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Thread: Bill Wood with Lisa Harrison

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    Default Re: Bill Wood with Lisa Harrison

    I refuse to watch Bill Wood's promote himself. I didn't even bother with the transcripts from his interviews. Why? My intuition just said no. And I trust myself.

    I am not the only one (and I keep wondering if the people who support him just want to see something in him that just doesn't exist....for what reason, I don't know....why do people follow people? ...why do we not accept our own intuition? ....anyway...)

    John Kettler has just arrived on the radar and I enjoy listening to him speak (like the old days on Project Camelot). At 2 hours into this long interview with Kerry, she asked him his opinion on Bill Woods. And if you listen to the previous 2 hours you realize that he does have some credibility (....he knows somethings....and you can tell Kerry is willing to give him a few points for his sources...). Anyway, here is what he says;


    He (John) just feels more accurate (than us just guessing about Bill ourselves...from our own assessment of his information). So so far ...no one believe Bill Woods. So why is anyone still talking about him? ...just another guy taking advantage of this situation we are in....is my feelings about him.

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    Default Re: Bill Wood with Lisa Harrison

    It's encouraging to see so many of you got through enough content to see the big picture. Bill isn't an easy ride to begin with. His speech patterns are symptomatic of going thorough the mind control meat grinder and that's hard to differentiate from being untruthful. It takes a good hour or so for me to get what Bill is about and there's no going back after that. Can't wait for someone to interview him with a proper interview about Vegas soldier rapes. I realised that's below Kerry's pay grade these days but there is so much in that topic that we could collectively bust open into wider discourse instead of looking glass conjecture. I hope someone gives him that interview.
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