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Thread: White Spiritual Boy

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    Default Re: White Spiritual Boy

    We need to empty these accounts, find out whose money was stolen legally and remove that possibility from ever happening again. It's time to dismantal the banking systems, remove our government cronies, and clean the slate. The royals should be done all over the world, and the people need to decide how to rule themselves. Now, if they want their royals what then?

    These scum have raped and pillaged the world. America has been their biggest bully tool. The transnational corporations are big players in this. The whole system is corrupt and they want us to want it to end. So, what's the end game? Are we again playing into their hand of Order out of Chaos? A vacuum is always filled with something. What do they have ready to fill it with? Fear is a terrible force for change. False hope can be equally bad.

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    Default Re: White Spiritual Boy

    Ok what I found out that White Spirit Boy is Anthony Martin ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP chaired by him which has an Official International Registry no. ASBLP - 120005 - BASBLP - 10 is a mandated Institution in the world that having an extraordinary vision and mission to save mankind from financial trouble. He is a trustee of these funds.

    First of all after some research I have found out that there are another 6 Antony Martins around the world all purporting to be him!! The real guy lives in the Phillipines, as far I am aware. Is he the real Mr Martin??...I honestly do not know for sure...I'll dig some more when I have time.

    Last night we exchanged a few emails and this is what he said

    He stated that we all need to pray for the 'funds' to be released...

    He stated that St Germaine is invloved but interlocked to one Holy God our Father's Account under controlled by the Committee of 300 & under my trusteeship.

    I asked him when the funds would be distributed he stated here... We cannot predict time as God controls everything, what you should be able to do is to kneel our knee & pray before God & have faith on him & let he (God) do his will for us, I am only a poor trustee begging divine help from our Creator who owns these Spiritual Accounts as you said all Spiritual Terminologies are linked together & protected & controlled by the Committee of 300 not all human beings are good but not all are bad. The Right Wing Parties of the Committee of 300 are doing all their best to use this but they've also waited for the right time & will of our Holy God in Heaven. I'm asking you to pray always. Thanks & God bless.

    I have copied and pasted some information for reading and also a link below for further reading ...
    One of the Core and Top Secret Priority Issues of the Summit of G8 is how to make an arrangement and deal with ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP when late Pres. Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, as Confirmed in the Last Will and Testament executed dated December 20, 1985 in the Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippine Islands, handed over his Full Power of Authority to the Humble King.

    There are 6 Fake Anthony Santiago Martin are going around the world and in the Malls of Metro Manila to Claim that they're the Genuine Anthony Santiago Martin while the Real One still maintained himself in his Registered Address at no. 133 Rizal St. San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan.

    ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP is one of the Top Financial Organization of the Committee of 300 for having an Infinite Treasuries that could save our ailing world from Financial Crisis.

    The Filipino People particularly the Hagoenoes (Hagonoy, Bulacan Citizen) are so lucky enough for having a Humble King in replacement of Former and Acting Pres.

    Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo which was been informed by the United Nation Organization to Step Down upon move of any portions of the account of the Humble King. Since US $ 700 B Bailout was been rescued by the Emerging Sacrificial Funds of ASBLP and this sacrifice caused as substances of proof that the hidden truth beyond US$ 110,000,000,000 (One Hundred Ten Billion US Dollar) Payment of the Philippine Credit with Payment Receipt Control no. ASBLP - 0001 dated January 4, 2005 was Officially Confirmed.

    The People of the Philippine Islands, moreover, are very aware to this information that some are believed and some are dare to oppose.

    Here's the Development Program that wanted to implement by ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP that was been Approved by the Committee of 300 and United Nation Organization as prepared to Implement within the Philippine Islands under the rule of law:

    Humanitarian Economic Development Program:



    Health Care

    Annuity Assistance for the Married Mother with children and Senior Citizens.

