, peace and beauty.

    I would Love Future Earth to be like that.

    I would LOVE Future Earths Humanity living mainly in orbit around Mother Earth.
    In vast satellite cites along the designs of Jacque Fresco's Venus Project, but in orbit
    ( Thank you WhiteFeather I had't known of it before your link )

    I would Love Future Humanity and all their/our future branching off from a restored Mother Earth.
    A future Humanity with Green, Clean, Loving lessons learnt and applied to the full.
    I'm a simple easy going guy that is very upset/sad with the worlds hidden controllers!
    We need LEADERS who bat from the HEART!
    Rise up above them Dark evil doers, not within anger but with LOVE

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Hi Ilie:

    Yes, indeed, we only got a glimpse, and I feel like Roads did, with a hundred questions. Yes, nobody “owned” any land, and I would not be surprised if the only real possession in that world was a person’s body (and maybe a few personal effects, but nobody would be too attached to them).

    Part of my speculation about the city is that why cities formed is a controversial topic in academic circles:


    We know that everywhere that agriculture began, cities were not far behind. The reasons for people moving to cities have been studied ever since Confucius and the Classic Greeks:


    and the posited reasons are several. Paul Bairoch surveyed a number of them in his Cities and Economic Development:


    Cities are a uniquely human invention, an economic/social/political development, and I am keenly interested in why that heavenly world still had cities in some form. I speculate that it had little to do with the historical reasons for building them, and maybe it had few residents, as you speculate.

    Yes, the Star Trek reboot is a far cry from TNG, more like a space opera than it is showing a humanity that overcame most of its problems and was exploring the stars under its Prime Directive.

    Hi Sunny-side-up:

    Nice vision. In the channeled material, there are accounts of ensouled species that indeed lived in orbiting cities and their home planet became a park for recreation. As I have written, the Project Venus founder regards FE as the enemy:


    which is common among today’s “visionaries,” I am sorry to say, addicted to scarcity like they are.


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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    In the realms of pure Harmony which resides somewhere way high over the rainbow, and where the call to come and help planet "Terra" echoed decades ago ,are now gatherd and collected a large group of light energy beings to watch with great satisfaction and with overly joy on the most perfect transformation ever made on any of the third dimensional planets in the physical world section of the vast creation. The challenge was virtually inaccessible, or so it felt. From a dense swamp like point of location in the physical universe, where it was apparent that the light is getting dimmer and darker, untill the concern arose that the entire galaxy will shut down, a strong flux of light is now radiating and return some sparkle rays back to the sun.

    It was anything but easy, the planet of 'free will' was one of the most complex experiments ever done by the planners of stars, galaxies, solar systems and paralle universes with all varieties of different forms of life stretched as far as the imagination can go.
    Something else needed to be created that will challenge all creations done up till then. The starting point was kinda limited, but the recipe included all potential ingredients that could form the wonderful heaven like expensive paradise that is the true essence of the 'all there is' and which characterizes the higher realms existences. Intention was to translate the frequencies of pure and higher energies into the density of the physical.

    Starting conditions included amnesia and some genetic manipulation without revealing the knowledge of the great creative and most important tool in all of the universes - free flowing energy. Take that from the beings and see how they manage... and let some other players from similiar created places with slightly better advancment intervene and by that let all physical beings grow together each in their own pace. The unknown situation of disharmony was investigated and researched thoroughly inside and out. But now, thanks to the resolute insistence of the creators of the game and their faith in the ability of the souls participating in the game to remember who they are and where they came from - the perfect reversal has occurred. It began with the revelation of free energy. It is the essence that every living soul, plants, inanimate ,spirits, cells, atoms, and much everything else in all realms is consisted of. However, In the 3D physical dense world of Terra it needed to be captured by devices, first. The process of understanding was slow and was tried and failed many times, but now the type of energy expressed in the form of consciousness has spread on this precious planet due to the reinforcement of the game with some of the creators rushing in to save their invention and experience it first hand and with some other technitians who came to assist with support.

    In the pure world of harmony, far over the rainbow, the energy beings gathered and are ready to zoom in and see what has become of the beloved Terra. They themselves have no names, no physical forms and almost no individuality, they all consist of light and only a slight difference between the energy signatures that separates one form from the other, but they own a distinctive connectedness that originates from the knowledge of UNITY which is the essence of their beings.

    Terra - old but new, is now a remarkable sight. Zooming in on it's location in the milky way galaxy, it's aura is a healthy radiating indigo blue, a rich color that is viewable from afar. Taking a closer look, the rugged plains and mountains can clearly be seen covered with rich coating of green vegetation. The most apparent change easily discernible to all the senses is the clean atmosphere srrounding the earth, the belt of metaphysical and physical 'dirt' has vanished, as if it was never there and instead there's a rich mixture of oxygen and CO2 due to the lush greenery and the accelerated photosynthesis process. The beings obviously look more healthy, this is evident in their body movement and their intense joy of life. There are many visitors at this time, coming with their crafts from all over, from the far out galaxies as well as from the neighboring planets such as Venus and Mars. Entry conditions to the earth's atmosphere are a certain level of consciousness and an expression of unity, and if you are qaulified to that, you are most welcome to stay and be an honored guest, so as not to upset the delicate balance and the free will of the residents who earned this via a lot of hardship. Telepathic communication can produce funny situations, especially if you are an energy being without a body, you may very well be ignored at times, no hard feelings please, it may take some time for the inhabitants to fully develope all their abilities. Their small family size crafts are often painted with the logo colors of the earth, a symbol of patriotism and a belonging to a one place. This too shall pass. In the meantime the rich biological diversity of the terrain very well makes up for any small inconvniences of this new 'free energy found and implamented' planet of rookies

