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Thread: Dimensionality

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    Default Dimensionality

    I have been being taught dimensionality 24/7 all day every day wake to sleep by many different ET races...

    Basically dimensionality is all senses, perceptive angles, realities, and mental mechanisms etc being created/altered... Like physical pain, or sensations, or fear, love etc... I've been hit extremely hard omni-directionally...

    All sorts of heavens and hells... Here are some wordings they have said to me (telepathically)...




    There are all sorts of meanings to these. They call it holographic NLP Matrix. My NLP Matrix is ridiculous now. I can mean like 7 different things for one word...

    I will be writing about all of this more... These are the "new dimensions" coming to earth IMHO. ALthough I wouldn't limit what that means. They are dimensions of mind....


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