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Thread: The End of Avarice?

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    Lightbulb The End of Avarice?

    There is no doubt in my mind that we are rapidly approaching a crisis point, not in the sense of something bad happening, but of something critical in determining our course from this point on.

    Anyone who plays chess seriously knows the importance of setting up a strategy before their opponent sees what is being done; arrange your pieces so that if your opponent chooses (a) they will play into one outcome, and if they choose (b) they will play into another outcome, both of your choosing.

    People who were raised trusting the Bible as the inspired Word of God, a document that God himself would not allow to be transmitted unless it conveyed to us what he wanted conveyed, have been misled. Without getting into the minutiae, the Bible has been tinkered with at the very least, if not written and manipulated from the beginning to support a given agenda.

    Bible-knowing christians will see the possibility of a "cashless" society as the beginning of a terrible time when all life on earth is at risk, and this is precisely what the "cabal" wanted. But what if that same outcome could also be the beginning of our new future? Money, and greed for it, has underlain so much iniquity that to shake free of its burden we could realize a new, better, and much more loving world. It is my hope that everyone who reads this post will do whatever they can, with full respect for the beliefs and free will of those they are in contact with, to awaken their neighbors to the possibility of a world where greed, and avarice are things of the past.

    Realizing such a change will require that we embrace profound and far-reaching changes and a great deal of turbulence as the details are settled, reviewed, changed and settled again. But it need not mean civil war, or wholesale slaughter.

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