    Re-education is the most important activity on the planet, it is up to every living soul to decide where they want to be in their growth, no pressure, but many exhibit excess enthusiasm and want to dedicate their free time to move forward, mentally, technologically and spiritually. Part of the process is having long meaningful conversations with the animals and with plant life, a big ceremony of appology was conducted and now a new way of cooperation is being formed. Trees have a rather interesting symbiosis with one another, they create intimacy through their roots, under ground, regardless of type, thickness, and the specification of every tree. It is now the inhabitant's pleasure to learn about being part of the versatile echo system. The full recovery of Terra was so successful that some new species are now developing due to the harmonious vibe of the planet, some new species of fish, insects and mammals are naturally being created. Crystal clear oceans, Azur blue in color allow a clear view down to the bottom of the sea, miles and miles in distance, because of the purity of the water and because of the enhanced vision of the residents resulted from their very fine diet.
    The obvious affection between the fruit-bearing trees and shrubs and between humans produces rich fruit flavors with Intoxicating scent.

    Elected officials invest their time, energy, and enjoyment in improving the living conditions of the entire population, whether they are walking on two, on four or crawling on their bellies, with the understanding that the development of one will encourage the development of the other. The new sciences are emerging at an alarming rate, and the use of levitation in construction is quite beneficial to form new lovely structures, also to disassemble whatever remained left from the old cities, as long as it's done with a group effort. A slight amusment is happening with the attempts to levitate the bodies and more often then none, men find themselves sitting in the lap of another man in a wrong calculation of the distance or in a too weak of an effort. humans of the new earth greet and treat eachother in a loving and respectful manner, it is true that small arguments may revolve around the need to rain at noon time as opposed to at around night time, but a satisfactory compromise is usually achieved where rain is rained down according to the region and while one is being watered for 30 minutes to nurture the lush green vegetation, the other is 'showered' with warm and embracing sun, therefore, everyone can chose their pick.

    The energy beings from the realms of pure harmony, far over the rainbow, are observing with satisfaction what's been done on the renewable planet - the beloved Terra, 'The poor toddlers' they think,' they still have a way to go, but their path has finally been found. this segment of evolution has now ended. There are always new experiences and discoveries waiting around the corner. But for us it is off to the next mission ~
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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Three days later.

    The stranger who gave me aid after my fall turned out to be a fount of information. So much so that I stayed for a few days to learn what I could. My host introduced me to many people and I had the unique opportunity to take the pulse of the city before Rector sent a pilot to pick me up. Luckily the spy had been subdued with only minimal injuries to himself and his captors but Rector had been very reluctant to let me expose myself to the possibility of more mischief. I was adamant that a short stay was necessary to gather intelligence. Rector grudgingly agreed.

    During that time I was sought out by a curious group. They were interested in how I had survived my thousand foot plummet from the platform. They wished to know my exact thoughts and mind-set leading up to the moment I halted my rapid descent. The group consisted of several psychics and a few test subjects. The most adept student was a young women with long flowing auburn hair and a face too full of freckles. It seemed they were working out how to augment or aid a subject with self-levitation. In the process they had learned that stimulation was as important as simulation, or something like that. My interpretation of it was that the mind had to not only visualize the act of levitating but had to also entice the mental field into the proper state of excitation for levitation to happen.

    I am thinking of them now as I lay in my bed in the RV, stretching. I do my thing and make some coffee. Looks like a beautiful day through the window. I decide to take my cup of java for a stroll.

    I step out of the RV and squint into the glinting ball of light. The morning sun is still low in the clear blue sky. All this fresh clean air is unusual for the city, I think. The platform has a few new vehicles upon it and I inspect them from afar. One is what looks like just an old shopping cart with outrigging supporting some sort of homemade maglev device. It’s owner is wriggling around under the tarp. Another machine is what seems to have been a medium-sized waste container in its former life. Now it is draped with cables and batteries and whirling gadgets whose function I can not understand. The lid stands partly open and a man’s head and shoulders are discernable within. He catches my eye so I nod in his direction. He nods back. I walk over to the edge of the platform and take in the view.

    It sure looks different in the city these days. Not really from external appearances: people go to work and cook dinners and take care of the kids. Everyone hurries about their lives with never enough time in their busy days. Still, beneath that facade there lurks a new demeanor of defiance. It is in the little things. Everyone has a gadget or another that is supposed to be illegal: a stove that cooks without connection to the grid; self-powered lights and other appliances that run on small power packs; communication devices that send undetectable signals through the earth; even skateboards with small maglevs in them. Almost everyone uses contraband software to circumvent the sanctioned sites regulated by government - even peer-to-peer sites are possible again. A few have devised little chair-like machines that can travel sizable distances through the air, cloaked by a null field. And beneath the city there are vast hollowed out spaces growing food under artificial suns. The city has many illegal markets distributing the yield all run clandestinely by the citizenry.

    Of course not everyone defies the authorities but few would turn their neighbors in just the same. An unspoken code of conduct rules the acceptable conventions and those that do not comply often find life not so easy in the neighborhood. There is a goodly portion of the populace that continue to purchase the produce offered in the grocery stores and eat the processed goodies concocted by the corporations. They follow the rules and believe in the government’s beneficence. It should be noted that often they have the best jobs and they live in segregated communities in the biggest homes. Some of the most affluent still drive cars.

