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Thread: Easy way of recovering 5-6 degree of temperature from glass windows.

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    Default Easy way of recovering 5-6 degree of temperature from glass windows.

    I saved 5 to 6 degree of heat loss from glass windows. I spent about $20 for 5 insulation sheets of 180 cm x 90 cm ( thickness is 3 cm).

    To build one layer of insulation wall is easy and material is cheap. 3M window tape is around $1 per meter. It's useless when area of window glass is big. I'll post another version of insulation curtain which I won't do it.

    What I'll do is to make round holes on the wall so that the sun light gets through during the day.

    Human body generates 100W of heat all the time. Rather burning fuel in cold weather to maintain indoor temperature, blocking heat loss is good for shelter, energy independent house. A concrete, modern building which have big window glasses turn into the ice brick when it stops the HVAC machine to heat up.

    I began to take cold shower for preparation of shelter living in a village for myself. Using ambient temperature water saves up to 30% of utility bill. I don't burn fuel to heat up water for taking hot shower. Others do as usual.
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    Default Re: Easy way of recovering 5-6 degree of temperature from glass windows.

    Kudos, great job.
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    Default Re: Easy way of recovering 5-6 degree of temperature from glass windows.

    What you need is a sips panel on wheels



    Now a brick wall behind a SIPS building will give good thermal mass inside a great thermal insulator, creating a trombe wall. Solar passiv I'm sure is the way forward... That and free energy devices being unsuppressed.

    Solar passiv simplified a good conclusion of a 6 part series, explains alot.
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