    National Economic Development Program:





    Aforesaid Programs were been recorded in the United Nation Organization.
    Quote Collateral Accounts

    The Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission
    by supreme600
    December 24, 2008

    from YouTube Website

    In 1875 the wealth and assets of the royal families and nations held under colonial rule were centralized into one combined account to be used to the benefit of all nations of the world.

    This is known as the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Within its ledger is Saint Germain's Foundation Divine and World Trust which is now worth $1 quatrodecillion dollars. This money will be used to bankroll NESARA and the prosperity funds.

    Extensions of this agreement were expanded through international treaties, some of which are still classified as top secret, including:

    Jekyll Island Treaty (1910)

    The London Treaty (1920)

    The Second Plan of the Experts (1929)

    The Hague Agreement (1930)

    The Far East Combined Depositories Agreement (1932 1945)

    The Bretton Woods Agreement (1944)

    The B.I.S. / Allies Agreement (1948)

    The Green Hilton Agreement (1963)

    The Schweitzer Conventions (1968)

    The Election / Appointment of Sole Arbiter Agreements (1995)

    The Washington Panel (1998)

    The Treaty for Respecting the Rights (2003)

    These treaties were ratified by the sovereign nations of the world and not their fake corporate government counterparts.

    Proof of such is recorded in every nations charter of the U.N. The USA charter is based on the constitution and thus subject to constitutional law. Only Kings or Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and in some cases Ministers of Finance or Foreign Affairs are granted access to these accounts.

    Verification is undertaken through a specific office under specific protocols dictated by the Head Office of the United Nations.

    After World War II, from 1945 to 1995 the assets in the Collateral Accounts were managed by The Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission representing,


    the United Kingdom


    The commission selected the dollar an international reserve currency and they gave the CIA legal responsibility to protect the collateral assets.

    Countries which did not want a permanent CIA presence on their soil would be allowed to subcontract the protection under the same terms and conditions of the treaties. Soon after, the CIA began to steal assets from the collateral accounts and use them for every New World Order pet project imaginable.

    To curtail these illegal activities in 1995, the Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission was stripped of its power and placed under the control of the International Treasury Controller and the Office of International Treasury Control at the United Nations.

    Additionally, they now have jurisdiction over,

    the IMF

    World Bank

    Bank for International Settlements,

    ...which are all part of the Collateral Accounts.

    Despite this, the IMF, World Bank, and BIS continue to use the assets illegally for their own financing without giving any thought to the needs of the people of the world.
    This video was originally made for Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Queens, and the heads of national banks, but now you can see it too.


    further info here

    and here

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    You decide...your thoughts..your actions..your reality.
    Choose well.

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    Default Re: White Spiritual Boy

    Good work Viking, Thank you.

    Saint Germane has a mention again. Hmm


    When you express from a fearful heart in the now moment, You create a fearful future.
    When you express from a loving heart in the now moment, You create a loving future.

    Have no fear, Be aware and live your lives journey from a compassionate caring nurturing heart to manifest a compassionate caring nurturing future. Billyji


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    Default Re: White Spiritual Boy

    Some further info here on White Spirit Boy (Anthony Santiago Martin)


    You decide...your thoughts..your actions..your reality.
    Choose well.

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    Default Re: White Spiritual Boy

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010
    China became rich because of Anthony S. Martin
    China became rich because of Anthony S. Martin

    It's a fascinating story when New York Times strongly revealed this untimely story.

    New York Times — After three decades of spectacular growth, China passed Japan in the second quarter to become the world’s second-largest economy behind the United States, according to government figures released early Monday.
    The milestone, though anticipated for some time, is the most striking evidence yet that China’s ascendance is for real and that the rest of the world will have to reckon with a new economic superpower.

    The recognition came early Monday, when Tokyo said that Japan’s economy was valued at about $1.28 trillion in the second quarter, slightly below China’s $1.33 trillion. Japan’s economy grew 0.4 percent in the quarter, Tokyo said, substantially less than forecast. That weakness suggests that China’s economy will race past Japan’s for the full year.