    There is considerable talk about the incredible floating platform. It is pretty hard to miss from anywhere in the downtown area and word has spread rather quickly. The talk is centered around what it means and what should be done about it. Most are secretly preparing their get-away aboard their own homemade crafts. The officials forbid any contact with the platform and threaten anyone attempting to with forcible detainment, long years in jail and even death. But as life is becoming progressively repressed under financial hardship and government regulations and restrictions, the choice is almost a no-brainer. The government keeps trying to crack down on the burgeoning black market but their agents are often tempted into debauchery themselves. The items available are simply too tempting and in many cases necessary just to make ends meet under the tyrannical rule of the state. Most figure this as the best time to get a jump on the big corporations before they get into the game and begin mass producing the exotic devices themselves at exorbitant mark-ups like usual, which Joe Public wouldn’t be able to afford anyway.

    The defiance runs deeper than the occasional techno-infringement or regulation breaking that almost everyone is guilty of and prone to, it has altered the underlying social customs too. People are tolerant, more yielding on their viewpoints and far quicker to give aid to total strangers. The daily interactions are generally much more benign and respectful, highlighting the expanded awareness of the other as needed, useful and worthy of respect. The populace has begun to galvanize into a cohesive whole under the banner of intolerant and inappropriate governmental control.

    Fear is still there just below the surface I muse as I gaze downward while resting against the sturdy railing that now surrounds the perimeter of the platform. The fear is more a presence now; a daily weight to be carried around. People are used to it and each has adjusted to it as best they can. Fear gets relegated to the background like a mother who can carry on a conversation oblivious to her unruly and rambunctious children because she has to a large extent learned to ignore the commotion. Maybe the way people handled their fear was more like a foraging animal and how it will occasionally pop its head up and look around for threats before going back to grazing, constantly on alert for danger. In any case, the fear has become a living breathing thing in their lives and so, although they are alert at all times, they live with their fear, long ago made friends with it, and learned to put it on auto-pilot.

    On top of that, though, rides a new hope for a new future and the harbinger of that new reality hovers a few thousand feet above the downtown core. Here I look down, I think, and a thousand faces look up at me with renewed vigor and determination. The fear would not stop the inevitable this time. Those people down there are not ignorant of the new technology available to mankind. They use some of it already, albeit secretly. This platform could not be denied. It had visited too many cities to be explained away as a hoax or some other mundane trickery. It is real and its uncontested reality bespoke of its obvious advantages. That gave the people hope and would soon motivate them to action. Until today only a handful had rose up in their homemade contraptions and joined the gathering.

    As I watch, one rose up, then another and another. Within minutes there are dozens of vehicles closing in on the platform with still more rising upward.

    The time had finally come, I silently cheer as the first of the maglev vehicles lands on the platform. It is a small SUV with wires and magnets arrayed all over its exterior.

    As I peer downward, more and more vehicles launch themselves skyward from below. Lifting my gaze I see dozens of vehicles just lazily floating around the platform, its occupants laughing and waving at each other. Some of the most enthusiastic lean out their windows gesticulating madly and offering the thumbs-up signal of approval. I look around the platform, taking in the scene that I can only marvel at. Where scant moments ago there were only dozens of craft, hundreds could now be counted and as I watch more and more join them. An expanding cloud of clunkers now hover silently all around the platform, as well as above and below it. The sight is surreal.

    I indulge in a moment of elation. So much work went into this effort. So many good men and women known and unknown devoted their lives for this moment to happen while living with the scorn and ridicule of their peers and often paid for it all with their lives and/or their livelihoods. So many people dreamed of a better world of peace and security, where freedom meant being truly free to pursue one’s dream and one’s passion. All that energy had finally broke through the barrier of resistance with this one act of unified will. It would now be the responsibility of all to enforce that will, peacefully but purposefully. Best of all we had the means to actually turn this thing around. It all depended upon the will of the people now, on their innate wisdom and on their ingrained sense of justice, duty and honor.

    I stare into the thickening cloud of crafts of all description as I undergo a sudden radical transformation with only a few goose bumps to show any outward indication of change. It is a gestalt, a zeitgeist, a revolutionary idea, an aha/lightbulb moment. For just an instant, I see this cloud of contraptions around me blur into another, future scene, where a city of glowing lights floats majestically above the pristine landscape. The craft there are sleek bullets of silver and bubbles of iridescent gold.

    And the people fly free of their machines in unencumbered flight! The practice is an outshoot of a new science called psychogenics: the science of mind over matter, where thought creates reality. I do not understand much of it but it does not matter. The sight is incredible to behold, superimposed as it is upon the actual scene in front of me.

    For a moment I am one of those people flying about the floating city, inspecting its crystalline skyscrapers and gossamer diamond filament domes. Just as in my dreams of old, I hover on my back and watch the workers in the hydroponics pods tending to the jungles of vegetation. I fly with a flock of birds that circle the massive pyramid of solid gold in the heart of the city. I chase a child in a game of tag below the city amidst the tendrils of the cloud reclamation complex where living roots of the forests above augmented by ingenious technology dangled for hundreds of feet sucking up the moisture in the air and clouds...

    I remember my dreams of long ago. I realize those were not dreams in the usual sense but a glimpse of the future, the future I was dedicated to bringing about on this planet. It was a glorious future, one worthy of bringing into being and of giving up one’s life for in the pursuit of it, if necessary.

    Limits would be tested, that was only natural. And new limits would result. For there are always limits in the realm of human experience. Once the dust settles it will be a surprise to realize that all limits are now self imposed by a sense of social responsibility. The, “All for one and one for all” type of response will have become prevalent.

    But the shock is not so much the glimpse of the future I am being graced with. Instead, it is the implications of it that rock my world. For this is no far out dream of some far off future but a future just around the corner. It is plainly obvious that with the technologies displayed today alone, our world could change very rapidly. That crystalline city could be scant years away!

