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Thread: Significance of a full moon on your birthday?

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    Default Significance of a full moon on your birthday?

    My birthday most recently passed & I happened to realize that it was also a full moon. This got me thinking about how often this would typically occur in someone's life?

    It so happens that I was born in 1983 & in my lifetime there has never been a full moon on December 10. Until now, of course. It also just so happens that the next full moon will not occur on my birthday until 2076. Now, I am of the feeling that throughin & throughout everything is universally connected and relative. So, conspiracy theories about the authenticity of a "natural" moon aside, what is the significance of such an event? Is there even any at all?

    A full moon may not occur on your birthday for the entire duration of a lifetime.

    Is the act of consciously acknowledging such a rare event in the present moment significant in & of itself?

    I suppose this is a rhetorical question in some way, depending on how you look at it. Depending on what you apply it to, relatively. Is this how each & every one of us defines & perpetually evolves an understanding of love? By perceiving the deeper significance & relativity between events that poke through the veil into our perceived reality?

    Maybe our perceived reality in the present moment is a perpetually evolving work of art? Maybe perpetually witnessing the significance of relative points is our way of creating an antidote for the emptiness of existence?

    Maybe the notion of the event itself is not so much as important as harvesting the energy of it in the present moment?

    Check your own: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phasecat.html
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