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Thread: There were Giants on the Earth in those days

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    Default Re: There were Giants on the Earth in those days

    Genesis verse 6:4 does not say ‘giants’—it says Nefilim

    Sitchin says..."What, then, does the term Nefilim mean? Stemming from the Semitic root NFL ("to be cast down"), it means exactly what it says: It means those who were cast down upon Earth!"

    Biglino says:... Nephilìm - Traditionally, this term is translated as “giants”: as in the Greek “Version of the Seventy”, which expressly refers to ghìgantes. However, the Hebrew root of the verb nafàl, hence the term Nephilìm, means “to fall, to come down, to descend” or also, by extension, “decay”. Thus the quoted verse could (should!) be more correctly translated with the following meaning: “At that time on Earth there were those who had fallen, descended”. In these terms the problem of interpretation would disappear because, as it is not about giants, it would neither be necessary to determine their origins, nor whether they were the product of the new unions or not. So, very simply, the Bible tells us that in those days those who “descended” from heaven still lived on Earth.
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    Default Re: There were Giants on the Earth in those days

    I read that at the time this (our) Solar System was formed some 5 Billion years ago (Called ARIDU), Founders or Creators started seeding the Planets, the process called Panspermia. Earth was called Terra at that time. The Reptilians or Aryans from Orion Constellations created Androgynous beings called NAM'LU (may be another name for Nephilim).

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    Default Re: There were Giants on the Earth in those days

    Funny how you mentioned this. I was with some friends and all three of us saw them in a kind of alternative universe. We were driving down the motorway and one friend went WT you know what was that? and the three of us looked across and seen a miner giant with a miner cap on with a light on it walking alongside the trees. He didn't see us as he was in another dimension but we definitely seen him and his head stood over the tree tops.

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    Default Re: There were Giants on the Earth in those days

    Not to be that guy, but all of these photos are fake. There is only one real surviving photo of a real giant, that is the photo taken by Ralph Glidden of an 8 ft skeleton with six fingers and two rows of teeth, taken from his dig on Catalina island off the California coast.

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