    And that meant the capability to fly unaided must be lying dormant inside of me right now! The dream wasn’t of some future me in another body but me in this body - my up-coming future.

    It is this that rivets me, galvanizes me, causes an upheaval of plausibility in me, short circuits my brain, shatters my illusions, dashes me on unknown shores, reassembles my atoms, rewires my brain, reconstitutes my world and plops me unceremoniously in its midst, newly born.

    As if on cue three stalwart adventurers dart past overhead. Did my mind trick me?

    As if in answer the trio zip by in the other direction. Horns are beeping, people are yelling. I can’t make out what they are saying.

    What? Those guys are flying! Holy Crow! Look at that!

    The three in question suddenly zip into view and rapidly approach until they are a few feet in front of me - hovering in mid air! I now see it is two women and a man dressed in tight fitting cloths and sporting goggles and helmets.

    “The degree of disbelief is far less restricting now.” Says one of the flying women, her freckles swarming as her facial contours adjust to her ear to ear smile while errant strands of flaming red tresses flap in the swirling air.

    “Ariel! You’re flying? How do you do that?” I ask, afraid but titillated.

    “Mostly ‘cause you can handle it now. By you I mean everyone assembled here today. The atmosphere in this group is absolutely buoyant!” She threw her arms wide. “Can’t you feel it?”

    Well I can feel it, yes, I think to myself. I am already experiencing one of those rare, almost existential moments so the synchronicity of it all does not escape me.

    I suddenly know what I am going to do. I can’t help a small smirk before the thought gives me vertigo. I collect myself as I bend down and put the empty cup on the platform. I straighten up. Fear grips my stomach hard as I straddle the railing and peer down. I guess I am just going to have to jump out of the nest, I say to myself. Unlike last time at least, this time I will be prepared.

    Then a calmness hits me. I get a sudden picture in my mind of the overview of my recent gestalt as clear as day. A paradigm change results in new truths becoming self evident that before might have been ridiculed or might even have gone completely unnoticed There is an abyss between paradigms that must be traversed by faith before it can become substantive reality. It had to be proven by experience to become real.

    I had to jump. I had to cross over the abyss. I had to do it now while the paradigms were aligned and fixed in my mind.

    There is a sensation, unlike any other, when the electro-chemical signals containing the commands from the brain have surged into the spinal cord causing an unstoppable cascade of physiological events to occur that now carry the entire being forward into the unknown future without recourse. It is that moment when the muscles have flexed beyond a critical point, where the body has committed to the action and the result and its repercussions are cast to the fates. It is that point where the sentience has released control of a situation and awaits the outcome in full awareness they are unable to alter that outcome in any way. It is a scary moment only because we don’t usually let go of our will too often and so we are not aware of the source of the sensation. For the moment when we have committed the body to action and release our grip, if only briefly, of the constant monitoring of its safety and security, we are free. The sensation of freedom is singularly exhilarating and extremely joyous.

    There is freedom in letting go.
    I hold my gaze on the flying trio and leap into the bosom of the sky.
    If not now, then when?

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Originally I added this to my light spheres post, but then it was pointed out that as an update it might not be seen...

    Spherical Update 22nd of May 2013
    (The hardware technologies – a shimmy back in time…)

    Sky Water Diving

    It is one of my favourite things to do. Whether with friends or adventuring alone. There is nothing quite like it. Especially after returning from an expedition into the inner earth. Sometimes we journey underground to check her core frequencies, or to document the ancient remains of a newly discovered city with one of the archaeological schools that explore her underworld. Though I love the work, and am inspired to do it - I miss the sun, and I long for the sky.

    When I wish to go sky water diving I climb aboard the navigator section of my pod and activate the outer shell, setting the walls to transparent. Then I log in to the network to find suitable coordinates so as to avoid any pathway interference. Once that’s done, I lift the pod up, and up, higher and higher, watching the land and all the life below grow smaller and more plentiful in the view. As it rises through the clouds it begins to draw water from the air, until the level inside the pod is high and deep enough to dive into. The water is cleaned and rejuvenated to meet my body’s requirements. I set the pod to invisible + detectable. But if I enter a field where locals have requested physical visibility, the pod automatically switches back to visible as it passes through.

    Sometimes I travel to where I have a view of my family’s homes down below, and dive into the water, waving at the children as they swim with the dolphins in the river beside the houses. The dolphins seem to find our sky water diving intriguing, and sometimes we’ll mimic one another’s movements – them looping through the air, and my spinning through the water, closer to the clouds.

    Some days I’ll hover along the islands in the Orient seas, and watch their edges shift beneath the waves – or I’ll curl between the ancient cliffs of Arizonan canyons, open up the roof of the sphere and sing with the winds that shape the rocks. Other days I’ll linger over the steaming canopies of the tropics, deep in the emerald heart of the Amazon. If I wish to send thoughts to the animals among the trees, I find the water can enhance my ability. And floating through it inspires my imagination. As I close my eyes to the outer world I see forms and shapes and indescribable colours, that aren’t always so easily seen on the ground.

    On one occasion, a birthday not long ago, my partner flew us to the Arctic, and we glided high above the endless miles of pristine snow; we spent an evening bathing in the warm water of the pod and gazing into the veils of the aurora borealis. As the lights began to dissipate, we increased the salt content of the water and floated on our backs, staring up into the sky. It is hard to define that glimpse of infinity - the sheer number of stars that fill the night, when there is no-one and no thing for miles around. It is breath-taking to see it from the weightless haven of a sky water pod.

