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Thread: Beyond False Flag-asbestos volcano

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    Default Beyond False Flag-asbestos volcano

    I got this link from Drunvalo Melchizedek's website, SpiritofMaat. The premise is that the "oil spill" is actually an asbestos volcano, intentionally tapped, which will be capped when the Rothchilds decide to, created so that Corexit (which contains deadly benzene) could be used to cull the Gulf Oil population of "useless eaters" (blacks, seniors living on Social Security).
    I haven't been reading a lot of the threads about the Gulf disaster, and this may be on other threads as well. Sounds all too plausible.

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    Default Re: Beyond False Flag-asbestos volcano


    Hi there - this has already been raised here:

    ... Closing the thread to avoid duplicated discussion. No problem with the contribution... just trying to avoid confusion.

    By the way, I think you means an ASPHALT volcano!

    I should also maybe say that I don't buy that the originator of the thesis had sources that went "straight to the top" - this didn't ring true for me at all.

    It felt loose and generalized, as if written by someone trying to impress.

    Avalon and Camelot sources do NOT "go straight to the top" (they never do). If I ever wrote something as woolly as that, I'd expect people to question me hard.

    I strongly suspect that this is the theory of the person who wrote the post (which may or may not be correct), but he's seeking to bolster it by inventing a source.
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