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Thread: Did we pass the test.??

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    Default Did we pass the test.??


    The overall picture i get when i look around what people are saying, are that we are in a school to learn here on earth.
    I suppose one could say, we are here to learn different things and i don't think many would argue about that.

    I don't like to end up in a debate about the word "awake"
    But would it not suggest that we who finally understands that we are spiritual beings experience this reality and that we are all brothers and sisters.
    There are not really any good OR bad, it's just an experience to expand your consciousness.
    Aren't those people on their last life experience here on earth and ready to head out for new challenges next time they reincarnate..??

    Maybe you are now ready to enter a new world and join a society that use telepati for example, this would expose your deepest thoughts and feelings.
    But thanks to the hard work here on earth, you are now ready to gain more knowledge and understanding.
    You was not ready for this before, because there comes a great responsibility along with this knowledge of course..

    I would suggest that those who pass the test here on earth, are ready to move on to more wondering things out in the universe.

    What an exciting journey we are on, my brothers and sisters...

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