    There are times, like today, when skies are grey, when I fly in the pod and break through the weather, out and up into the boundless blue. I go there to meditate. Fly until the clouds beneath stretch to the horizon and blanket the world with an ocean of calm. I glide around the sphere, under the water, and sense the passing birds as they travel through the air. Then I swim towards the sun, soaking its rays, allowing it to seep into the pure body of water all around me, and in through my skin. There is nothing here, in these moments, but stillness in my world; the wisdom and the warmth of our great sun, the ringing in the atoms of my body and the waters.

    It is a perfect bliss.

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Five years later.

    I wake up slowly, allowing my dreams to wash across my mind in recap before turning to daily matters. I say a small prayer of thanks and then plan my day in my mind. I visualize me going about my day in harmony with the others I will meet and successfully accomplishing my tasks. Five minutes later, I get out of bed. I do my morning rituals and tend to some gardening in the hydroponics pod while awaiting my coffee to brew. I sit and utter a command and a section of the wall becomes a view screen with today’s news displayed upon it. I dictate a few quick messages that I send off to their recipients. I make some notes and save them to the appropriate files.

    I step out of my living quarters and am greeted by an overcast sky pregnant with rain. Gusts of wind make it hard to walk a straight line but I manage the twenty paces in a halting, staggering motion to the end of the path. I touch the rugged bark of the old oak and sense the excited state of the tree in anticipation of the rains. Behind the tree beyond the path is a clearing. I enter the clearing. Before me is an ancient circle of large stones. As I walk within their perimeter thunder cracks and the clouds seem to gather ominously overhead. It would be a productive session with all this energy swirling about.

    The others arrive almost simultaneously. Most in bubble boats, BBs for short. These were a combination of force fields and anti-grav units linked to a sphere of transparent glass made of carbon nano-fibres half a quarter inch thick but stronger than an inch of steel. The BBs could be programmed for any color but were default iridescent gold and transparent. A few circled their friends in their own contraptions. One looked like a very large cardboard box but was actually composed of biotech material in alternating layers for strength - light and flexible. Another flying machine was nothing more than a sleek silver shaped platform, it’s shimmering semi-circular force field drew a vault of protection around its occupant. Two flew in on their own, unaided by tech. One came on a hoverboard.

    It turns out the world is not our own, that there are aliens from other suns and other times who lay claim to this planet. Their claims are ancient, far before man had the capacity to even make fire and live in caves. Some claimed ownership over humanity itself. And while the galactic courts argued over the fate of earth and its indigenous species sentient or otherwise, we humans decided to take matters into our own hands. But the task at first was daunting. The aliens were hard to root out. Some hid where we could not follow, others looked so much like us only a blood test could decide the truth. But as humans shed their fetters of servitude new skills were coming to the fore. And some of those skills were turning out to be very useful in finding these interlopers. Every large group had their own diviners now and their own guardians, channelers, collectors and psychic point men. And this was one such group. It turns out I’m a pretty good collector.

    As I sit down in my selected spot between the large slabs of granite I see the others dismount and begin their own centering rituals. Mine were short, and included ample time for reflection, which I often take advantage of. This opportunity was no different.

    There was a certain amount of chaos at first as the people evaluated their options and their own capacities with new eyes, while scrambling to feed, clothe and house themselves and their families. Anxiety levels were very high and old habits often veered south, causing unneeded suffering. But all had had new experiences in the last decade that overlay their conditioning. These counter-thoughts had become engrained in the minds of the masses and all had to undergo a personal revamping of their mindset in light of these new circumstances and the situation as it now stood. When it became evident that those counter-thoughts were more accurate than prevailing thinking it turned society on its ear and everything changed.

    The authority of government imploded. People found themselves in charge of their own lives again. There were the occasional clashes between the old loyal forces and the free men and women going about recreating themselves and their society. It rarely ended well for the dying order, as the people just kept sending reinforcements until they simply overwhelmed their opponents. But far more often confrontation was avoided by offering amnesty and opportunity to those who wished to change sides. By then the free energy crowd had been singing their song for years, and the whole world joined in a resounding chorus of affirmation when the platform and other impossible to debunk impossibilities actually occurred. It quickly turned out that there were no sides any more, only the recognition of what was now beyond obvious and a vacuum of lies, deceit, coercion, and greed. There really was no government, the people came to realize, because the government did not represent their interests, or those of their children and grandchildren.

    For many, the change was not all that dramatic. The police and troops moved out and check points were removed. Barricades that used to funnel and constrict traffic to certain areas were dismantled. Most of the cameras were torn down or their apertures painted over with black paint. The helicopters and drones withdrew from the airways. The illegal and dangerous manipulation of the weather was halted and the skies were a natural blue once again. Yet for all that people found themselves getting up and going to work, taking their kids to school, mowing the lawn. They had company over on weekends, and tended to chores. They gave birth and they lay the dead to rest.

    There was a large sub-group that had to immediately reinvent themselves. These were those folks who had served the system that had willingly enslaved them all. It is a strange ongoing transition for this group and their stories are diverse. For that matter it’s a weird transition for everybody, just not with such an upheaval in their lives. There was culture shock, as society changed its structure, but there was no overall collapse of society into random chaos or anarchy.

    A flood of new gadgets arrived on the scene that revolutionized our entire mode of survival. And more and more people were exhibiting extraordinary talents and abilities that were a boon to the unknown direction society was taking aim at. Combined with the new physics, a true exodus began scant years later. Now it was fully underway. The cities were disgorging their masses, like the spores of a giant mushroom. People took to the skies, the mountains, under lakes and oceans, deep underground, to the poles, circling the globe at various altitudes, even to the moon and nearby asteroids. They almost always group together wherever they go. Humans are a pack animal, after all.

