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Thread: Judges Are for Sale -- and Special Interests Are Buying

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    Default Judges Are for Sale -- and Special Interests Are Buying

    Quote The Occupy Wall Street movement is shining a spotlight on how much influence big-money interests have with the White House and Congress. But people are not talking about how big money is also increasingly getting its way with the courts, which is too bad. It's a scandal that needs more attention. A blistering new report details how big business and corporate lobbyists are pouring money into state judicial elections across the country and packing the courts with judges who put special interests ahead of the public interest.

    I really am shocked by this. This cannot be true, would people standing in Judgement over others really behave this way?

    Would Obama ever start a war? Would America ever fly a plan into its own towers? Answer them ans you answer the above.
    Open your eyes and you will see, open your heart and your will feel.

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    Default Re: Judges Are for Sale -- and Special Interests Are Buying

    Are lawyers crooks? Most of them Id say, well guess what, Judges are lawyers. Lawyers that like to put people in dungeons, it makes them feel good to do this. Every criminal I ever knew that had lots of money would pay the judges and prosecutors off. They usually paid the cops in the first place but sometimes that wasnt enough. Usually 20 grand to the lawyer, 20 grand to the prosecutor and 30 grand to the judge, this was usually done at a party at the judges house or on some golf course where ALL of them were together drinking, doing drugs and talking about prostitutes. Then after they plead guilty and get time served instead of getting 40 years they then file with the same judge for an exspongement and they would have no criminal record, this cost more money. Most of the gangsters I knew had 2 felonies removed every three years for 5 grand each.

    The US is run by criminals, if you are a rich criminal too then they will work with you. If you are inocent then they will sacrifice your innocence on the alter and you WILL go to the dungeons for a long time. If you are a poor criminal them you are a pawn for headlines and will be used as fodder to fill the privately owned prisons for training to be a better criminal, owned by the rich criminals that run the whole thing in the first place.

    This has been done on purpose by the ones that secretly run everything, it is their system we are under and it will only get worse, much worse.

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    Default Re: Judges Are for Sale -- and Special Interests Are Buying

    Back track history and back track the money and you will always find the truth . Trouble is that most people live in denial/ fairytale land without the balls to call a spade a spade. Then they complain when they get what they deserve for doing nothing about the problem they should have confronted from the start. I do'nt want to be a bummer but most times the truth does hurt. Welcome to my reality!

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