    Experts say unseating Japan — and in recent years passing Germany, France and Great Britain — underscores China’s growing clout and bolsters forecasts that China will pass the United States as the world’s biggest economy as early as 2030. America’s gross domestic product was about $14 trillion in 2009.

    “This has enormous significance,” said Nicholas R. Lardy, an economist at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. “It reconfirms what’s been happening for the better part of a decade: China has been eclipsing Japan economically. For everyone in China’s region, they’re now the biggest trading partner rather than the U.S. or Japan.”

    For Japan, whose economy has been stagnating for more than a decade, the figures reflect a decline in economic and political power. Japan has had the world’s second-largest economy for much of the last four decades, according to the World Bank. And during the 1980s, there was even talk about Japan’s economy some day overtaking that of the United States.

    But while Japan’s economy is mature and its population quickly aging, China is in the throes of urbanization and is far from developed, analysts say, meaning it has a much lower standard of living, as well as a lot more room to grow. Just five years ago, China’s gross domestic product was about $2.3 trillion, about half of Japan’s.

    This country has roughly the same land mass as the United States, but it is burdened with a fifth of the world’s population and insufficient resources.

    Its per capita income is more on a par with those of impoverished nations like Algeria, El Salvador and Albania — which, along with China, are close to $3,600 — than that of the United States, where it is about $46,000.

    Yet there is little disputing that under the direction of the Communist Party, China has begun to reshape the way the global economy functions by virtue of its growing dominance of trade, its huge hoard of foreign exchange reserves and United States government debt and its voracious appetite for oil, coal, iron ore and other natural resources.

    China is already a major driver of global growth. The country’s leaders have grown more confident on the international stage and have begun to assert greater influence in Asia, Africa and Latin America, with things like special trade agreements and multibillion dollar resource deals.

    “They’re exerting a lot of influence on the global economy and becoming dominant in Asia,” said Eswar S. Prasad, a professor of trade policy at Cornell and former head of the International Monetary Fund’s China division. “A lot of other economies in the region are essentially riding on China’s coat tails, and this is remarkable for an economy with a low per capita income.”

    In Japan, the mood was one of resignation. Though increasingly eclipsed by Beijing on the world stage, Japan has benefited from a booming China, initially by businesses moving production there to take advantage of lower wages and, as local incomes have risen, by tapping a large and increasingly lucrative market for Japanese goods.

    Beijing is also beginning to shape global dialogues on a range of issues, analysts said; for instance, last year it asserted that the dollar must be phased out as the world’s primary reserve currency.

    And while the United States and the European Union are struggling to grow in the wake of the worst economic crisis in decades, China has continued to climb up the economic league tables by investing heavily in infrastructure and backing a $586 billion stimulus plan.

    This year, although growth has begun to moderate a bit, China’s economy is forecast to expand about 10 percent — continuing a remarkable three-decade streak of double-digit growth.

    “This is just the beginning,” said Wang Tao, an economist at UBS in Beijing. “China is still a developing country. So it has a lot of room to grow. And China has the biggest impact on commodity prices — in Russia, India, Australia and Latin America.”

    No one knows that China became too rich in a matter of 2 months because of this.

    The Chinese Red Dragon Family has interested to invest to Account no. 876 - 3211 - 54AM - 22 accounted to Anthony Santiago Martin of San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan as my friend in HSBC furnished me copy.
    The real Signatory of Account no. 876 - 3211 - 54AM - 22 is no other than this man.

    China already got their 10% share worth USD 2. 6 Trillion, while UK have swiftly got also USD 2.6 Trillion, the Dragon Family have also USD 2.6 Trillion, China also got their share USD 2.6 Trillion and ASBLP Group and ASBLP Group of Companies, Inc. under this man have waiting to load their USD 2.6 Trillion and his share of USD 520 Billion. All other members of the Committee of 300 including WZH Group have already got their share swiftly or a guarantee on investment. So this man and his company have left to wait for their share.

    The story of NYT is something behind the wall but the truth revealed behind this.

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