    As the people become more organized, certain functions are being delegated to governing regional councils in order to coordinate the efforts and streamline the various projects to make them productive and viable. Everyone agrees priority be given to clean up the environment and more importantly to stop polluting it altogether. Trade agreements between local groups spring up naturally while other agreements go to council for resolution. All agreements are subject to votes, all inhabitants are encouraged to feel obligated out of a sense of duty and honor to vote, no coercion is allowed. There are so many, many areas to consider that at times it seems overwhelming.

    Besides which the people were tending to group together with others of like mind. With no previous experience to go by people quickly gravitated into one of six main categories. The ones lovingly called the Cyborgs, the transhumanists, grow increasingly unwilling to commingle with the others because of their propensity towards improving the interface between man and machine. Their fundamental approach to the new physics is diametrically opposed to the Ascenders who wished to rid themselves of their bodies entirely. The majority of the people are somewhere in between, and are lumped under the term the Gaians. These want to find a way to live in harmony with nature and mother Earth. They take parts of the tech invented by the other groups and apply it to creating a better society and a cleaner world. Not all agree on these general categories. Some would add a fourth, the Blazers, aka trailblazers. They go where no man has gone before and usually alone or in small groups. As a toe hold is achieved in a new frontier by the Blazers more people gather to offer aid and assistance and eventually form a community. Then the Blazers move on. There is a fifth category, arguably, but each of the other sub-groups contain their own and so it is more a growing trade: the Technos. The true Technos are a small group that keep to themselves and do pure research and develop commodities for the others. They do custom research for the right price, too, but it is rare because few can afford their work. The sixth are the Loners. They tend to keep to themselves.

    All those dreams that in my childhood were promised as my future were finally coming about, and so much more. The future was more uncertain than before but there was an equal escalation in the confidence of the people to meet it head on and overcome its challenges. Our new potential has not yet been plumbed. There might not be an end to it; in time we may learn there are no limits we cannot surmount.

    I heard Rector had been working on submitting a formal objection to any ruling on earth matters without a representative committee from earth being present at the hearing. The reply was we have twenty years to apply for junior membership status, with proper verification of indigenous stock standing. I am amazed at how quickly the word came back from independent explorers, Blazers, that there were artifacts all over the heavens; the moon, asteroids, mars, and even massive ones circling the sun. Then the stories of aliens really took off, it was like a modern day witch hunt without any of the brutality, of course. And it continues today. Many were in control of our industries and our banks, even our governments, at the highest levels. We were never in control of our own destinies, it turns out. Not since the days of the Sumerians, and perhaps far far earlier, when the gods, “from heaven to earth came”. They granted civilization to mankind, it is said and so recorded on stone tablets. Whatever their motives, they must register or leave. It is becoming a contentious issue with some factions of aliens and we seek a nonviolent and mutually beneficial solution that so far has eluded us. Now Rector is supporting a motion that a council be formed with representatives from all the regions of the world, to deal with extra-terrestrial issues. We have some time to choose our council of earth’s ambassadors.

    The future is exciting, and bright!

    There are still other types of aliens who are much harder to root out of hiding and they cannot be seen by the human eye, as we normally measure such things. Some people are special, though, some have a gift that allows them to see. Others can siphon energy from the environment or gather that energy and amplify it, stabilize it. Still others, a very few, can summon that energy and focus it upon a target. The target could be alive or it could be inanimate matter, or even an idea, or a thought. This group contains all those talented people, we are on the hunt and our quarry is not far away. I could sense it, with the aid of the others.

    Lightening zings, blinding white. Thunder booms and cracks the sky. The wind whips the forest debris into a gray haze of dirt and dust and leaves and twigs. The branches jerk to and fro and flap their leaves sounding like an army of bicycles thrumming with cards attached to the spokes. A sudden scent of ozone precedes another light display and hard on its tail the crashing cacophony. The rain would start soon.

    Best get on with it, I signal. The others agree.
    If not now, then when?

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    I have read and reread the books of Robert Monroe, the accomplished astral traveller/OOBEer and founder of the Monroe Institute. www.monroeinstitute.org

    In Robert's second book 'Far Journeys' he relates of going forward in time, and being shown around a future Earth. This is the first part of this account, which begins on p.206. Robert is communicating with his INSPEC guide, whose NVC (non-verbal communication) is shown in brackets.

    Quote (We can escort you to a physical earth possibility at a point in your time measurement beyond the year 3000. The principal inhabitants are what we call H-plus, humans-plus, to indicate modification from those in your present time. As you are now, you will be a visitor.)

    Well! So that was it! I had made only a few visits into the future time. I would never have the guts to try such a jump by myself, but with them....

    (Close tightly. It will be better that way.)

    My excitement was great and my vibrating reflected it, so I turned inward, folded it all beck in a loop, and closed. This would be real rote, not the projections and imaginings of those looking at the small trends which always...


    We were high above the earth, much as one would perceive it from halfway to the moon, which was still there, behind us. The earth was the same blue-green colour, with white covers of clouds partially obscuring the land below. We moved in steadily, and I was happy to see that the deep gray and brown rings were no longer there-which meant the blockage got cleaned up. Good! No more repeaters. But it was the new feature that pulled my focus and wouldn't let it go. Around the earth was a single flat ring, much like the ones around Saturn, and it was radiating and sparkling, not from the reflections of the sun, but from its own internal source.

    (You will understand fully the meaning of the ring as we progress.)

