As some may know everything is interconnected. We exist as a part of the universe we live in not seperate from it. The way many believe. We as humans know that there are 4 fundamental forces in the universe, that we know of. (gravity, electro-magnetism, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force) We also know that space-time is something that we percieve wrong. I have to wonder if everything is interconnected and at a point in the distant past all matter was a singularity. All that being said I have recently felt that the reason we view things fundamentaly wrong is that they are not the seperate things we believe them to be. They all connected along with thought within each of us. That being said we all know the saying mind over matter. Humans typically use 10% of thier brains what can the other 90% can do. As far as thought is concened it like the chicken and the egg. Which comes first the electro-magnetic activity or the inception of the thought. No one really knows for sure. I personaly think the electro-magnetic activity is a result of the thought and is a process of storing information in the brain. The inception then comes from somewhere else. The spirit if you will. Bottem line the forces (gravity, electro-mag, the weak nuclear and the strong nuclear along with space-time and thought are not the seperate concepts we think they are. Makes you wonder what effect can the 90% of the brain, that most people don't use, have on the forces and space-time? I want to find out!!!!!!!!!