    As we moved around, not through, the sparkling ring and headed inward, I became aware of another change. The M Band was full of communication, but no noise! No noise! That could mean only one thing-man had finally got it together. Further evidence was the lack of the haze M Band noise creates. No more random thought clutter. This at least gave me a beginning percept of what I might expect.

    We came into a low altitude, at about eight thousand feet, and began circling the earth over the northern hemisphere, east to west near a 28 degree latitude just a few miles off the coast of what appeared to be Japan. The seas were soft light green, and gentle swells some ten feet from trough to crest moved majestically over the surface. Deeper, I could perceive schools of fish leisurely weaving along, not too fast, their track matching neatly the contour of the distant coastline-thousands of them, slender sides flashing as they made their quick changes in direction. There had indeed been changes, if they schooled so closely to the shore, so many of them. It was familiar, yet there was a missing element. I scanned the ocean surface and knew immediately what it was.

    No ships. I reached out along the horizon and far beyond. Not even a rowboat or dinghy. I scanned overhead across the sky with its streets of white cumulus clouds. No aircraft, just gulls and terns sweeping and searching among the heavy swells, and higher than that, beyond cloud base-nothing. No jet contrails, no jets.

    Then we had crossed the coastline and were over Japan. Off to the north was Fujiyama, a white cone glistening in the sun. Below us was a neat carpet of tidy fields in large checkerboard squares, each a subtle shade of green- correction: much more than greens. Spotted among the green like a gigantic bouquet were clusters of fields each of a different colour, one a mass of bright orange, another deep blue, whites, reds-fields of blooming flowers, bushes, and evidently hybrids of the two, because no flower could be that large. It was a pattern that could be seen only from high overhead, yet there were no aircraft-and that began to give me another faint percept.

    As we moved west, I became aware of other missing signs. There were no roads, not so much as a lane to service the fields. Also, no buildings, no houses, no barns, no sheds-I scanned in all directions and there were none. No cities, no towns, no villages, no power lines, no cars and trucks, no bicycles-all gone. The air was clear and clean, no smoke or smog.

    Then I had a flashing percept. There were no people. That was what I actually was looking for-men, women, children. What terrible catastrophe took them away!

    (They are there. They are few in number, but it was not an event that made it so. What you perceive is by design.)

    We began to move rapidly, westward, across the unending array of colored bouquets set in green, some so large they appeared to be many miles in width, and soon we were again over water, the Sea of Japan, as I remembered it, and still no ships on what was such an important transportation route. Back over land again-the Korean peninsula?-and the pattern was different. In every direction were tall and stately trees with close upward-turned branches, of a species unfamiliar to me... but again no sign of human artifact to indicate Kilroy had been anywhere near the place.

    (Your percept is-how do you call it?-obsolete.)

    Before I had a chance to turn inward on that one, we were over water again, moving even faster, and back over land. This would have to be China. Surely with its teeming millions, some had to be visible. Evidently they didn't have to be at all. We swept over mile and mile of deep green forests broken only by occasional grassy clearings and wide rivers and streams. Where are the rice paddies so vital to human sustenance?

    (There are a few, but for a different purpose. Bird sanctuaries.)

    The land below became more rugged, and soon we were skimming between the ranges and peaks of very mountainous terrain. Vegetation was sparse, and snow caps flashed by as we passed at what seemed Mach 2 speed, or greater. I would be more comfortable with a little safer altitude; my old half-bold pilot experience was coming out. Being half-bold had let me grow old, but not gracefully. The sheer snow-laden side of a high ridge came rushing at us.

    (You can move through it and out the other side. It is no different now).

    The ridge was almost upon us. I closed tightly just as we were about to crash. There was a slight change in the texture around me momentarily, and it was gone. I opened, and scanned behind us. The high range was fading in the distance. Passing through physical matter is not yet my habit! Quickly, the earth below was beginning to level out again, the color of the forest changed into lighter greens, and the cleared areas became larger. I tried to remember my geography-we were over the Middle East, I thought... yes, they were coming up, still the rolling, sandy, near desert areas, where oil came from. I scanned in all directions, and saw very symmetrical clusters of trees, but no tanks, no pipelines, nothing to indicate man had ever set foot in the area. Either the oil fields were pumped dry or there was no longer a need for oil.

    (Both percepts are accurate.)

    We moved out over water again-Mediterranean Sea?-and higher, faster, a scrap of land blinked by underneath which I could not identify and more water, heavy waves, this must be the Atlantic...land again, a sudden slowing and we landed gently in a field of grass amid rolling hills. I looked around me, wondering why we had stopped at this particular place. It was very faintly familiar. I was standing on a knoll, in a field of rich, green grass whose blades were so even they must have been recently mowed...no, not cut, they were growing evenly. The edge of a woods of oak trees, limbs spreading broadly, rose behind me. In the far distance, a series of ascending green-blue ridges formed giant stair steps upward...Why stop here, why this place?
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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    I awoke early. I was really excited about my first volunteer assignment in the New Epoch. I was accepted into the EcoRestoration Team and we were coordinating our first action plan. We certainly had our work cut out for us, the past epoch has been very destructive to the biological systems on Earth, especially within the past couple of hundred years. But I was especially excited about this opportunity because I've been working hard on developing latent skills and this would be a wonderful opportunity to test them. I was also excited because I had a very deep love and connection with the natural world which I had been cultivating for many many lives. It felt like the purpose of all my past lives was culminating in this life, like it had all been building for this current event. Finally, after learning enough of the lessons, after countless lives of turmoil and struggle, fear and scarcity, I could take a deep, deep sigh of relief and relax into fulfilling my soul's true purpose. It's a purpose of co-creating with the natural elements to manifest love, abundance and beauty for all to share. And now was the time to get down to business.

    There was no shortage of work to be done. There was too much carbon in the atmosphere from burning hydrocarbons for a few hundred years. Forests had been cleared. Soils had been eroded. Countless species had gone extinct. The planet was a mess. So the obvious question was where to start, what were the priorities. Fortunately we had a new tool in our collective toolbox. Based on the combined loving intention of a large number of caring and committed people we were able to get a New Energy Device (NED) into wide spread distribution. This device would make the task of the EcoRestoration Team not just easier but 'Possible'. The trick now was to keep our egos out of the way and listen to the inherent wisdom that lies within all living things. And that's exactly what we were setting out to do.

    But first we would need to prepare ourselves. We needed to prepare ourselves on the mental, physical and spiritual level. Our group had been fasting to purify our bodies and souls. We had been meditating together to purify our minds. And we had been discussing and clarifying our intentions to purify our purpose. Our plan was to meet in a remote location and spend a week together. Our plan was to meditate together and listen to the life all around and within us and ASK with compassionate loving intention what the biosphere needed from us to be healthy, vibrant and within balance. We would then listen, not just with our ears but all five senses and our sixth sense of intuition combined. Concurrent with the NED coming into widespread use, orthodox science had to adjust many of it's underlying assumptions. This allowed for whole new fields of research to happen which in turn opened up whole new realms of potential. Part of that potential was exploring our connection and oneness with all living beings. In the past we considered Earthlings to be primarily humans. Now, we were widening that definition to include all the myriad of life forms that we share with this planet. And we were beginning to really understand our interdependence.

    So as we sat together quieting our minds we went into ever deeper states of meditation. By paying close attention to our deepest inner feelings we were able to 'tap into' what the whole biosphere was feeling. Then through our combined love and empathic intention we were able to feel and 'know' with confidence what the various ecosystems were needing to be fully vibrant. For example some ecosystems were too acidic from the acid rains and needed their pH adjusted thus allowing them to uptake and retain certain key nutrients that had been lacking. In a certain surprising instance we heard from an individual order of mammals, the Cetaceans. They asked, rather politely that now that we have NEDs if we could please stop driving our ships around the oceans. Apparently the noise has been giving them awful headaches and disrupting their communications. In another case communication had been established with the fungal kingdom and a plan initiated that solicited their help in remediating oil spills and neutralizing radioactive waste. Processes that normally take tens of millions of years to complete would now take a fraction of that time with our synergistic participation with all life. After all it took a few billion years of evolution to develop a sentient species with opposable thumbs that could manipulate the environment with loving intention, so why not develop that to it's fullest most beautiful potential?

    Simultaneously, we were able to feel where we were out of balance and hurting the natural systems. We could feel the pain we were causing other species. That was the most difficult part of our task but also the most necessary. Only through really feeling the pain could we really hear what they were calling out to us to change. And, of course that pain made the imperative to change all the more urgent.

    As I said the task was really exciting and we were quite delighted with the progress we had made. The potential was infinite. We were discovering that the biodiversity we were helping to generate this planet had never seen before. With our understanding of energy and a systems approach we were able to apply leverage to certain key points that allowed the whole system to unfold into new realms of potential. A certain adjustment here or a slight tweaking there and we could stand back and allow the whole system to flourish. For the first time in human history we were no longer acting as a parasite but a symbiont.

    It seemed as though 'life' was rejoicing as well. Throughout humanities entire existence Mother Nature just gave and gave and gave without asking for anything in return. It was as if She was waiting for this moment in history when we would finally awaken to our connection, our oneness with Her and help instead of hinder the unfolding of Her glory.

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    Brilliant, Darren, Brilliant. Thanks for posting it.

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    Default Re: A Future Earth

    I was thinking, how useful it could be to have FE-powered domed home ships.

    Each dome could be regulated to create one climate within without altering the environment outside.

    I made a few picture collages.

    Desert Dome

    You can sit beneath your dome, enjoying views of vast desert plains, protected from dust storms and chilling night breezes. Sleep out beneath glistening stars as the dome shield prevents light from escaping and creating light pollution. Grow succulent vegetables with your own water supply, miles from any rivers or pipes. Swim every day in a fresh water pool, revitalised and life-giving, whatever the earth weather.

    Woodland Dome

    Move your garden with you, travelling in silence from forest to forest. Leave your cello or concert piano out beside the roses and the lavender and play your music in the midday sunlight. Control the volume of sound emitted through the dome, and see which pieces draw the local wildlife. Find out which compositions the birds sing along to, or soundproof the area and sing with your friends through the night. Grow grasses and berries for morning juice, fresh every day.

    Ocean Dome

    You can glide amidst the tranquil shades of white and blue, high in the north or deep in the south. Open the floor of your ship to allow the wildlife to visit. Practice levitation and meditate on the sculpted, sweeping beauty of the ice. Feel the power of the whales as they pass through the area. Converse with them and observe the ET light vessels flying in and out of the mountains. Set the dome to blend mode so it reflects the snow, or window-blend mode, if you want to see out without the polar bears peering in.

    As I made the ocean vision, I remembered a boss I once had whose dog would sit up on my lap when no-one was looking and watch the computer screen as I typed. I don't see why a seal would be any different. Especially if you were an adept animal communicator. Maybe they 'read' by hearing our thoughts as we read aloud in our heads. I think my old boss's dog was quite a contumacious soul. He seemed like a rebel human, trapped in a dog body. May have been working his way to a human incarnation.

    I'm aware that some of my visions have giant trees. But I quite like the idea of them making a comeback in our future world.

    Many blessings to all
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